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Comfort Bath Rinse-Free Shampoo and Conditioner Cap Being confined to bed can be tough on both the patient and the caregiver.  The good news is that there are bedridden aids that make daily care much easier on everyone.

Whether it’s a long-term illness,  short-term bed rest or post-surgery recovery – we recommend these essential products for the highest levels of safety and comfort.

Best Products for

Bed or Chair Confinement

Bedpads and UnderpadsMachine washable and dry-able, reusable bed pads offer layers of protection against wetness from incontinence, spills or bed baths.

Allegro also offers a large selection of convenient disposable underpads to protect beds, chairs, floors, and car seats. Great for pets and kids, too.

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No-Rinse Cleansing Products – These products will clean all your parts with no rinsing required.  A must for any lengthy bed stay. You’ll be squeaky clean head to toe, without the mess of bed baths.

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Bed Rope Ladder– Makes sitting up soooo much easier. You just use the rungs to pull yourself up.

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UpEasy Lifting Cushion - UpLift Seat Assist Seat Assists and Lift Chairs – When standing is too hard on your own, these uplifting cushions and chairs will help you onto your feet and save energy for both you and your caregiver.

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Bed Wedge - 3 size/angle options available Pillows & Bed Wedges – Elevate your upper body or legs to whatever position is best for your recovery, better sleep or comfort.

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EggCrate or Memory Foam Mattress Overlays – A cost-effective way to reduce pressure and bed sores while increasing comfort.

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Over Bed Tables – Eat, work, use the computer, play cards, scrapbook – all from the comfort of your bed with a convenient table that fits perfectly around your bed. We have tilt, pivot, split top, raised edge, and deluxe wood over bed tables to choose from.

Bed Rails – Position yourself while in bed or gain stability in getting in and out of bed. Check out the longer rails if you’re trying to stay ‘in bed’.

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Transfer Boards and Discs – Help pivot and transfer patients from the bed to a wheelchair or bedside commode.

Bedside Commodes – Comfortable bedside toilets with the features of the real thing – just more accessible.

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Thank you for your business and a big Allegro smooch to anyone confined to bed. Get well soon.

From U.S.News & World Report: 

Choosing the right nursing home is challenging. And chances are good you’ll someday face this decision for yourself or a loved one. More than half of older adults will eventually stay in a nursing home for at least one night, according to a September 2017 study. Of course, most residents stay much longer.

Obviously, you can’t just rely on facility tours or promotional brochures to make this crucial decision. First, get your ducks in a row. You can locate possible facilities and find inspection data by searching the U.S. News Best Nursing Homes rankings, as well as downloading a comprehensive checklist for visits.

When you’re ready to visit in person, turn to administrators, staff members and residents for answers to pivotal questions.

Read the rest HERE at U.S. News & World Report.

If you are caring for someone with incontinence issues, we understand how difficult it can be to know which adult incontinence products to choose for each situation.   This buyers guide, provided by our friends at TENA, can be used by caregivers to understand each type of adult incontinence product and how they work best.

Caregivers Guide to Incontinence Products


Pull Up Briefs – Protective Underwear

Description:  Protective underwear are full fitted briefs that pull on and take the place of regular undergarments.

Best for:

  • People unable to manage their own incontinence
  • People who are ambulatory or able to bear weight
  • Bowel and bladder incontinence

Not so good for: Changing in bed

Pad Inserts – Pads & Shields

Description: Pads are designed to fit inside regular underwear to absorb accidental leakage.  May have adhesive strip to adhere to undergarment.

Best for: Added absorbency inside regular undergarments or inside pull up briefs.  This limits embarrassment when accidents occur.

Not so good for:

  • Complete bladder incontinence
  • Bowel incontinence

Belted Undergarments

Description: Sized between a pad insert and a full brief, these are designed to replace regular undergarments.  An elastic band with buttons or other type of attachment device connects to button holes in the brief.

Best for:

  • Occasional accidents
  • Changing in bed
  • Frequent changes without having to remove all clothing

Not so good for:

  • Bowel incontinence
  • Quick changes

Taped Pads – Adult Diapers

Description: Looks much like a diaper, also known as Adult Briefs.  Tape tabs adhere on each side to secure the garment around the individual.

Best for:

  • Use instead of regular undergarments
  • Bowel incontinence
  • Changing in bed

Not so good for: Changing when standing

Overnight Pads and Adult Nigthtime Diapers:

Description:  These may be in the form of fitted brief or taped brief, but have added absorbency to reduce changes and leakage through the night.  Most are also designed to wick moisture away from the skin to prevent skin breakdown.

