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Travel, especially during the holidays, should be fun and exciting. Certainly no time to be stressed about safety, getting into and out of cars, on and off airplanes.  And let’s face it, the more comfortable you are during  your journey and at your destination, the better. 

But if you are elderly, disabled or traveling with small children, the magic of travel can be oh-so unmagical without proper prep.  This year, let Allegro help you relieve a bit of your travel stress with our travel aids – designed for safety, convenience and comfort for everyone from babies to seniors.

Travel Aids for Safety, Convenience and Comfort 

Emergency First Aid Auto Kit Transporation Comfort and Safety – Be safe and confident on the road with your Emergency First Aid Kit Auto Kit, Heated Blanket, Car Caddie and Handybar – to name a few.  And how about a Car Bed for the baby? Or a Travel Pillow for you?

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Folding Bath Bench and Shower Chair Home Comfort and Safety – The comforts of home – in travel size! Take a folding bath bench, bed rail, portable grab bars, and bath mitt with you! Traveling with an infant? Don’t forget the Complete Nursery Care Kit.

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Coccyx Cushion Travel Seating, Cushions and Mattresses – Your backside will thank you all the way to grandma’s house with the ever-popular Coccyx Cushion. And when you get there, how about unrolling your own Foam Eggcrate Mattress Overlay on top of that lumpy fold out bed?  Ahhhhh…

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AquaBells Combo Set Travel Exercise and Fitness – Might as well just thank me  now because you’ll be glad you had these go-anywhere Travel WeightsFitBALL Balance Disk and Travel Xertube Travel Kit on your holiday travels.  Take some time to de-stress and work off that punkin’ pie with these great travel exercise products.  We even have a handy travel yoga kit.  No excuses!

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Freedom Push Chair Recreation– Going on a campout, adventure trip or a long car ride?  Don’t leave home without your All-terrain Baby Jogger,  Portable Hot Tub, TRIKKE Roadster, Disposable Washcloths and TravelJohn Disposable Urinal.

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Drive Phoenix 3 Wheel Travel Mobility Scooter  Travel Wheelchairs & Scooters – Just about anyone can go pretty much anywhere with one of these travel mobility scooters or lightweight transport wheelchairs.  Don’t let a disability, weakness or injury confine you unnecessarily. Get going! Your independence is waiting for you.

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Protector Insulin Case - 8" x 4" x 3" Diabetes Travel Aids – If you manage your diabetes with insulin, take a look at this these portable insulin cases for travel.  You’ll also want to stock up on sterile insulin syringes (don’t forget the Safe-Clip).  And for long distance travel, or even at home, you’d be smart to consider a Portable Leg Massager.

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Don’t Forget these Travel Goodies!

Travel Toiletries & OTC Medications

International Travel Products

Travel Alarms

Portable Shopping Carts

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Bon Voyage and safe travels this holiday season to all of our Allegro customers! We appreciate your business.

Everyone deserves a vacation!  But admit it . . . travel can be a pain, or completely impossible if you don’t have the essentials for comfort, safety, convenience or mobility. Don’t despair.  Allegro has new and unique products to make your vacation not only possible but a whole lot easier and more comfortable.  Great gift ideas too.

Prepare for the time of your life with these travel essentials from Allegro Medical.

Travel Essentials for All Ages


Car Travel Essentials – From babies to seniors, here’s everything you need for your carload to be comfy and safe on that next road trip.

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See also Emergency Preparation

Airplane Travel Essentials – Airlines are not always on your side when it comes to comfort and convenience.  Fend for yourself with these airplane travel essentials.

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Travel and Exercise – Stay in shape no matter where you are with these portable exercise products.

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Hotel Travel Essentials – All the comforts of home including bed rails, travel alarms, night lights, blankets and toiletries.

Sure Suction Tub Bar Home Comfort & Safety – Bring along these travel versions of your daily living aids. 

