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If you are experiencing heel pain when you take your first steps after getting out of bed in the morning or sitting for an extended period of time, talk to your doctor about plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis (fashee-EYE-tiss) occurs when your plantar fascia, the ligament that provides support to your foot arch, becomes strained and swollen. Therefore, pain is felt in the bottom of your foot or heel when you walk or stand, especially in the morning. You might notice the pain subside the more you move your feet; unfortunately, your feet will hurt as you continue on throughout the day.1

Treatment for plantar fasciitis varies per individual.  AllegroMedical.com suggests the following tips to help you reduce foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis:

  1. If it hurts don’t do it. Try performing activities that won’t aggravate your foot pain. If you run for exercise switch to swimming or water aerobics. Avoid walking or running on hard surfaces.
  2. Ice your heel to reduce pain and swelling.
  3. Prior to getting out of bed in the morning do a few toe and calf stretches.
  4. Get shoes with good arch support and shock absorption to cushion your heel or foot.
  5. Buy heel cups for both shoes and night splints.

Tuli Heavy Duty Heel Cups are known for superior shock-absorption.  They are excellent for use in athletic shoes and work boots.

This is the best move I could have made for heel comfort and support. I am a police officer in a big city and I am on my feet a lot. I also have recently gotten heel spurs on my left foot, very painful. The Tuli heavy futy gel heel cup has made all the difference. No more pain when I am on patrol..”

Review by AllegroMedical.com customer, kmack from long island new york



Cool Stretch™ – Night Splint is an effective splint for treating plantar fasciitis.  The Cool Stretch™ offers cold therapy and passive stretch capability.



“Used nightly, the foot does not have a chance for the tendons to tighten up and cause pain the next morning.”

-Review by AllegroMedical.com customer, Mary Ann from Destin, Florida



According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain with approximately 2 million patients treated annually.  Nonsurgical treatments like the ones suggested above will show significant pain improvement within 10 months of beginning treatment for more than 90% of patients. 2

AllegroMedical.com has been providing orthopedics/orthotics and medical equipment to help individuals with orthopedic pain since 1997. Always consult your physician if you are experiencing plantar fasciitis symptoms to rule out more serious conditions.


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2 http://orthoinfo.aaos.org/topic.cfm?topic=a00149


NPR reports that Medicare has listed 97 hospitals that people are less likely to suffer complications and 95 hospitals that have higher readmission rates or significant setbacks.

The analysis is an effort of Medicare to push for better health care. Many of the hospitals on the list of higher complications have complained that the study spanned 2009-2012 and that they have fixed many of the problems since.

The “worst” hospitals in terms of complications and people being readmitted are listed below:
View the entire list of the “best” hospitals: HERE

View the entire list of “worst” hospitals: HERE

According to WebMD, the following tips make recovering from a joint replacement easier.
• Stair climbing should be kept to a minimum of no more than once a day.
• Avoid reclining chairs. A good stiff backed chair is always best.
• Pick up all throw rugs.
• Keep energetic pets away.

Post-operative care and having the correct medical equipment can aid in a healthy recovery from any surgery. Shop AllegroMedical.com for a large selection and low prices on daily living aids and other joint replacement medical supplies.

Tired of freezing your buns off at the bus stop? Sick of shivering your way through Wintertime? You’re not alone. Today we’re looking at must-have products to survive the chilly times in warmth and comfort. With any of these products, you can enjoy the frostiest outdoor adventures and stay warm and toasty too.

