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What Products Should Allegro Add?

8 1714

It would be great to know what you think we should add to the site.

For example, what specific medical supplies and brands do you buy from others that you can’t get at AllegroMedical.com?  Give us the scoop on the latest greatest thing in catheters, diabetes supplies, fitness products, maternity, dietary supplements or pain relief.  Reply below, or send me a private message at v (no space) paxton (at) allegro (no space) medical (dot) com.

Is there anything you buy somewhere else because you can get it cheaper there?  Lay it on me.  Everything.  Anything.  I’ll see what I can do.

Meanwhile, here’s one for ya:  AllegroMedical.com is trying so hard to please everyone that we’re now selling Fractional Shares of the Illinois Senate Seat, courtesy of our very funny President & CEO, Craig Hood.


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