Caddy Hook-On Travel Seat Baby and Child Travel Aids – Travel products to keep your kids safe and secure, without a lot of bulk.

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See also Maternity Care Products

Harmonie Disposable Underpads - 23" x 36", Regular Absorbency Incontinence Travel – Don’t let going keep you from going.

Go-Go Elite Traveller 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter Walking Assistance for Travelers – Getting around the neighborhood or the globe couldn’t be easier with these Folding Walkers, Travel Canes, Lightweight Rollators, Transport Wheelchairs and Mobility Travel Scooters.  Viva la independence! 

Protector Insulin Case - 8" x 4" x 3" Diabetes Travel – Insulin coolers, syringes and more.

Universal Plug Adapter - Plug in any appliance International Travel Essentials – You’ll be properly plugged into their outlets and their language with these foreign travel aids.

Organic Beach Towel Recreation Travel Essentials – Heading to the beach, ski resort or campsite? How about an organic beach towel, a TRIKKE Skki or a cast protector?  Find them here.

Wishing you safe travels always!  And a big thank you for being an Allegro customer.

Need a little help getting around?  For many, cooler weather means Autumn outings, family travel and events galore.  Allegro has hundreds of products to shore up your mobility stability, allowing you to increase your independence and get you on the move!

If you have a friend or loved one with decreased mobility, let them know about these products and share our fabulous discounts & promotions. 

Preparing for house guests?  It’s nice to have a walker, cane, rollator or transport wheelchair on hand if you have elderly visitors, especially over the holidays.

Allegro’s BEST

Cane, Crutch, Walker, Rollator, Transport Wheelchairs, Scooter & Knee Walker


Offset Cane with Strap – If you’re 4’4″ to 6’4″ and under 250 lbs, this is your cane.  Great grip and stability.

Quick Change Crutches – Trade in your heavy old wooden crutches and get moving with a pair of these lightweight aluminum beauties.  Quick, push button height adjustment.

Lightweight Forearm Crutches – One-piece molded cuff and hand grip for maximum safety & comfort.  Cool colors.

Dual Release Adult Walker – Quiet operation, wide, deep frame.  Lightweight aluminum.  Large number of height adjustments.  Terrific value.

Aluminum Rollator with 6″ Wheels– Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, this rolling walker is a terrific mobility aid for people with limited hand function.  A special lock protects fingers from “snapback” injuries when the brake is released.  Comes with a basket that can be mounted underneath or in front.  Large 12″ x 12″ padded seat. Removable backrest.  One handed folding.  Wt. Capacity 300 lbs.  Lifetime warranty.

Strolleasy Lightweight Portable Transport Wheelchair – Perfect for all activities, especially travel.  Ultralight, this travel wheelchair weighs under 15 lbs. Folds up in 3 easy steps (no tools) and stores in its own carry bag with shoulder strap.  Fits into most airplane overhead containers and easily into car trunks.  Yeah!  Brakes are foot operated by the caregiver.

Expedition 12″ Rear Wheel Transport Chair – Safe and comfy transport, this folding transport chair comes standard with fixed fully-padded arms, a fold-down back and swingaway footrests.  Attendant-operated wheel locks.  For users up to 250 lbs.

 Ableware Wheelchair Cup Holder – Hands-free drink holder.  What’s not to love?  Holds a cup, glass, can or bottle.  Also works on bed rails and other tubular frames.  Easy to position.

Phantom 3-Wheel Scooter – Previously known as the Stringray, this super affordable scooter is LOADED.  On board battery charger, flip back adjustable width arms, sleek stylish design.  Super reliable and easy to use in the house or outside.   Disassembles in 5 lightweight pieces.  Fits in most car trunks so you can take it anywhere. Max speed 4 mph – up to 15 miles per charge.  Order today for delivery at your home!

