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Don’t let hand weakness stop you from living your life or doing the things you love.  There are products specifically designed to allow you to get the job done even if you have a limited hand function – from gardening and golfing to cooking, playing cards or using scissors.  

There are also hand exercisers that can help you strengthen your hands so that you can improve the grip you have.  Golfers, baseball players and other sports players benefit by having the strongest grip possible – and save the rest of us from flying baseball bats and golf clubs!   

Hand weakness or limited hand function can be related to many medical conditions – the more common ones being arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, MS, Quadriplegia and various myopathies and neuropathies.  See all the products below that can help you regain or keep your independence.

Products for People with Limited Hand Function

Easi-Grip Gardening Tools – The ergonomic design makes these gardening tools ideal for gardeners of all ages and abilities.  Each tool has a “soft feel” non-slip, angled handle that keeps your hand and wrist in a natural position.  Pain-free gardening!

See all Easi-Grip Products

Bionic Gloves – Better grips for golfers and gardeners alike.  Also works as a batting glove.

Scissors – Self opening scissors are designed for people with weak hands or wrists, or anyone unable to use conventional style scissors.  Don’t forget the Scissors Stand!

Kitchen Aids  – Knives, jar openers and kitchen utensils that all require less strength and dexterity than conventional products.  How about a Good Grips Peeler, Cheese Slicer, Kitchen Grater or Spatula!

Grooming Aids – Groom yourself with the no-slip Table Top Finger Nail Clipper,  Long Handled Hair BrushTube Squeezer, Hand Held Shower, Terry Soap Mitt and Long Handled Under-Toe Washer

Make your own pencil and utensil grips with Grippers  or Color-Coded Handle Foam

Eating Aids – See our built-up handle eating utensils.  Perfect for limited hand function or a weak grip.

Dressing Aids – Get Dressed with Zipper & Button Pullers and a Foam Grip Dressing Stick and Shoehorn

Playing Card Holders –  Much easier than trying to hold multiple cards in one hand.

Look around the site.  There are sure to be more great products to increase your independence.  Scroll through all Daily Living Aids and Personal Care

We hope you have a flexible and pain free day!  And thanks for your orders.  We appreciate your business.

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A few years ago I started waking up in the middle of the night with a numb thumb and index finger.  I thought I’d slept on my hand or something.  A few days later, I started feeling pain in my fingers during the day and my wrist ached most of the time.   We sell a lot of wrist wraps for carpal tunnel so I knew a little bit about it, but I wasn’t 100% sure that was what it was.   I did some research and what confirmed it was the fact that my little finger was never numb when I woke up, but my thumb and two of my fingers were.  That’s one of the characteristics of the symptoms, because the nerve that is pinched doesn’t extend into your pinkie finger.   Luckily the pain went away completely when I wore a specially designed wrist support for a few nights, and for a couple days while I was typing.  Now I just wear it when I start getting achy wrists, but it is very rare.

Where is the Carpal Tunnel?

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Bound by bones and ligaments, the carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway – about as big around as your thumb – on the palm side of your wrist.  It protects a main nerve (the Median Nerve) to your hand and nine tendons that bend your fingers.” 

Pressure placed on the median nerve produces the numbness, pain and eventually, hand weakness that characterize carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

What Causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Anything that reduces the space for the median nerve, within the carpal tunnel, can cause pressure on the nerve.  While some research shows that carpal tunnel syndrome can result from repetitive use of the tendons in the hand, other possible causes range from rheumatoid arthritis to hormonal disorders (diabetes, thyroid, menopause), wrist injuries and fluid retention.  Or perhaps your carpal tunnel is just narrower than average.

Repetitive computer use is commonly assumed to cause CTS, but according to Mayo Clinic the scientific evidence for this association isn’t definitive.  However, you may be at a higher risk for carpal tunnel if your work or hobbies involve a combination of awkward, repetitive wrist or finger motions, forceful pinching or gripping and working with vibrating tools.  