GSeat Ultra Portable Gel Seat Cushion GSeat Ultra Portable Gel Seat Cushion
Add some cushion for your tush with this great portable Gel Seat Cushion that adds just enough insulation and comfort to soften the hardest stadium seat. Only 3.5lbs. and just 2 inches think. Use it indoors or out, at church, your car a concert or camping.
Allegro has everything from wheelchair cushions, travel cushions to hunting cushions and Kayak Cushions. See all
Cold Condition Glove
Designed to protect your hands from cold weather but allow for a high level of dexterity, these multi-purpose cold weather gloves are a must-have for your glove box, tool box or back pack. Use them for clearing snow, changing a tire, or keeping your hands warm at the stadium. Wicking material wicks away perspiration. Breathable, but resists water and oil. Non-slip reinforcements on palm and fingers for enhanced grip and abrasion-resistance. Neoprene at the cuff and knuckle. Machine washable.
Grabber Foot Warmers – 30 Day Supply
Say goodbye to frigid feet with this 30 day supply of tootsie toasters by Grabber. These foot warmer inserts slide into your shoes and provide 5 hours of soothing warmth. Great for the ski slopes, arthritis or working outside in the cold.
Spa-N-A-Box Portable Spa
Nothing warms you better than a nice relaxing spa. Own your own bubbling, whirling spa at a fraction of the cost of a traditional hot tub. Put it together in less time than it takes to whip up a batch of margaritas and without tools to boot. Plugs into a regular household outlet. Seats 4 to 5 people. Great gift for the family. Use it indoors or outdoors, on your patio or deck, in your condo or apartment, lakehouse, cabin or boat!
Bed Buddy Foot Warmers with Aromatherapy –
Microwave the reusable scent pack for a minute and put them back in the fleece fabric boots for an hour of moist heat and warm feet! The lightly fragranced pack emit soothing scents of clove, cinnamon and eucalyptus. For cold hands, add the Bed Buddy Hand Warmers or get everything, including the sinus pack in the Bed Buddy Heat Therapy Kit.
NatraCure Heat Therapy Mittens
A great solution for relief from arthritis, ache stiff, hands or treatment of RSIs. One size fits most. Washable and reusable. Lightly scented. Disperses moisturizing mineral oils and Vitamin E to hydrate and nourish your skin. Choose your favorite aroma or use unscented. Microwave for 25 to 30 seconds to warm. Use up to 3 times daily.
Bed Warmer
Use the Bed Warmer anywhere you want to warm your bed. Placed at the bottom of the bed under the sheets, the Battle Creek Bed Warmer warms your legs and feet rather than the whole bed. Or, position warmth exactly where it feels best! Costs less to operate than an electric blanket.
Arthritis Gloves
Soft, breathable cotton lycra will make you want to wear these gloves day and night. The mild compression and warmth helps increase circulation and promote healing of arthritic, achy, painful, stiff hands. Great for working around the house, on the computer or in the garden to keep your hands warm but your fingers free to feel, touch and grip. The open fingers make it possible to use your tablet and smartphone without taking them off. The gripping dots ensure that hot cup of coco doesn’t slip away.
Toasty Toes Personal Heater
At home or in the office, the Toasty Toes Personal Heater – Deluxe Ergonomic Footrest keeps feet warm, happy and comfortable. This “deluxe” footrest is thermostatically controlled to heat your feet and legs to the perfect temperature. Use in the office, study, basement, garage, porch, or craft room. Works seated or standing as the footrest fold flat. Versatile, three position design works the way you do. The 6 foot cord plugs into any 110v outlet and this must-have foot warmer uses less electricity than a lightbulb.
See all Cozy Heater Products
Indoor or Outdoor Relief from Cold
Grabber Peel-n-Stick Adhesive Body Warmers – Standard equipment for anyone who enjoys outdoor winter time activities. Widely used for soothing cold, sore joints and muscles as a result of Arthritis, Raynaud’s, Lupus, Scleroderma, Fibromyalgia or just poor circulation. 40 portable heating pads per box, one time use, disposable. Warms for 12+ hours. For cold feet and cold hands, use Grabber’s Foot Warmers and Grabber’s Hand Warmers. Get a case and divide them up for stocking stuffers or gifts for your team members and friends.

Visit us at www.AllegroMedical.com to learn more about these and other great cold weather relief products.

For more than 15 years, AllegroMedical.com has been the leading online distributor of home health and wellness products. Rely on Allegro Medical for all of your diabetic supplies and other health needs.

You suffer from osteoarthritis and your knee pain is unbearable. After years of limited mobility and the inability to maintain an active lifestyle, you agree to have an orthopedic surgeon examine your knee. The surgeon determines you are a good candidate for a Total Knee Replacement (TKR). Most patients undergoing TKR are 50 to 80 years of age. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons a reduction of knee pain is experienced by more than 90% of TKR patients. Additionally, basic activities of daily living significantly improved.1 Preparation for your joint replacement will help ease the stress of major surgery. AllegroMedical.com provides 3 Tips to help you prepare for your Total Knee Replacement Surgery.

1.    Identify Your Support Team

2.    Prepare Your Body

3.    Make Your Home Safe

 Identify Your Support Team

Who will care for you after you are released from the hospital? If you do not have a caregiver at home you will need to arrange for care in a rehabilitation facility. Establish an individual for driving you to and from appointments. Utilize a medical transport service if you don’t have a caregiver to drive you to appointments. Make sure your caregiver attends pre-op appointments and clearly understands the expectations required to keep you safe and healthy.