Knee Walker with Fixed Wheels – A great new alternative to standard crutches.  Especially designed for those with a below-knee injury.  Great for foot surgery recovery.  Just put your knee of the injured leg on the knee pad and propel the knee walker around with your good leg.  To steer, take a step with the good leg while gently lifting the handle and turning in the direction you want to go.  Comes with brakes which can be adjusted for right or left handed use.

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Thanks for your business and your referrals.  It means a lot.

Ahhhh, the joys of summer vacations in the car.   Cruisin’ down the road with the kids, grandma and the dog.   Feeling free and happy . . .

Ohhhhh, the queasy stomachs, the back pain, butt pain, boo boos, bathroom breaks, fussy babies . . .

Every trip has its ups and downs.  Minimize your downs with these

10 Best Car Travel Aids:

Coccyx Cushions – The hottest selling products in our travel aids category are the cushions.  That’s because we have such smart customers.  Sitting too long on your bottom will wreak havoc on your spine, sometimes causing serious back pain.  Relieve the pressure and maximize the comfort with a coccyx cushion.  Great for car, office and home.  Another great product for the driver is the Dream Foam Head Rest Pillow.

Queasy Drops Kids – Developed by health care professionals for queasy stomachs these lollies are perfect for kids prone to motion sickness.  They’re all natural.  Assorted flavors. 

See all Queasy Pops and Drops 

 Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushion – This cushion swivels, helping you to help people get in and out of the car safely.  Prevents back and hip strain during transfers.  Lightweight and portable.  Another product like this is the easy to use Car Slide.

TravelJohn Disposable Urinal – For when you really have to go and there isn’t a bathroom in sight – or it’s nasty or inaccessible.  Can be used by men, women and children – standing or sitting.  Neat, huh.

Another option (for men, anyway) is the McGuire Urinal with Sewn-in Sheath.  Very popular.

Car Caddie Helping Hand – Offers a helping hand for getting out of cars, trucks or vans.

Handybar 3 in 1 Car Aid – Every single car should have one of these within reach of the passengers.  I bought one for everyone in my family for Christmas.  It could save your life.  The 3 – in 1 Car Aid features an emergency  seat belt cutter, side window breaker and arm support for exiting the vehicle. 

Eye Pillow with ergoBeads – Okay, for sure this eye pillow is not for the driver, but the passengers will love it when they’re trying to nap.  It keeps out the light plus it cools and soothes your eyes.  For maximum comfort add a neck cushion!

Car Seat Belt Cushion – Extra padding for pregnant drivers or people who don’t like seat belts.

Dream Ride SE Infant Car Bed– Super affordable and highly praised, this infant car bed is perfect to keep newborn’s developing organs un-scrunched during travel.

See all infant car seats

Disposable Underpads – These absorbent little seat protectors are inexpensive and could save your car seats from all kinds of disasters.  Get a pack.  You’ll especially thank me if you have kids or dogs.  

We hope you have safe and happy travels all year long.  Speaking of safety, here’s your bonus product:  Emergency First Aid Auto Kit.

And do me a favor (besides ordering something):  When you write a postcard to someone be sure to say, “The weather is here.  Wish you were beautiful!”  That always cracks me up.

My friends tease me about my cold hands and feet.  I mean, they are sooooo cold!  I’ve tried all kinds of things to warm up (even moving from Nebraska to Arizona) but I just seem to run a few degrees south of normal.  Yeah, ‘boo hoo’, I know, it’s 70 degrees here in January and I’m complaining.

But no matter where you are in the world, kicking back in your recliner at home or rippin’ gnar pow on your shred sled* in Snow Mass, there are products you may have never imagined, designed to keep you warm and safe in the cold.

Check these out:

Energy Efficient Heaters for Home or Work

Toasty Toes Personal Heater – Deluxe Ergonomic Footrest – use sitting or standing anywhere, anytime.  Adjustable angles.  Never too hot to touch! 


