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Diabetes is a common medical condition that affects millions of people of all ages, all over the world. Many of the people who have diabetes are not even aware of their condition. Most people discover it when they go to their healthcare provider for a different reason. There is no cure for diabetes as of yet, but ways exist to manage it.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy body, it is essential that you develop good nutrition habits. Eating healthy food, taking vitamins, or doing exercise is not going to be helpful if you only do it once in a while. Instead, you should develop long-term habits. Making healthy lifestyle choices a regular part of your routine is the best way to make sure that your body is operating at its fullest potential.

Keeping your body healthy and your immune system strong is the simplest and most obvious way to ward off diseases like diabetes, but there are more specific steps that can be taken as well. Reducing the amount of sugar that you eat and drink is the best way to reduce the chances of getting diabetes. If you drink soda on a regular basis, it may be a good idea to reduce the amount you drink, saving it for a special treat.

Staying hydrated is a part of living a healthy lifestyle that is often overlooked. Drinking plenty of water every day is crucial for many reasons, and maintaining proper hydration will help to fend off diabetes by flushing toxins out of your body, keeping your digestive system working properly, and will help everything to run smoother in general (1). Next time you are thinking of having a can of soda, reach for a water bottle instead!

Your eating and drinking habits are going to play a pivotal role in determining whether you will get diabetes. If you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, you will still have time to change your habits and prevent type 2 diabetes. However, not everyone is fortunate to be able to be diagnosed in time. Now is the time to start basing your diet around vegetables, fruits, and low-fat meats. An occasional treat is fine, but avoiding junk food whenever possible will go a long way in determining your health.

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you will need to manage your expenses on supplies to monitor and test your blood sugar. Finding a reliable source of quality supplies at affordable prices will be important. For over 15 years, Allegro Medical is committed to providing every customer with the opportunity to buy quality diabetic supplies at reasonable rates. Rely on AllegroMedical.com for your diabetic and other home health and wellness supplies.

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As the fitness industry continues to grow it is becoming ever more important to take care of your body with proper recovery. Not only sleep and nutrition is necessary but giving the appropriate attention to your muscles they deserve. There are a lot of products out there that are inexpensive and will give your muscles the benefit of deep tissue work. This process is called SMR or Self-Myofacial Release.



Foam rollers are perfect for “rolling out” your muscles includes the quads, hamstrings, triceps, and calves. These help your muscles by returning them and your soft tissue to their native form. Further, by regaining the normal state, range of motion is improved as well as overall performance.1 For best results it is recommended to use a high density foam roller like the Cando®.

General guidelines for using these rollers are2:

1)      Make sure to hold each position for 1-2 minutes.

2)      If pain is present go ahead an rest on the painful area for 30-45 seconds.

  1. This stimulates tendons to reduce muscle tension

3)      If you continue to roll over the pain it could increase tightness

Below are suggested exercises 2:

IT Band: While on your side, raise yourself up as if in a side plank. Place the roller under the bottom leg, bend the top leg and bring it in front for support. Be sure the head is neutral- ears aligned with your shoulders. Begin rolling just below the hips and down the lateral thigh.


 Hamstring: Place the roller under the hamstrings. You can cross your legs to increase leverage and roll from the knee towards to back hip. Keep your quads tight.

Quadriceps: Position yourself stomach down and roller under the quads. While maintaining proper control of your core, roll from the pelvic bone to the knee.



Another great tool is a lacrosse ball to really work the knots. What sets a ball apart from the roller is the ability to work lower back muscles like the Serratus and upper back like the Trapezius. Allegro

Medical carries the FitBALL Spiky Balls designed with sensory points to help encourage stimulation.

It should be noted that when doing SMR it will be painful especially if you had an intense workout. However, the benefits far outweigh the discomfort.


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intermittent catheter can cause cancer

In the spinal cord injury (SCI) population bladder cancer incidence is around 3% versus the less than 1% in the general population.  Although bladder cancer typically is 100 times more likely in SCI individuals, it is still rather uncommon.  Survivors of spinal cord injury have more concerns with complications of pressure sores, kidney failure and spinal cord cysts.  The risk of bladder cancer increases with the use of a “foley” or “indwelling” catheter or even a suprapubic catheter.  The main culprit for bladder cancer is bladder irritation.  Recurrent or frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs) or bladder infections, repeat bladder stones, and irritation resulting from catheters are known bladder irritants.  Consult your doctor about your risk of developing bladder cancer if you use catheters especially foley or suprapubic.  Your urologist can inspect your bladder, which is recommended around 5 years after your SCI. 1,2

What intermittent catheters contain known carcinogens?

Most catheters contain the plasticizer di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP).  This chemical is listed by the State of California as a known carcinogen.3 with potential for increased incidence of cancer and reproductive harm.  Catheters not produced by Cure Medical may contain DEHP and BPA (bisephenol A).   BPA has been around since the 1960′s and until recently was a chemical used in almost all hard plastics and epoxy resins which are the linings inside cans and food containers.4  Today it is common practice to see BPA-free labeling in baby bottles and formula, plastic containers, and food packaging.  In fact, the FDA recently amended the food additive regulations regarding infant formula and packaging because of the BPA-free changes in industry practice.5   It only makes sense that other industries will follow suit and provide BPA-free products in the production of catheters.