Best for:

  • Overnight use when getting up or changing is not possible
  • Use instead of regular undergarments for someone difficult to change or transfer
  • For someone who is bedridden

Not so good for: Someone who may get frustrated and pull the garment off and/or apart. (There may be little  absorbency balls in the garment that spread if the cloth is ripped.)

Bed Pads and Underpads

Reusable Chair and Bed Pads: Washable pads with a water repellent fabric on one side and absorption layers on the other side.

Best for:

  • Placing on seats and furniture to protect against leakage
  • Placing underneath a person in bed to protect mattress against leakage.
  • Use as a draw sheet to move someone in bed

Not so good for:

  • Use when leakage occurs frequently unless extras are readily available
  • Use when laundry is not able to be done frequently

Disposable Chair and Bed Underpads: Often referred to as Chux pads – these are designed with a plastic backing on one side and absorbency layers on the other side.

Best for:

  • Placing on car seats and furniture to protect against leakage
  • Placing underneath a person in bed to protect mattress against leaking

Not so good for:

  • The environment
  • Using as a draw sheet to move someone in bed

I hope this guide helps you avoid the overwhelming feeling of choosing the perfect incontinence product.  Please let us know if you would like us to carry a product that you don’t see.

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Elderly incontinent patients in nursing homes are vulnerable to urinary tract infections (UTIs) and skin conditions.  The federal government and states have guidelines in place to ensure patients receive quality consistent personal care.  Government regulations require facilities to provide residents with a personal care routine that includes clean and dry skin from urine and feces.1   Facilities typically change a patient’s adult brief or adult diaper approximately every two hours to ensure compliance with personal care guidelines.  These frequent changes force facilities to consider cost over quality and comfort when selecting adult diapers or protective underwear.  Adult diapers have improved in absorbency and quality over the years.  Specialty fibers that are highly absorbent and unique cores that incorporate quick wick technology to pull moisture away from the body help foster healthy skin.  High quality incontinence products typically have a higher price tag.    Whether you are a caregiver in a nursing home, hospice facility or home setting AllegroMedical.com offers you value branded diapers to meet your patients’ incontinence needs.


StayDry Breathable Adult Briefs

Staydry Breathable Briefs made by McKesson are for heavy urinary incontinence and offer users comfort and superior leakage protection at an economical price by incorporating Sophisticated Sectioning System technology (S3).

  • Quick drying absorbent core pulls fluid into Blue StayDry Strip™ for improved skin health and odor control
  • Fecal target area locks up loose stool
  • Soft, ventilated panels allow skin to breath and heat to escape

McKesson’s Staydry Breathable Adult Diaper is well respected in the homecare community with a price per diaper of $.35-$.56 from AllegroMedical.com.


Tranquility ATN All-Through-the-Night Disposable Adult Diapers

Tranquility ATN (All-Through-the-Night) Disposable Adult Diapers provide maximum absorbency holding over 32 ounces of fluid.   According to the manufacturer at the core of the Tranquility ATN brief is the “Peach Mat Construction” which neutralizes urine and inhibits bacterial growth which helps to reduce UTI’s in incontinence patients.2 This patented construction promotes skin dryness and odor control all while providing uninterrupted sleep for your patients without jeopardizing skin health.  Tranquility ATN is a trusted premium adult brief with a price per diaper of $.73-$1.19 from AllegroMedical.com.

Fifty percent of nursing home residents in the U.S. are living with some form of  incontinence.  Urinary and fecal incontinence care in the elderly contributes to a significant portion of nursing home care dollars spent annually.3  Balancing your budget and skin health of residents is challenging.  AllegroMedical.com has been assisting homecare facilities with affordable quality medical supplies like incontinence products since 1997.


1    http://www.hpm.umn.edu/nhregsplus/NHRegs_by_State/California/CA%20Complete%20Regs.pdf

2   http://www.tranquilityproducts.com/medical_professionals/index.htm

3    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2492984/





Powder Free Vinyl Exam GlovesMedical glove users love Allegro.  We have a huge selection of powdered, colored, non-sterile, textured, opaque, sterile, powder-free and clear exam gloves in Vinyl, Latex or Nitrile . . . all at amazing prices.  If you work in the medical field, you probably go through a box of exam gloves or surgical gloves faster than a tamale through a tourist.  Not a problem.  We can deliver gloves by the 100’s or even the 1,000’s – right to your doorstep.