Electric Foot Wamer Mat – great for work!  Fits easily under your desk.  Waterproof.  Quickly dries wet socks, shoes or boots, leaving you dry and warm.


 Cozy-Legs Personal Heater – Under Desk Leg Warmer – Mounts to your desk, wall or optional stand.  Keeps your legs toasty.


 Bed Buddy Heat Therapy Kit – Comes with a sinus pack, hand warmers and foot warmers.  Lightly fragranced with eucalyptus, clove and cinnamon.  You can buy everything separately.  Bed Buddy Back Wrap.  All can be used hot or cold.  See all Bed Buddy products.


Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Dream Sack Airline Comfort Set – As seen on the Today Show, Wall Street Journal and USA Today.  Everything you need to stay warm and cozy on the plane, train, bus or car (no driving with your eye shades on!).  Includes a silk blanket, pillowcase, eye shades and a 12″ storage bag.  All totaled, weighs less than a pound. 


Dream Sack Luxury Travel Kit – You’ll be stylin’ in first class no matter where you’re sitting.  Great for your flight or in your hotel room.  Includes a silk/cashmere blanket, charmeuse silk eyeshades and an outer bag that reverses to a pillowcase.



Cane Ice GripPrevents canes and crutches from slipping on icy and snowy surfaces.  Don’t risk a fall!  Get one of these.  It’s only like, $7 bucks and it could save your life or the life of a loved one.  I’m serious.  Don’t make me come over there.  🙂


 Ice-Away Snow and Ice Melt Pad – Much less expensive than embedded systems, this pad prevents show and ice from accumulating outside your door, or wherever you put it.   Line your entire sidewalk!  Great for home doorway entrances, wheelchair ramps, handicap-accessible structures, loading docks, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools or churches.  36″ x 32″.  Plugs into a standard outlet. 


IronClad Cold Condition Glove – Cold weather gloves for workers who need a high level of dexterity.  Wicks away perspiration, breathable, water and oil resistant, non-slip rubber, machine washable.


Grabber Foot Wamers – 5 hours of air-activated warmth.  Case of 30 packs,  2 warmers per pack.  Put them in your shoes or boots, use one time and then throw away.  These are standard equipment for skiers, snowboarders, hunters, campers, hikers, bird watchers or anyone who likes to do stuff outdoors in the cold. Also great for Arthritis, Raynaud’s, Lupus, Scleroderma, Sjogren’s, Myalgia or just poor circulation.


Grabber Peel-n-Stick Adhesive Body Warmer – Box of 40.  A portable heating pad that you wear!  Works for 12+ hours.  Use for minor aches & pains or for warmth outdoors during sporting activities.


Grabber Hand Warmers – Pack of 40, with 2 per pack.   These keep your hands and fingers toasty for more than 10 hours.  Just open the packet and put the warmers in your gloves or pocket and they start working in a few minutes.  No shaking or kneading required.


Emergency Rescue Blanket – another inexpensive way to save your life.  This lightweight blanket should be in every cold-weather car and every backwoods backpack.  It was invented for NASA and is used by militaries, search and rescue, and relief agencies worldwide.

I hope you stay warm and toasty until it’s time to stay cool and frosty.  I’ll be back in a few months with AllegroMedical.com products to help you chill.  You know I will.  Until then,

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*rippin’ gnar pow on your shred sled means that you’re doing really well on difficult runs while riding atop your snowboard device.  Gnar pow is gnarly powder.  Personally, I’d rather watch ’em carve from my seat atop the bar stool in the lodge.  I’m confident that if I tried snowboarding, I’d spend more time on my back side than my feet.  Perhaps Grabber makes butt warmers . . . hmmmm . . . an idea . . .

There are a lot of reasons you could become stranded on the road – running out of gas, a dead battery, a flat tire, getting stuck in the mud or snow, bad weather, losing your keys or mechanical failures to name a few.

If you do get stranded remember to stay calm, use your head and you’ll be fine. Rule of thumb – stay in your car and call for help.