Symptoms and Diagnosis of CTS

Your doctor can do a series of tests to determine whether you have CTS, but one diagnostic key is that the median nerve doesn’t reach the little finger, so if you wake up and your fingers are tingling and numb, but your pinkie isn’t, you might have carpal tunnel syndrome.  Another clue is ‘when’ you experience the symptoms.  Typically you might feel weakness, tingling or numbing while holding a phone or a newspaper, gripping a steering wheel or waking up during the night.  Mine starts with a general ache in my wrist.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

The good news is that most people can be effectively treated for CTS non-surgically with wrist splinting, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or corticosteroids (cortisone injections).   The wrist supports/splints/gloves designed for carpal tunnel relief prevent flexion of the wrist and holds it in a neutral position so you can’t squish the median nerve.  Our most popular wrist splint is the Smart Glove but there are many on the site to choose from.  We also have an area on the site where you can “Shop by Condition” for a variety of  Carpal Tunnel Products including wrist supports, hammers, tools and daily living aids.

If you can’t get relief non-surgically and you have symptoms for more than 6 months, your doctor may recommend surgery to cut the ligament pressing on the nerve.  From what I’ve seen and heard, this is not where you want to end up and I would have plenty of second opinions first.

If you have the symptoms of CTS, I suggest you get started on a conservative treatment right away.  Stop sleeping on your hands and wear a wrist splint at night.  If the pain persists, see your doc. 

Want to set up a healthy computing area?  Read “Top 10 Healthy Computing Products” for ideas.

I think I finally have my computing area set up so I can avoid the worst of the computer-related injuries even though I spend most of my life in front of a computer.  It’s all about the right chair, the perfect desk height, a curvy ergonomic keboard, a cushy wrist rest, etc. 

Here are a few of my favorite ergonomic computing products that will help you ease (or avoid) carpal tunnel pain, neck stiffness, lower back pain, fibromyalgia, eye strain and more.


1.  Wrist Cushion for Mouse – Anything with ergoBeads in it is good (just like anything with cream cheese in it is good).  Another one I like is the Non-Skid Mouse Pad because its..um… non-skid and it has ergo beads.  Either way, your wrist is completely supported – cool and comfortable all day.  If you need a smaller mouse cushion, check out our snazzy, colorful Le Petit Cushion – ooh la la.


2.   Non-Skid Wrist Cushion for Keyboard – Conforms to any keyboard and raises your wrists to the proper height to unblock your carpal tunnel.  Bonus: ergoBeads give you an all-day massage at no extra charge.


3.  Large Print KeyboardHaving problems seeing your keyboard?  Here’s your solution.  It is rated 20/300 on the Snellen Visual Acuity Scale with most others rated at only 20/70.  Whatever that means, I’ll bet you’ll see better with this one.  There’s also a Wireless Large Print Keyboard.


4.  Smart Glove –  Reversible to fit both left and right hands, this patented wrist wrap helps prevent and relieve wrist pain.  It was developed by an orthopedic hand surgeon for his patients.  Handy!  It’s flexible, moldable and breathable. I also like this inexpensive lightweight Computer Glove with ergoBeads.  It’s great for gaming or any kind of repetitive motion that can cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

4.  Ergo FootRests – Choose from two heights (go shorter if you’re shorter –  5’4″ or under).  Once you try it you’ll never go back to flat feet on the floor.  Fast relief for you lower back and thigh muscles. 


5.  Roho LTV All Purpose Seat Cushion – There will be no more sore butt with this customizable cushion.  Use it in the office, the car, on the tractor, in the bleachers or anywhere you cop a squat.  If you’ve never had a Roho, you’re in for a treat.  Weighs 1 pound.


6.    FitBALL Chair – Combines a 55 cm FitBALL with a rolling base.  Strengthen your core and improve your posture while working at your desk!  Neato.  I use mine while jamming on Guitar Hero.  The height and back rest are adjustable and it includes an air pump.  See All FitBall Products.


7.  3M Professional Anti-Glare Monitor Filter – Reduces glare by 95% and blocks 99.9% of radiation.  Comes in three sizes.  No more squinting.


8.  Monitor Stand – Monitor a pain in the neck?  Maybe you need to raise it up a few inches.  It should be at eye level.  Is it?


9.   Table Top Lamp – Daver can’t shut up about this lamp.  He’s in my office right now and I’m saying “shut up about that lamp!” but he won’t.  He loves it that much.  If our Director of Product Management, Daver Williams loves something that much, you can be sure you should own it.  He says the light is PERFECT for working in the office in daylight.  Whatever, Daver.  Let’s all buy one and see if he’s right. ‘k?