So, caregivers, health care workers, moms, manicurists, painters and gardeners rejoice!  Catheter users, food handlers, factory workers, mechanics, hair stylists and pet owners look no further.  Hands down, Allegro is the best place to buy your disposable exam gloves.

If you purchase medical gloves at regular intervals, set up an auto re-order and get $1.99 shipping for life.

Not sure which medical gloves to buy?  Read Medical Gloves – Types and Uses

Top 10 Exam Gloves

Powder Free Vinyl Exam Gloves Powder Free Vinyl Exam Gloves

Invacare Powder-Free Vinyl Exam Gloves Invacare Powder-Free Vinyl Exam Gloves

Latex Powder-Free Exam GlovesLatex Powder-Free Exam Gloves

Invacare Nitrile Powder-Free Exam Gloves Invacare Nitrile Powder-Free Exam Gloves

Latex Powder-Free Exam Gloves Latex Powder-Free Exam Gloves

Safeskin Nonsterile Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves - Textured, Powderfree Safeskin Nonsterile Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves – Textured, Powderfree

Latex Powdered Exam Gloves  Latex Powdered Exam Gloves

Vinyl, PowderFree Exam Gloves - NonSterile, Latex-Free Vinyl, PowderFree Exam Gloves – NonSterile, Latex-Free

Polymed Sterile Latex Powder-Free Examination Gloves Polymed Sterile Latex Powder-Free Examination Gloves

Nitrile Exam Gloves - NonSterile, PowderFree, Textured, Blue Nitrile Exam Gloves – NonSterile, PowderFree, Textured, Blue

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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1685 times . . . “If you, your loved one or your patient is having a hard time doing something for themselves or getting somewhere on their own, we probably have an adaptive product to help.”  

Out of the 1600+ products in our Daily Living Aids Category, the ones listed below are our most popular – at least as of today anyway.  Popularity can be fleeting so check back often.  When you click on the category link, the products are automatically displayed in order of bestselling.

Top 10 Daily Living Aids

Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic Tip

Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic Tip – Watch out, you may be expected to pick up after yourself if you own this reacher!  Light in the hand and light on the wallet this aluminum reacher is affordable enough to keep one in every room.

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Toothette Plus Oral Swabs with Sodium Bicarbonate Toothette Plus Oral Swabs with Sodium Bicarbonate  – Toothettes with sodium bicarbonate nutralize acidity in the mouth, remove debris and mucous and stimulate the gums.  Refreshing for anyone who’s not able to brush.  Another top Toothette is the  Toothette Oral Swabs with Dentifrice – Mint Flavored

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Easi-Grip Long Reach Gardening Set + Arm Support Cuff Long Reach Gardening Set + Arm Support Cuff – Reach those weeds with ease with a long handle ergonomic Easi-Grip cultivator, fork, trowel and hoe.  Includes an arm support cuff.  Ideal for all gardeners!

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AZ-1 Portable Automotive Hand Control System AZ-1 Portable Automotive Hand Control System  – These Colours portable car hand controls are made for use on automatic transmission vehicles for drivers who don’t have the use of their legs.  Use them if you’re planning a trip or using a rental car.  They collapse for easy storage.

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Big Lamp Switch Big Lamp Switch – Who needs a clapper when you have a big lamp switch?  This three-spoked knob makes turning on and off your lamp (fits most standard lamps) a lot easier.  Great for arthritic hands.  Spring for the pack of 3 if you have several lamps. 

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Transfer Board - Wood Transfer Board – Wood – This beautiful, smooth wood transfer board ensures a smooth transfer from wheelchair to chair, car, couch or toilet.  Choose from various sizes and optional cutout handles for easy carrying and gripping. Holds up to 440 lbs.

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UpEasy Lifting Cushion - UpLift Seat Assist UpEasy Lifting Cushion – UpLift Seat Assist – Gently sit and gently rise from your chair or sofa with this handy lifting cushion.  Safe and easy to use, it will lift up to 80% of your body weight.  Folds flat for easy transport and travel.  Take it to church or the theatre!

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Deluxe Overbed Table Deluxe Overbed Table – Adjusts from 30″ to 45″ with one hand for the optimal height to slurp your soup or work your cross-word puzzle in bed.  Features a heavy duty frame and an oversized top.  Holds up to 100 lbs.  Now that’s some heavy stew! 