Here are some tips on what to do in different circumstances:

If You’re Standed on an Interstate or Highway:


  • Try to pull off to the shoulder or completely off the road.
  • Use your cell phone to call the police or your vehicle’s roadside assistance and tell them you’re stranded.
  • If it is nice out and traffic is light enough that you can safely exit the vehicle, get out and raise your hood and tie your emergency flag to a radio antenna or door handle (or hang it out the window). Put on your flashers and wait until help arrives. Some say you should wait outside and away from the car in case another vehicle strikes your car. I’m not so sure about that rule but I guess it depends on the situation.
  • If you can’t get cell coverage, or you have no phone, assess whether to walk for help. There might be an emergency phone down the road or a gas station within walking distance but use extreme caution if walking near a busy roadway. Don’t attempt to cross a busy, multi-lane highway. If help is far away or the road is too busy, you should stay near your car.
  • Don’t risk your life to change your tire on a busy road. You’re better off ruining your tire and rim driving to a nearby gas station.


If You’re Stranded in a Blizzard


  • Stay inside your car so you don’t get lost or frostbitten.
  • Put on your emergency hazard lights, call for help and wait until it arrives. If you can’t get cell service, you’ll most likely get help from a police officer patrolling the area.
  • Put your emergency flag out on the antenna or window, or a bright colored piece of cloth.
  • Run your heater for about 10 minutes per hour or every half hour if it is really, really cold.
  • Remove the snow from your tailpipe occasionaly to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and crack a window if you have an old rusty car with a leaky exhaust system. It’s a good idea to keep one window cracked open anyway, so the freezing wind and wet snow don’t seal the vehicle.
  • Clear heater vents – the grill under the windshield.
  • Try not to sleep if the engine is running and you are alone.
  • Move around every once in a while to keep the circulation going.
  • To avoid frostbite, keep your skin covered when you get out of the car to clear the tailpipe and vents.
  • When the storm passes, write “HELP” in large letters in the snow outside your car.


Hedge your bet against mechanical failures by Winterizing Your Car.

See all Emergency Preparation Products.

If You’re Stranded in a Flood:


  • Stay in your car (unless it is sinking) and wait for help.
  • Open your car windows in case you need to climb out.
  • Use your cell phone to call for help, turn on your hazard lights and hang a cloth or emergency flag out the window.
  • If you have to get out of your car because it is sinking and the area is flooded, swim to a tree or something sturdy that you can hold onto.


Once you’ve taken the Steps to Winterize your Car, it is unlikely that you’ll experience a breakdown due to mechanical failure, but you never know what else might leave you stuck in your car. Millions of motorists are stranded each year because of bad weather, accidents, flat tires, getting stuck in the mud or snow, losing their keys and other unfortunate situations.

With a few basic items, though, you can not only survive, but be safe and comfortable while you wait to be rescued.

Basic Emergency Items

  • Cell phone
  • Triple A (AAA) or other roadside assistance subscription & card
  • Snowbrush and Ice Scraper
  • Bag of Sand or kitty litter to help with traction on snow and ice
  • Shovel for scraping snow away from the tires
  • Windshield Washer Fluid
  • Winter clothes including a complete change of clothes, a scarf, hat, extra gloves and boots
  • Duct Tape to fix a broken windshield, hold things together, pick up glass shards, mend hoses, serve as a gas cap, and a million other things
  • Emergency Sign or brightly colored cloth to signal for help
  • Booster Cables
  • Extra Fuses
  • Bottled water to drink (or to use in cars that overheat or need battery water)
  • And last but not least, a good book 🙂

Don’t go out in bad weather unless absolutely necessary and please know the weather report before you go out! A Winter Storm Watch means that winter storms are in your area. A Winter Storm Warnings means that storms are heading your way. A Blizzard Warning means all hell is about to break loose… er, i mean, strong winds and dangerous wind chills are expected.

