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Co-Owner Valerie Paxton and Director of Product Management Dave Williams of AllegroMedical.com are featured in this major television news story on Fox Channel 10 News in Phoenix on November 5th. The story is about Breast Cancer Awareness, where the donations go and the affect of pink products. See Dave Williams’ wife April’s moving account of her fight against breast cancer. I’m not sure how long the link will last, so catch it while you can!

Is Buying Pink Making a Difference?

Thanks to all of you who promote PINK. Every bit of awareness helps. Keep in mind that donations from the sale of Allegro’s Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Shower Chair and Pink 4 Wheeled Rollator go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help save lives by increasing awareness of breast cancer through education and by providing mammograms for those in need.

As always, we appreciate your support and your business. Have a great day!


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A year has passed since my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and I shared my personal thoughts with you. Click here to read my thoughts from last year. Today I am very happy to report that her treatments were successful. She is cancer free!

It was a bumpy road, but we are thankful for the results. After the diagnosis we had many meetings in the planning stage of the treatment. Her plan included lumpectomy surgery to remove the cancer cells. The tissue sample from the first lumpectomy indicated that there were cancer cells in the outer margins and would require additional surgery. Not the news we had hoped for and certainly a set back physically and emotionally. If waiting for the results from the first surgery was difficult then waiting for the results from the second could only be described as excruciating. Thankfully the follow up surgery was successful in getting the required margins so we were able to move to the next steps in treatment which is radiation therapy.

She was given a form of radiation known as Brachytherapy. Unlike whole breast surgery in which a beam of radiation is beamed over the entire breast for a short period of time daily over the period of 6-8 weeks, Brachytherapy uses radioactive pills inserted for minutes at a time directly into the lumpectomy area via catheters. This process is a bit more invasive due to the catheters through the breast, but only takes 5 days of treatments.

In many meetings and discussions with her doctors we learned that as little as 10 years ago the detection, treatment and prognosis for my wife would have been much different. The efforts to find a cure are working. There are many fine organizations and events that you can participate in to help find a cure or help others dealing with this disease. Every little bit helps.

Here are a couple of products to consider that are useful, stylish and provide support in the form of donations to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. They support breast cancer education and mammogram financial assistance for women that cannot otherwise afford this test.

  • $5 is donated for each pink and white shower chair sold
  • $10 is donated for each pink rollator sold
  • My message last year ended the same way I am ending it this year. I would like to finish this with a personal wish for the very best if you or a loved one is dealing with breast cancer. Remember that you are not alone! My thoughts and prayers are with you all. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month but unfortunately breast cancer doesn’t read the calendar. Remember to support the fight against breast cancer year round.

    David Williams, Director of Product Management

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    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Hello, my name is David Williams and I am the director of Product Management for Allegro Medical. Breast Cancer Awareness Month has a profound meaning for me personally this year as the person that means the most to me in the world was diagnosed with breast cancer in August. We are very fortunate in that this was detected very early during a routine mammogram. The particular type of cancer that she has is undetectable in a self evaluation and could have gone unnoticed for a long time. We are also very grateful that the prognosis for successful treatment is very good because of the type of cancer and the level and stage that it is at.

    Her experience has forced me to deal with the shock and pain associated with something that was completely unexpected. I can only imagine what this must be like for my wife or any other person dealing directly with this disease. My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to any women or men dealing with breast cancer. I would also like to make a comment to the family, friends and support groups that are there for people with this disease – thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, compassion, and well wishes. You have no idea what it means to know that you are there for us as we fight our way through this tangle of questions and emotions.

    It never occurred to me that my healthy wife would be dealing with something like this. She is young, physically fit, and has never smoked. I always thought of this as something that only happens to “other people”. My world has changed from the instant the first conversation occurred in which the dreaded “c-word” was mentioned. That moment on the phone with my wife is both a time that I will never forget and one that I will always try to forget. Questions and confusion instantly exploded in my mind – What does this mean? Why her? What’s next? Will she lose her hair? Does it hurt? Will it hurt? Is there more? Will I be strong enough to support her? What does she need from me right now? My mind was running while my mouth was trying to catch up and find the words to express the support her at that time.