Prepare Your Body

During your evaluation with your doctor discuss your current lifestyle, medications and dietary supplements you are taking. If you smoke cigarettes your doctor will advise you to stop. Smoking increases your risks for complications and will extended your recovery time.   Smoking specifically is linked to delays in wound healing from surgical procedures.2  If you drink your doctor will likely recommend no alcohol 48 hours prior to your procedure. Additionally, you may be asked to stop taking dietary supplements or other medications one or two weeks prior to surgery.3 Practice your post-op therapy exercises prior to surgery to give you confidence and build the foundation for a successful therapy program.

Make Your Home Safe

Once you are home from surgery daily living tasks become challenging. Preparing your home in advance will allow you a safe and more independent recovery period. Set-up a “Healing Center” in your home for your recovery. In the “Healing Center” you will want bottled water, facial tissue, hand lotion, lip balm, waste basket, reading glasses, pen and paper, remote control and reacher. Include items that will keep you mentally occupied such as your favorite magazine, book, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, iPad, Kindle, and Television.

Raised Toilet Seat

Raised Toilet Seat


Modify your bathroom to include durable medical equipment like grab bars, shower chair with hand held shower, and raised toilet seat.Getting on and off the toilet without hurting your operated knee is risky business without a raised toilet.   Practice using a walker or rollator in your home to make sure you can fit through the bedroom and bathroom doors. The last thing you need after surgery is a surprise that you won’t be able to sleep in your bed or use your bathroom. If you find you can’t fit through these areas set-up a temporary sleeping quarters, you might need to move your bed into the living room and use a bedside commode for toileting. Pick up any unsecured throw rugs and clutter that will put you at risk for falls.



Since 1997 Allegro Medical has been a leading supplier of medical equipment and medical supplies.  If you are scheduled for knee replacement surgery  rely on AllegroMedical.com for all of your bathroom assists, daily living aids, and mobility equipment to keep you safe and independent during or after your recovery.


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3 http://orthoinfo.aaos.org/topic.cfm?topic=A00220



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Tom Hanks was being interviewed by David Letterman when he told the audience that his doctor said that he graduated from having high blood sugar to type 2 diabetes. Mr. Hanks said that he has had high blood sugar since his mid 30’s. He said that he and his doctor were managing it through diet and exercise and that he is feeling great.

Type 2 diabetes was once known as non-insulin dependent diabetes and accounts for 90-95% of the diabetics in the US. Type 2 diabetes is rare among children and occurs in older adults. One of the most common causes of type 2 diabetes is being overweight. It can cause very serious health conditions including heart disease and stroke.

AllegroMedical.com has been serving the diabetic community since 1996 and has the largest selection on diabetic meters, test strips and diabetic supplies. Rely on Allegro Medical for all of your diabetic and home health and wellness supply needs.

The Journal of American Medical Association has raised the systolic number for people over 60 to 150/90.
CNN reports that after 30 years of the goal being set at 140/90 there was overwhelming evidence that the number should be raised for older adults.  Nobody knows exactly how many people this will affect, but it is suspected that millions of people will no longer need or qualify for blood pressure medication.

The panel called the Eighth Joint National Committee decided that it was increasingly difficult to lower the blood pressure of a person who is over 60 even with medication and it is not conclusive that it would increase life expectancy.
People under 60 are not affected by this change.
High blood pressure is a serious medical condition that can cause heart attacks, stroke or even death.
Shop AllegroMedical.com for a large selection and low prices on blood pressure monitors and other medical supplies.

The winter season is in full force across much of the country. The blizzard cold weather along with the constant snow fall makes it tough on people with medical conditions. Don’t worry about the weather.  Allegro Medical has what you need to make your winter season less of a hassle and more of a small nuisance. Here are some helpful items that are both unique and will make your life easier this winter season.

Here are 4 items to lower your frustration this winter season:


Cane Ice Grip –Never feel worried about slipping or falling on an icy or snowy surface again. These winter hazards occur in any situation such as a walk to grab the newspaper, a trip to the movies, or a visit to the grocery store.  These falls can lead to a variety of injuries from cuts to broken bones and the elderly aren’t the only ones susceptible to these injuries.  The two most common injuries are twisted and broken ankles and broken pelvises 1. This one of a kind attachment has been made to help prevent these injuries and fits on any cane or crutch sized from 5/8” to 1” in diameter.

