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Fathers Day

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 20, 2010.  Choose the perfect gift for your Dads, Uncles, Grandpas and Father-in-laws with these Father’s Day gift ideas.  Hard to buy for that special guy?  Fear not, dear shopper, for we have selected these Father’s Day Presents to suit all dads from young to senior, with varied abilities and special interests.  No ties this year! Yippee!

Best Fathers Day Gift Ideas


Vinturi Wine Aerator Vinturi Wine Aerator– All the rage in the wine world, these instant wine aerators serve as a portable decanter to “open up” your wine, one glass at a time.  Just pour the wine out of the bottle, through the Vinturi, into your wine glass.  An absolute must for all wine enthusiasts, especially wine loving dads.

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Projection Clock w/ Temperature - Silver Projection Clock w/Temp  – Dad will know EXACTLY what time you came in last night with this handy projection clock.  He’ll also know the day, month and temperature outside.  Smart daddy.

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FitBALL Power Golf Trainer Book and DVD FitBALL Power Golf Book and DVD – Help dad increase the distance, consistency and accuracy of his golf game while strengthening his core.  He’ll thank you!  And if you haven’t gotten him a Bionic Golf Glove yet, throw one of those in too.

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Pro Fit Iron Gym Workout Bar Pro Fit Iron Gym Workout Bar – Transforms a doorway into a gym.   Dad will have a wicked strong upper body in no time with this multi-function home gym.  No tools required.  Does dad like to do push-ups?  Jack Zatorski’s Push Up Pro is just the ticket.  How about killer abs?  Check out the Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer.

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Snappy Spa Portable Hot TubSnappy Spa Portable Hot Tub – If pop has always wanted a whirlpool spa for his patio, cabin, RV park, back yard or deck – well… here you go.  No tools for assembly.  Thermostatically controlled heater and seating for 4 adults.  This economical Snappy Spa is very, very popular.


Easi-Grip Gardening Set Easi-Grip Gardening Set – For dads who enjoy gardening, you can’t go wrong with a gift of ergonomic gardening tools.  Ideal for gardeners of every age.

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GE Dect 6.0 Photo Phone w/ Photo CID GE Dect 6.0 Photo Phone – When you call dad, your picture will display on this digital photo frame with integrated telephone.  Sweeeet.  In the meantime it is a sleek multi-function phone with a digital slide show.  Color LCD, 7″ – accepts SD, xD and MS memory cards. 

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SLIDE2PCSLIDE2PC – Give Dad the opportunity to convert his 35mm negatives to his PC with the touch of a button. 

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SNAPP Mini Digital Camcorder/Camera SNAPP Mini Digital Camcorder/Camera –  Dad won’t miss a thing with this mini camcorder camera featuring super crisp video.  Software included will let him edit his videos and upload them to YouTube.


Portable Internet Radio with FM Portable Internet Radio with FM – Whose father wouldn’t enjoy this FM radio that streams media over a wireless Internet connection?  No PC required.  Also streams stored audio files from your PC (except downloads from copy-protected iTunes selections).  See also the Internet Radio with iPod Dock.

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TV Listener Infrared Stereo System TV Listener Infrared Stereo System – You can sleep, read or study while dad uses this infrared headset to watch TV.  Also  great for those with hearing loss so one family member can enjoy the television at a higher level than other people in the same room.  How about a system with two headsets?

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Drive Phoenix 4 Wheel Travel Mobility Scooter Phoenix 4-Wheel Travel Mobility Scooter – Dad can go just about anywhere with this battery-operated travel scooter.  4-piece design assembles and disassembles for transport.  15-mile range.  Free Shipping!

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3-in-1 Shopping Cart, Folding Chair & Removable Bag 3-in-1 Shopping Cart – A shopping cart, folding chair and removable bag all in one.  This lightweight chair (10 lbs) supports up to 250 lbs and is great for outdoor events, the park or shopping.  Give your father a break and get him something to sit on, for heaven’s sake.

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Grill Daddy Pro Grill Cleaning Tool Grill Daddy Pro Grill Cleaning Tool – What a perfect name for a Father’s Day gift! This inexpensive brush cleans the grill with the power of STEAM.  Get one for all of your grill daddies.

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Still looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift?  See our Gift Ideas Category: Gifts for Him.  Order Today for speedy delivery!