    I also discovered that in this journey I have gone from having very little knowledge about breast cancer to having knowing more than ever which can help, confuse, and be often times frightening. The Internet has a tremendous amount of information available but I still found it helpful to work closely with the doctors and ask them every question I could think of. These discussions have helped us focus our research efforts and stay on the topic. It is almost like looking at it on a step-by-step basis for us to help keep us from getting too far out and getting overwhelmed.

    The encouraging news is that the efforts in early diagnosis and improved treatments have been advancing dramatically. Here is some information:

    The good news published by the American Cancer Society regarding breast cancer is that deaths from breast cancer have been declining since 1990. These decreases are due to early detection through screening, increased awareness and improved treatment.

    While Breast Cancer awareness, diagnosis and treatment have improved tremendously over the last few years there are some facts that everyone should also be aware of as published by the American Cancer Society

  • 1 in 8 women in the US will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime
  • Estimated 178,480 new cases of breast cancer are expected in 2007
  • Estimated 40,460 deaths are expected in 2007
  • Breast cancer is the most frequent diagnosed cancer in women and ranks 2nd among cancer deaths in women
  • The numbers are a bit staggering even with the good news that treatment is getting better and the survival rate is growing. To put it in perspective you or somebody you care about deeply is likely to be affected by breast cancer in your lifetime. As I said earlier, I never thought I would be dealing with anything like this.

    Here are some of the really helpful websites that we have been reading to find information. They all contain great information on many aspects of breast cancer. Many of the organizations listed below raise the money that supports research to find the cure. Others raise money to immediately help people with breast cancer. Please support them any way you can. Remember, every little bit helps.

    The American Cancer Society is great for information on all types of cancer. They have specific categories so that you can find detailed information on breast cancer. This includes health information, statistics and research. They also include information on how to become involved in support groups. There is much more information on this site to assist you in the management of your experience.

    The National Breast Cancer Foundation’s slogan is “help for today and hope for tomorrow”. They raise money for education and to provide mammograms for those who otherwise cannot afford these tests. The site also includes a great amount of innformation for coping with and understanding an initial diagnosis of breast cancer. This organization was founded by Janelle Hale who is a 26 year survivor.

    The Susan G Komen for the Cure was founded on the promise by Nancy Brinker to her dying sister Susan Koman that she would do everything in her power to end breast cancer forever. This mission of this organization is simply “One vision – a world without breast cancer”. The site includes valuable breast cancer information, facts, detection and screening information, treatment information, post treatment information, support, therapies, research and resources.

    Breastcancer.org slogan is “your lifeline for the best medical information about breast cancer”. This site contains lots of great information including details on symptoms and diagnosis, treatment and side effects, research news, recovery and renewal, support, and lowering your risk. This site was very informational while being easy to understand.

    We can all help find the cure. It is easy to participate in breast cancer fund raising events that support detection, treatment, and research. Donations to these organizations are always appreciated. There are many fund raising events that take place locally that support the cause. There are even products that you purchase that result in a portion of the proceeds being donated to various organizations.

    We at Allegro Medical have found some great products that are available which result in a portion of the proceeds being donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. These donations support breast cancer education and mammogram financial assistance for women that cannot otherwise afford this test.

  • Allegro Medical has teamed up with Soothsoft to offer an exclusive limited time offer of the Soothsoft Cool Care System Chillow Pak which includes an original Chillow and a ChillowDeluxe w/ 2-way cooling. A $5 donation will be made for each pak that is sold.
  • We also are happy to offer a pink and white shower chair which generates a $5 donation for each unit sold.
  • Here is a unique pink rollator with an embroidered pink ribbon in the seat which results in a $10 donation per rollator sold.
  • Please consider any or all of these great products if this is something that you or someone that you know may need. We are going to continue to look for more manufacturers and suppliers to partner with to raise money that will support the fight against breast cancer.

    Breast cancer and the treatments are unique as the people that are being treated. I have identified products that may be of benefit to those going though treatment. Some products are to help you heal and others are to help you be more comfortable. We will continue to add products to this category as we find new vendors and products. Please feel free to browse our Breast Cancer Awareness Month category on our website.

    I would like to finish this with a personal wish for the very best if you or a loved one is dealing with breast cancer. Remember that you are not alone! My thoughts and prayers are with you all. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month but unfortunately breast cancer doesn’t read the calendar. Remember to support the fight against breast cancer year round.


    David Williams,
    Director of Product Management,
    Allegro Medical