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BedCane Bed Rail BedCane Bed Rail – No matter which side of the bed you wake up on, this bed rail will be there to provide the support you need to get up and out.  Great for fall prevention!  Easily adjusts in height to fit your mattress on any size home or hospital bed.  Buy one and we’ll throw in a FREE pocket organizer that fits over the bed rail.  A hidey hole for all your goodies.

Swinging Door Hinge - Offset Door Hinges w/ Brass Finish Swinging Door Hinge – Offset Door Hinges w/ Brass Finish – A brilliant and very affordable way to widen your doors an extra 2″ without remodeling.   These swinging door hinges make way for wheelchairs and walkers (and maybe even that big piano you’re trying to move out of the parlor) by swinging the door completely clear of the opening. 

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There you have it folks – our Top 10 Most Popular Daily Living Aids as of… well, as of when I started writing this.  Popularity changes and new products are added so check the Daily Living Aids category for today’s bestselling aids to daily living! 

Thanks for your business.  We appreciate your support.

Let’s face it.  Humans, even in the best of health, are odor challenged.  Throw in some incontinence or maybe an ostomy, a healing wound, a little flatulence, a bedridden loved one, body odor, a dirty dog, smelly kids, poor hygiene, bad breath, mold and mildew – and what do you have?  You have a whole lot of reasons to invest in some serious odor eliminators.  Move over Lysol .  .  .

Allegro’s Most Popular Odor Eliminators


Medi-Aire Biological Odor Eliminator - 8oz Spray BottleRoom Deodorizers – Super concentrated, these room sprays don’t mask foul odors – they chemically eliminate them.  Even the worst odors are gone in seconds.

Remedy 4-in-1 Cleansing Lotion - 8 oz. Personal Hygiene Odor Control – Products to keep all your parts clean.  Caregivers, you’ll want to take a gander at these.

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Prevail Disposable Washcloths, Jumbo Tub - 12" x 8"Wipes and Washcloths – Disposable personal cleansing wipes and bathing cloths for bottoms and bits.  Amazing prices.

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Ostomy Deodorants – Ostimates have no reason to worry about embarrassing odor with this line-up of internal and external deodorants. 

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Aloe Vesta 3-n-1 Cleansing Foam 8 oz Skin Cleansers– Body wash, no-rinse bath products, incontinence sprays, perineal washes, skin conditioners – all here.


Reusable Bed PadsBed Pads, Underpads and Mattress Protectors – Nothing saves beds, chairs or other furniture from stains and smells more than a pad or protector.  Disposable or Reusable/Washable – your choice.


Thanks for being an Allegro customer.  We appreciate your business.  By the way, you smell GREAT!

The two main types of disposable medical gloves are exam and surgical – each with a particular function.  Medical gloves are further designated by their material – nitrile, latex and vinyl.  To make selecting the right medical glove even more interesting they are also available in powdered, non-powdered, sterile, nonsterile, textured, coated . . .  Let’s break it down.

Who Wears Medical Gloves?

Caregivers, Healthcare Professionals, Surgeons, Lab Techs, Catheter Users, Ostimates, Dentists, Pharmacists, Rescue Workers, Police Officers, Manicurists, Chefs, Hair Stylists, Housekeepers, Pet Owners, Gardeners, Factory Workers, Moms, Mechanics, Teachers, Food Handlers and more.

Exam Gloves vs. Surgical Gloves

General purpose exam gloves are most commonly used by caregivers and healthcare workers to protect themselves from contamination during an examination or procedure.  Gloves can also used in the home to clean up household spills and pet messes, gardening or even when changing the oil in the car.  They are low cost and nice to have at hand when unsanitary situations arise.

Surgeons and operating room nurses wear advanced surgical gloves that are more specifically sized and designed to allow better precision and sensitivity. 

Latex, Vinyl or Nitrile Exam Gloves

Latex Powder-Free Exam GlovesLatex Gloves

  • Comfortable
  • Highly durable and flexible
  • Best fit
  • High tactile sensitivity to touch
  • Preferred by surgeons
  • Not recommended for those with latex allergies
  • Mid-range barrier protection

Shop all Latex Gloves – Powder Free

Shop all Latex Gloves – Powdered

Vinyl Powder-Free Exam GlovesVinyl Gloves

  • Low cost, high value
  • Made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Standard barrier protection
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Latex-free
  • Less durable
  • Less tactile for sensitive work

Shop all Vinyl Gloves – Powder Free

Shop all Vinyl Gloves – Powdered

Invacare Nitrile Powder-Free Exam GlovesNitrile Gloves

  • Protein-free, latex free
  • High barrier protection
  • Chemical resistant
  • Puncture resistant

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Shop all Exam Gloves

Shop all Surgical Gloves

In a nutshell, you will be basing your glove decision on the task at hand, the level of protection you need, allergies and/or sensitivites, comfort, fit and cost. 