Get your Emergency Car Kit together now. Be safe!

Here’s What to Do if You’re Stranded in your Car.

Holiday cheer can become a holiday nightmare if you are ill-prepared for the needs of your overnight guests. 

For example, activities that we may take for granted – going up and down stairs, using the toilet, showering, getting in and out of bed, opening doors, etc. – can be difficult for older guests.  The addition of a few simple, temporary items placed strategically throughout your home will ensure a safe and comfortable Christmas for everyone. 





  • Removable Suction Cup Grab Bars on the wall by the tub and toilet.  If you get anything at all for the bathroom, I highly recommend that you get a couple of these.  Instant ‘peace-of-mind’. 



  • Check the towel bar and soap dish in the shower to make sure they are secure.






  • Pathlighter Safety Cane – A special cane that lights the way on stairways and walkways. Perfect for outings on cold winter nights.



  • Smoke Alarms – Make sure you have them, and make sure they work.  Sometimes you just need new batteries.


  • A sturdy chair in the bedroom for dressing.



  • A telephone in the bedroom that can be reached from the floor in case of a fall.  How about an Amplified Telephone?




  • Door Knob Extenders – Quickly and inexpensively convert regular door knobs into lever action handles.  Arthritis sufferers will thank you.



  • Non-skid backing on rugs – We don’t carry it, but it’s a good idea to get some.



  • Water heater thromostat – Set it at 120 degrees F or lower to prevent accidental scalding.


  • EZ Access Threshold Ramps – These are the most popular.  Great for wheelchairs and walker users.  Also for high indoor/outdoor entry-way thresholds.


  • Light your outside steps and walkways.


  • Check your handrails to ensure they are securely fastened.


  • Travel Wheelchair – For events that require extra walking, this super lightweight wheelchair folds up and stores in the trunk or closet.


You see, it really doesn’t take much to make your home safe and secure for your elderly or special needs guests.  Order today!

Here’s wishing you and all of your guests a very Merry Christmas and a safe, happy holiday.


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Travel doesn’t have to be impossibly expensive. Here are a few of my personal travel tips to make your trips a whole lot more affordable.

1. Use Point Programs. We only use credit cards that earn points towards hotel stays and
flights. We use them for EVERYTHING including groceries, car payments, utility bills – things you wouldn’t normally pay with a credit card. And we pay the bill completely, every month, so there is no interest charged. You would be surprised how fast you can earn free flights when everything goes on the card. It helps your credit score too. Remember, you have to pay off the card(s) every month or the interest will kill you.

2. Bring your own food. We eat at least 1 meal a day from our day pack. It saves us money, calories and time. Throw in some apples, dried fruit, string cheese, granola or trail mix, protein bars and dark chocolate for a meal or snack in the car, on the plane, on a city tour or in your hotel room. We also like to gather yummy morsels at Farmers Markets for a picnic on the train or in the park. These are great places to pick up good bread, fruit, cheese, organic tomatoes, & wine. We also almost always split meals and appetizers, at home and away.

3. Travel light. Learn to pack well so you don’t have to pay extra for checked luggage. If you’re anything like my mother you may need some practice. Pack everything you think you need first and then remove half of it. I got by with just a carry-on for several weeks in Europe by doing laundry here and there. The trick is to mix & match, wear one color scheme, alternate between 2 pairs of shoes. Get ‘travel clothes’ that don’t wrinkle and resist dirt & sweat. If you can’t pack light, invest in some compressor sacs that squish things down so you can pack more in a smaller bag.

4. Pool Resources. Sometimes we travel with other couples or families and rent a big house
in the woods or on the beach. Then, we cook meals instead of going out and we do low
cost activities like play games, hike, etc. Let your social network (myspace, facebook) know where you’ll be and see if any of your friends want to join you to split the costs.