10.    Electric Foot Warmer Mat – I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t like to have warm tootsies while you’re working?  It’s got to be more healthy than having cold, wet feet.  The warming mat fits snuggly under your desk.  Waterproof.

 Pick up one of each and you’ll be covered.

Thanks for your business.  We wouldn’t mind a bit if you would refer us to your friends. 


People have a real knack for improvising when it comes to getting things done.   Even when we’re weak or disabled we tend to figure out a way to get those cans open, or cut that piece of meat, or finagle those blasted peas into our mouths, even if it means having someone do it for us.  We forget though, or maybe don’t even consider, that there are products designed to do nothing more than make you more independent and make your life easier.  

AllegroMedical.com carries a huge – and I mean ‘hundreds and hundreds huge’  – inventory of Daily Living Aids designed to help everyone — disabled or not — get things done. 

Stop struggling!  Check out these  nifty kitchen gadgets and eating aids.  You might find a product to help you, or someone you love, make life a little easier.  Ahhh. . .

Kitchen Aids

New!  iTouchless products – Check out these stylish, ‘kitchen-forward’ 21st century gizmos including plastic bag resealers, electronic automatic pepper mill & salt grinder, paper towel dispenser, automatic water dispenser, automatic soap dispenser, recycle bins, trash cans and more.  Great gifts. 

High Chair - All-Purpose High Chair with Adjustable ArmsHigh Chair with Adjustable Arms – Sit up high while working at the kitchen counter or sink with this adjustable height chair.   Weight capacity is 300 lbs. 


Maddagrip Jar Opener  Jar Openers – I use these all the time.   We have a bunch to choose from, including the Hot Hand Protector and Jar Opener.  It’s a hot pad that doubles as a jar opener.  Neat, huh.


Easy-Grip Knives & Utensils – Perfect for weak hands and wrists.  These lightweight, dishwasher safe tools have an ergonimcally angled handle to keep your wrist and hand in a natural position.  Besides the knives, we have a grater, utensil rack, carving fork, cheese slicer, spatula and kitchen shears.  Get them all!

The Rocking “T” Knife is our most popular rocker knife.  It allows easy cutting for people with a weak grasp or the use of only one hand.  Get the carrying case so you can take it with you when you eat out.

See more kitchen knives.


    Paring Boards galore.  There aren’t your everyday paring and cutting boards.  Oh no.  They have special doo hickies that stick up and hold your food in place so you don’t have to chase it around before you cut it.  Some of them even have suction cups on the bottom (so you don’t have to chase the board too!). 


   Scrub brush for one handed use.  It suctions to the counter so you can clean your vegetables, your dishes, your fingernails or even your dentures!  Please don’t use the same one to clean everything, though.  Please.


  Pan Holder – Keep your pans from spinning while you stir with one hand.  Folds for easy storage in your drawer.


 Push/Pull Helper – If you have arthritic hands or weak hands, or short arms, or a bad back, use this nifty stick to push or pull oven racks or hot dishes. How about using it if you don’t want to get burned?  That’s when I would use it. 


Folding Shopping Cart – Okay, not technically a kitchen gadget, but they sell like hot cakes.  Sturdy, super affordable and cool looking, you’ll whisk goods to and fro for years to come with this baby.   Red or black.  Get both.

Eating Aids

  The Scooper Bowls with Suction are our most popular eating aids.  They stick to the table like glue and they are curved on the sides to allow you to get the food onto your fork instead of dumping it over the sides.  Great for children and adults.  See more scoop plates.


  Cutlery – From forks to sporks, angled , built-up, left-handed or comfort-grip, we have what it takes to get the food from your plate to your mouth in the most efficient way possible.  See all Eating Utensils.


Bibs – Keep your clothes clean with these mealtime protectors.  Great for both the eaters and the feeders.


  All eating and no drinking makes Jack a dry boy, so don’t forget your drinking aids!  Drinking straws, nosey cups, spill-proof Kennedy cups, they’re all here.

Is there someone in your life that could use a little help becoming more independent in the kitchen, or at the dining table?  Think about it and have fun poking around our Daily Living Aids sub-categories.  There is a LOT to see.

Other than that, I hope you have a fabulous day.  Thanks again for being an Allegro customer!