A Word About Latex Allergies

Healthcare workers and anyone with frequent exposure to latex are at the greatest risk for developing latex sensitivity and allergies.  Symptoms range from minor skin irritation or redness to respiratory problems.  Shock has been reported rare cases.  There is a big push by the healthcare industry to become latex-free to prevent further development of latex allergies.

Powdered vs. UnPowdered Gloves

Powder is used to lubricate the gloves, making them easier to put on your hands.  Cornstarch is used because it is non-irritating, however powder can impede healing if it gets into tissues so unpowdered gloves are the most popular choice among healthcare workers.  Special inner coatings on gloves have now replaced powder in many gloves, thus eliminating powder-related complications.

Caregivers have one of the hardest, yet most noble jobs in the world.  And when it comes to caregiving aids, Allegro Medical understands that even the simplest ones can have a major impact on the comfort, safety and independence of care giver and patient alike.  

In our 13 years in business Allegro has helped hundreds of thousands of caregivers with practical solutions to everyday struggles.  Let us help you.

Caregivers, below is a list of our most popular products designed to make your life easier  – and your loved one safe and comfy. 

Best  Caregiver Products


Grayson Reusable BedpadsBed Pads and Underpads – Life and laundry just got a lot less complicated with these machine washable and dry-able, reusable bed pads.  Absorbent layers protect against moisture from incontinence, spills or bed baths.  Allegro also offers convenient disposable underpads to protect beds, chairs, floors and car seats.  Great for pets and kids, too.

Shop all Incontinence Products

Have you seen the new Tena Ultra Thin Pads? Amazing.

See Best Bedridden Products

Alliance Hydraulic Patient Lift HE Alliance Hydraulic Patient Lift – Super affordable, stable and comfortable, Patient Lifts can be a caregivers dream. 

See all Alliance Patient Lifts

Shop all Hoyer Lifts and Slings

See the UpEasy Lifting Cushion

Beasy Board Trans Easy Transfer System Beasy Board Trans Easy Transfer System – With its frictionless “no lift” technology, patients are easily transferred from bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to automobile or bath bench, toilet, dining room chair, theatre seat . . . while reducing risk of injury to the lifter and the liftee.  Totally portable, this state-of-the-art Beasy Board can help get everyone around the house AND out of the house.

Shop all Transfer Boards

Ultimate Solution Comfortseat Ultimate Solution ComfortSeat – This ultimate personal hygiene device lets users care for themselves without assistance after going to the bathroom. Restores dignity to those who previously needed help from a caregiver. Replaces your existing toilet seat.  For travel, try the Portable Solution ComfortSeat Travel Bidet.

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Comfort Bath Rinse-Free Shampoo and Conditioner Cap Comfort Bath Rinse-Free Shampoo and Conditioner Cap – Complete, one-step hair care in a convenient, microwaveable cap.  No rinse, no mess.  Disposable, one time use.

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Deluxe Ambulation Gait Belt Deluxe Ambulation Gait Belt – More secure and comfortable than a traditional gait belt.  Gait belts are a must for caregivers to assist in ambulation and transfers from bed to chair.

Shop all Gait & Transfer Belts

Waterproof Mealtime Protectors - Full-length Bib Waterproof Mealtime Protectors – Full-length Bib – This adult-size bib makes for easy cleanup at mealtime.

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Shop all Daily Living Aids

Shop by Condition: Tube Feeding

Shop by Condition: Swallowing Disorder

BedCane Bed Rail BedCane Bed Rail – Provides sturdy support when getting in and out of bed.  Fantastic help for the caregiver when transfering someone from a wheelchair to the bed.

See all Bed Rails

See all Beds and Accessories

Drive Phoenix 3 Wheel Travel Mobility Scooter Phoenix 3-Wheel Travel Mobility Scooter – Sometimes a mobility scooter can be a caregiver’s best friend.  Independence for your loved one and a needed break for you.

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Caregivers, we would love to hear from you.  Feel free to share you experiences and the products that have helped you.  You are our heroes!

Take care and thanks for being part of the Allegro family of customers.