 Happy Father’s Day to all you dads, uncles and grandpas that make our lives so special.  Have a happy, healthy day.

Father’s Day 2009 is Sunday, June 21st – still time for you to get something ordered and delivered to all your ‘dads’.  Make your pop feel special this year with something he’ll definitely, for sure, without a doubt… love.  New dads or old, fit or fat, mobile or immobile, on-the-go or stay at home, we have something awesome for every guy – believe me.

If you’re the dad, and you find something you want on here, print out copies and casually leave them where they will be found by the gift-giver.  I suggest using a highlighter to avoid any confusion.

Unique Father’s Day Gifts for Every Dad

  Pro Angler Kayak Seat Back– Dad will GONE FISHIN’ with this comfy Skwoosh kayak seat cushion, designed by pro angler Dominick Greco.   Not a kayaker? Keep daddy’s tushy happy with other Skwoosh Cushions designed for hunting, canoes and fitness equipment. 

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  Spa-N-A-Box Portable Whirlpool Spa – Get dad his own spa!  He can put it indoors or outdoors on the patio or in the basement, fill it up with water, plug it in and RELAX.  He’ll be forever grateful.

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  Pro Indoor Cycling Bike – Pops with a penchant for fitness will love this new super sturdy, fully adjustable, very affordable bike.  Or, here’s a fun one.  How about a PCGamersBike?  Pedal and play PC games at the same time.  If cycling’s not his thing, how about a home eliptical trainer

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 UV Razor Sanitizer & Storage Case – It’s the slickest, newest way to store your razor.  Just stick your padre’s razor in there, close the door and it zaps away germs and bacteria.   No more worry about nasty bathroom germs getting into nicks and scrapes. 

Go all the way in the germ department and get him a toothbrush sanitizer or a dental spa too.

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 Zephyr Travel Hearing Aid Dryer – If you have a travel pop with a hearing aid, this is the perfect gift.  Compact for taking on the road, but big on performance.  Dad will travel with a nice dry, odor free hearing aid.  Ahhhhh….  Shuts off automatically after 8 hours. 

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 Hy-Tek Big Button Universal Remote – Guys love this thing.  They all do, really.  We sell a ton of them.  A big button television remote is especially nice for anyone over 40.  It’s an ‘over-40 eyesight thing’… don’t ask me how I know this.

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 Easi-Grip Add-On Handles(pk of 2)- Great for gardening pops, or should I say gardening poppies? Ha!  These easi-trip handles latch onto your gardening tools and transforms it into an ergonomic tool.   He’ll get more done and won’t be as sore.  That means more flowers and green beans for YOU.

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Oregon Wireless BBQ Thermometer AW129Oregon Wireless BBQ Thermometer– Your backyard grillmaster will know when the meat is done from up to 100 feet away with this wireless doo dad.  He can be all cool, hanging with his guests and he’ll seem to secretly know just when it’s time to tend the grill.  Everyone will think he can multi-task!  Wow.


 Wheeleez Folding Beach Cart (girl not included) – Wheeleez makes transporting anything on the beach easier.  There are even transporters for canoes and kayaks.  If picnics on the beach are in Dad’s future, save him the hassle of dragging the coolers through the sand with this handy cart. 

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 Folding Shopping Cart– Does Daddy ‘O serve as a pack mule at the famer’s market, or when hauling things to and from the car?  Get him a Winnie Wagon!  He’ll only have to make one trip.  Keep it in the trunk.

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 Bionic Golf Glove – Shaw-wing! Make his golf game the best it can be.  These special golf gloves will give him a better grip, superior club control and a better overall game.  Besides, we sell them like crazy.  See also the Power Swing Trainer Golf Gym and the Superfeet Black Insoles for Golf Shoes.  Get all three and he’ll be unstoppable.


 InStep Quick N’ EZ Bike Trailer / Stroller – New Dads will love this.  And so will junior.   Oh, and mom too, ’cause she’ll have the house to herself for a while…  See also the Safari Single Jogging Stroller.

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I could go on, but you’re probably either bored or off ordering something by now.  If you ‘re still with me and you need more ideas, we have more than 100 items in our Gifts for Men and Fathers area. 

Order today and we’ll ship it right to the house.  Easy!

Happy, happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s, grandpas, uncles, step’s and near-dads.  We hope you have a GREAT DAY.