Cure Medical boasts it  “is the first and only company to manufacture all of its products without DEHP, a known carcinogen, without latex, a common allergen, and without BPA.”  Cure catheters were designed to provide a quality product that is DEHP, BPA, and latex free.  Additionally, they are always smooth, fire-polished eyelets making for a gentler catheterization experience.  Users can see and feel the difference.6

Cure Coude and Straight Tip Intermittent Catheters
Cure Coude and Straight Tip Intermittent Catheters


Cure Medical Catheters are available from AllegroMedical.com.  We are here to help provide you with medical supplies and medical equipment to help you stay healthy and live an active and independent life.



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Civil War Era Medical Supplies

There is no way to predict what may happen to a person’s health. Many medical conditions can be debilitating, making it difficult to be able to do everyday tasks that were once simple. Just aging naturally will present many new challenges. It is common for many with medical issues not to realize the number products and solutions that can improve quality life, increase independence and mobility. For example, someone who has arthritis may find it difficult to turn their lamp on or off. However, buying a basic large knob that clamps on the small twisting switch will allow for much easier turning. This is a very simple, inexpensive product, but it can make a world of difference for those who need it.

Getting in and out of bed can be a struggle for those with back problems or for the elderly. Falling out of the bed can also be a serious problem. If a person is immobile, it can be very difficult to recover after falling out of the bed, especially if there is nobody around to assist them. To combat both of these problems, many people will add a handrail to their bed. Again, this is a simple addition that will help to prevent falls and also allow the owner to have something to hold when easing in or out of bed.

One important item that anyone who is prone to falling or who lacks mobility should always have is a medical alert system. These small devices can be worn around the neck, and usually have some sort of button on them that will alert an emergency service if there is any sort of problem. If a person falls down and cannot get back up, or if they are having a medical problem and can’t get to a phone this handy device can save a life.1

There are plenty of other supplemental products that can greatly improve a person’s quality of life. AllegroMedical.com has an extensive inventory of daily living aids at reasonable prices. Allegro’s website is easy to navigate, allowing anyone to comfortably browse and find new products that they may not have known about otherwise. There are also customer reviews and product descriptions that will help the buyer to get a good feel for what they can expect in terms of quality and function.

By providing each and every customer with quality customer service, guaranteed quality products, and low prices that fit into the budget, Allegro Medical has earned their reputation as leaders in online availability of home health and wellness supplies and daily living aids. Rely on AllegroMedical.com for a wide selection of daily living aids and other home health and wellness supplies.


(1) – http://www.elderlyalertdevices.com/

Incontinence bladder

There’s no two ways about it, urinary incontinence is no fun. Thankfully, those who do suffer from this, all-to-common condition can take steps that will help live an independent and active life. Plenty of products and treatments exist in the market today that can help people to discretely manage incontinence.

The first step may be to admit that there is an issue. It can become easy to isolate yourself from your friends, family, and loved ones. Many times, incontinence can be a side-effect of a more serious condition, so it is essential that you take steps to look into a solution.(1) If you are experiencing incontinence, it is important to visit a healthcare professional as soon as possible. It may be embarrassing, but doctors deal with incontinence issues on a daily basis, so there is no reason to feel shame when admitting that you share a condition with millions of other Americans.

There are many causes of incontinence. For some, it is just part of aging. Men may have prostate problems that contribute to incontinence. Women may experience leakage after childbirth. Obesity is one of the most common reasons for incontinence, which can be reduced or even eliminated by simply changing your diet and exercising more frequently. Stress incontinence often happens when a person sneezes, coughs, or laughs, so it may be possible to manage it by first realizing what is causing the accidents. An overactive bladder can cause urge incontinence, which is defined by a sudden urgency to urinate before it happens.(2)

At the doctor’s appointment, you can expect them to ask detailed questions about your lifestyle to try and determine what exactly the root of the incontinence is. It is important that you provide honest information and work with the doctor to figure out the problem. Determining the reason for incontinence can involve some careful detective work, so it is important that you give the physician as much pertinent information as possible. Even seemingly, unrelated medical issues, can actually play a major role.

The doctor may also do blood or urine tests to determine if there is an infection or any sort of abnormality that is causing accidents. Once the cause has been determined, the healthcare provider will usually be able to recommend a proper course of action which may include exercises, supplements, lifestyle changes, and any number of other suggestions that may reduce the frequency of incontinence, and sometimes even stop it altogether.

If you are still experiencing incontinence after medical treatment, you will want to purchase products like adult diapers, bed pads, and other items that will help to keep accidents discreet and manageable.

For more than 15 years, AllegroMedical.com has been the leading online distributor of home health and wellness products. Rely on Allegro Medical for all of your incontinence and other health supplies.

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