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Incontinence Protection Just for Men

HealthDri Men's Reusable Heavy Briefs Gentlemen, we know the last thing you want to discuss, or advertise, is your bladder weakness.  What you need are discreet products that work . . . every time.  And hey, if it’s any consolation, you’re not alone when it comes to incontinence.  An estimated 3.4 million men experience some form of bladder weakness or urine loss – and it is especially common among men with prostate issues or other medical conditions. 

Over the years, we’ve put together a full line of tried-and-tested incontinence protection just for men.  We understand that discretion, protection and comfort are of vital importance to you.  These products are specially designed products to fit the male anatomy; have excellent absorbency and retention; and combat odors. 

Whether your bladder weakness is very light or extremely heavy, temporary or chronic, Allegro has the perfect incontinence product for you.

 Male Incontinence Protection Products

TENA for Men Incontinence Pads - Very Light to Moderate Absorbency TENA for Men – Very light to Moderate Absorbency – Model 50600 

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HealthDri Men's Reusable Heavy Briefs HealthDri Men’s Reusable Heavy Briefs – Light Absorbency – Model BH 


Light & Dry Underwear for Men Light & Dry Underwear for Men – Light Absorbency – Model 67900 

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Depend Guards for Men Depend Guards for Men – Light to Moderate Incontinence – Model 10699 

Shop all Kimberly Clark Depend  


Attends Guards for Men - Unisize Attends Guards for Men – Light Incontinence – Model MG0400 

Shop all Attends Incontinence 



Kendall SureCare Guards for Men - Super Absorbency Kendall SureCare Guards for Men – Light to Moderate Incontinence, Super Absorbency – Model 23246  

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Prevail Male Guards  Prevail Male Guards – Light, Moderate or Heavy Incontinence –  Models PV-811 and PV-812  

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TENA Men Protective Underwear - Super Plus Absorbency TENA Men Protective Underwear – Heavy Incontinence – Models 81780 and 81920

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Sir Dignity Washable Brief with Built-In Protective Pouch Sir Dignity Washable Brief with Built-In Protective Pouch – Designed to hold incontinence pad or liner (sold separately) – Models 30213, 30214, 30212 and 30211  


Dignity Washable Men's Boxer with Built-In Protective PouchDignity Washable Men’s Boxer with Built-In Protective Pouch – Designed to hold incontinence pad or liner (sold separately) – Models 30313, 30312 and 30314   


Shop all Hartmann USA Dignity   

Adjustable Cunningham Clamp - NonsterileAdjustable Cunningham Clamp – Controls stress incontinence without a pad – Models 004054, 004053, 004052  

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If you’re looking for heavier incontinence protection, check out our unisex Adult  Diapers category.  To see everything, shop our entire Incontinence Category or Shop by Condition: Incontinence.

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