5. Swap houses. Wish you could take the family to London for Christmas? You can afford it if you swap houses. Google ‘House Swapping’ to see how it’s done.

6. Get a free hotel room upgrade. At the very least, when checking in ask for a better room, a bigger room or a better view. I just got a lakeview room upgrade at the Bellagio in Las Vegas last weekend, just for asking nicely. Sometimes, if I see a bad review of a hotel that we will be staying at, I email a link to the review to the manager and I let them know that we’re on our way and we’re hoping that
we don’t have problems “like this”. It’s amazing how the service level goes up. We were once upgraded from a standard room to a $1000/night suite in Hawaii, simply because I alerted the manager to some unflattering reviews of their hotel. Following our stay we sent a beautiful basket of Arizona goodies
to the staff and made friends for life.

7. Camp Out. Have an adventure! It saves you money plus you get closer to nature . . . and each other. Consider camping on the beach.

8. Head South of the Border. We’re taking our vacations at the beach in Mexico – a 3 1/2 hour
drive from Phoenix to Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point). For a fraction of the price of a hotel room in the States you can rent a 1500 sq. ft. 2
bd/2ba condo on Sandy Beach, right on the water, complete with a full kitchen, washer/dryer, restaurants, swim-up bar, tennis courts, water
sports, etc.

9. Travel in the off season. We’ve even gone on a cruise during hurricane season. Besides, high season (usually the summer months) is the worst time to be just about anywhere because of the crowds, heat and high prices.

10. Stay Close to Home. Arizona summers are “off season” and the local resorts deeply discount their rates or give credits toward food and entertainment. Many families take their kids to the resorts that have water parks and water slides and they just hang out at the pool all weekend. You can also explore your home state by car and save on airfare. Take day trips or camp to save on hotels.

11. Get up to 1/2 off Hotel Rooms. We use www.priceline.com when the hotel chain doesn’t matter to us. You don’t get to pick your exact hotel before committing to the room, but you can narrow your choice to a certain area and designate a minimum star rating. We recently used Priceline to find a hotel in San Diego, in the Gaslamp area, and we saved $110 per night.

12. Shop the Web and book early. Bargains are
everywhere if you take the time to look. I check www.tripadvisor.com to
read unbiased reviews before booking. Tripadvisor also has a tool that checks a handful of major booking
sites like Orbitz & Expedia, allowing you to compare prices without going to each site individually. Also check the lesser known travel booking sites, like
www.bookit.com. If you’re using travel points you might have to book several months in advance to get the room or a seat on the plane.

13. Consider a Cruise. You can almost always find cruises at discounted prices if you don’t book through the cruise line themselves. We got much lower prices on an upcoming Disney cruise by going through a cruise broker online. We use www.cruise.com and www.cruises.com but there are a lot of them. Also, if you can go last minute, there are always great deals. When cruising, try to wait until you get to your destination to do your off-shore excursions. They are much less expensive. Airport transfers to and from the ship are cheaper if you book it yourself. Bring your own bottled water. Bring your own booze if they let you. Ask for a cabin upgrade. Ask your travel agent for shipboard credits. Sign up for the “club”.

14. Take advantage of time share promotions. Just don’t be roped into buying one unless that is your intention. Sit through the presentation, be strong enough to walk away from the hard sell, and be rewarded with a nearly free vacation or lots of spa/meal/drink credits.

15. Be spontaneous and book late. Sign up with your favorite travel sites to receive notification of last minute travel bargains.

Bon Voyage!

Travel safe and comfortable with Allegro’s Top Travel Gear.

On the road, in the air, or when you arrive, these popular travel products can make your holiday or winter travel a little easier. They also make great gifts!

Travel Easy

Travel Fit

Travel Smart

Travel Safe

Travel Well

Travel Kids

The Allegro family wishes you safe and comfortable travel this holiday season. And, as always, we thank you for your business.

Want to save some money on your next family vacation? Check out these 15 Money-Saving Travel Tips.