“I have been on crutches for 9 months now and I feel far more secure with the ice grips on the tips. We have a lot of ice and snow here and this product allows me access to outside when the need arises”

by Designer from Massachusetts


Fatso Tires Fatso Tire – Tired of getting stuck in deep snow in your wheelchair? This all terrain tire is designed to fit on most wheelchairs. The Fatso wheel assembly will enable you to take your existing wheelchair and turn it into an off road vehicle. These tires are great for the snow as you will glide over effortlessly making your mobility issues a thing of the past. Live in the mountains and have daily snowfalls? Live by a beach and would like to enjoy the water up close? Live in the desert and would like to venture off the beaten path? These tires will do you justice to expand your freedom in unfriendly wheelchair mobility situations.



Medical Sheepskin Wheelchair Seat Cover

Sheepskin Wheelchair Products – Through my travels through the cold winters I have seen wheelchair users out in the harsh cold temperatures. I always ask myself what is keeping them warm from the cold winter chill? Many wheelchairs only come equipped with a thin leather or poly/vinyl seat so this is a access point for the cold weather to penetrate one in a wheelchair. Sheepskin seat covers have excellent insulating properties which will keep your body warm and your behind comfortable.  Sheepskin chair covers have more benefits than just staying warm. For those with allergies, sheepskin is considered by the medical profession to be hypoallergenic 2.  Also one can be susceptible to pressure ulcers while sitting in a wheelchair 3. Pressure on the skin reduces blood flow to the area and without enough blood, the skin will die. Testing at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and the CSIRO Textile and Fibre Technology Leather Research Centre confirmed the advantages of medical sheepskin in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers 4.



Spa2Go – Stay warm anywhere this winter with the Spa2Go inflatable and portable whirlpool spa. This spa is fast and simple to set up for you and three of your friends. This unit includes micro air jets which provides a relaxing massage and is perfect for those suffering from arthritis, chronic pain, knee problems, back pain and fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia specifically affects 1% to 5% of women and characterized by chronic widespread of pain 5. Spas are perfect to help reduce these pains and have a nice relaxing experience in the any season but especially in winter.


“We have had our Spa2Go for almost 5 years and love it. We use ours mostly in the winter, the heater is wonderful and the hot water is great for aching muscles. I would recommend this to anyone.”
Happyspa from Kansas  

Make your winter season more enjoyable by getting equipped with the winter proper gear. Allegro Medical has been serving all your winter medical needs since 1997.

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Being disabled in today’s society hasn’t been easier with a transfer aid. There are countless options for transferring a loved one or yourself in those hard to get at places. Transfer aids are used for many different activities such as getting into a car, using the restroom, taking a bath, and moving into a chair. If a person is able to bear some of their own weight for a short amount of time, there are various products to assist in transferring between two locations 1. Transfer boards are meant to bear the full weight of the person and are designed to be smooth for easy motion 2. As with any medical equipment, careful professional assessment to the individual situation is recommended to ensure that the most proper choice is made.

The first types of transfer aids are wooden boards which are commonly used to move oneself to boardand from a wheelchair to another chair or bed. These wooden boards are the most common because they come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. Typically made of multiply wood, these boards have been fabricated with smooth surface to provide a quick and effortless transfer. Each of the ends have a tapered effect so you can slide the boards under oneself with ease and the slim ends ensure a comfortable movement on and off the board. AllegroMedical.com offers these types of transfer boards from trusted brands such as Drive Medical, Mabis, Invacare, Beasy Boards, Sammons Preston and more!

“This product works great transferring my quadriplegic husband from bed to wheelchair. It certainly saves some stress on my back.” Anon from Harrisburg, PA


The next type of transfer boards are the modified glide transfer boards. These boards serve the same function as the wooden boards but have some new technology built in. The board has a glide system that makes the movement effortless by moving along the friction less surface. These boards have been designed so that no lifting is required which reduces the physical strain on the patient and caregiver. These modified transfer boards also come in different shapes to remedy those hard transfer situations. A benefit of having the curved board is when one is transferring from a wheelchair because the arm is not removable and the wheel can be an obstacle.


The last type of short distance transfer aids are the custom transfer aids. These custom products are generally seen in the restroom and used for moving into the shower or toilet. With adjustable legs you can match it to your restroom needs by raising or lowering its height to meet your tub, chair, and toilet. These aids are self standing and more of a semi-permanent fixture since one will need it every visit to the restroom. Having a built in back makes using the shower easy as well. No need to struggle in the restroom anymore! There are hybrids of these which feature the rotating glide as seen earlier along with the smooth surface for effortless transferring.

Since 1997 Allegro Medical has been a leading supplier of mobility transfer aids and medical equipment to healthcare providers and consumers.  If you are having troubles with your mobility rely on AllegroMedical.com for all of your mobility and transferring needs.



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