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Spinal Cord Injury Sailing(CNN) – For many people with spinal cord injuries, keeping fit is tough. Exercises and rehabilitation don’t always help patients maintain strength. But now new programs are being designed to give these patients outlets that provide movement and stimulation, not only for the body but for the mind.

Five years ago, John McVey fell from a ladder, crushing his spine and is now permanently paralyzed from the waist down.

“My paralysis is not straight across, it’s angled, so I have no use of my abdominal muscles on this side and some use on the other side,” he said.

McVey found his wheelchair confining; he was losing muscle strength, and wanted to get stronger.

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Incontinence Image Father DaughterToday’s trends in Incontinence Products are aimed at removing the traditional social stigmas that accompany adult incontinence.  Although it is estimated that over 25 million American’s suffer from Urinary Incontinence, with as many as 4 in every 5 affected being women, social norms remain the biggest factor in the reporting and delayed treatment of incontinence. Most sufferers wait years before discussing any bladder control symptoms with their physician and even longer to begin using incontinence products.

Companies like Depend are making a concerted effort at breaking through the social stigmas that accompany incontinence by using a combination of network television advertising and celebrity endorsement to bring new and innovative incontinence products to market.  Not just adult diapers, Depend is leading with products that more closely resemble protective underwear that are indistinguishable under everyday clothing.  The Silhouette for Women from Depend was debuted on a commercial during the Oscar awards in 2011.  Days of our Lives actress, Lisa Rinna, is stopped on the red carpet in the commercial and asked to try on a pair of Depend Silhouettes.  As a champion for women’s positive self-image, Lisa’s product endorsement is aimed at raising awareness and showing women that something like the Silhouette can ensure confidence.  Lisa’s effort simultaneously supports the non-profit organization, Dress for Success® Worldwide.

Men as well are stepping forward in support of new incontinence products that, also, can be worn like men’s briefs and help guys stay active after prostate surgery, which oftentimes, results in urinary incontinence.  Football stars, Clay Matthews, Wess Welker and DeMarcus Ware all showed their support for the V Foundation for Cancer Research by trying on the Depend product, Real Fit for Men, an incontinence brief that looks, feels and fit like real underwear. The biggest change in the product is that it’s been designed more like underwear than a diaper.  From the soft, cloth-like fabric to the finished waistband, the Real Fit for Men brief, is discrete and hardly looks different then regular underwear even when worn under more tailored cloths.

With more and more products like Silhouette for Women and Real Fit for Men hitting the market, those with incontinence are no longer restricted in their daily lives and activities by the bulky, uncomfortable adult diapers of the past.  As the media and respected celebrities and professional athletes continue to endorse incontinence products we are sure to see even more developments and innovation.

foot careIt’s nearly time to get your toes out!  Anytime is a good time for proper foot care, but nothing screams HEALTHY louder than a pair of well-groomed feet sporting summer sandals. 

Pretty feet may be born, but they go south quickly without attention.  And even if you’re not the sandal type, you’ll feel better year-round if your feet are clean, smooth and pain-free. 

Routine pedicures are key.  A small investment in at-home pedicure products saves money and allows personal pampering on your schedule.  And don’t forget between-pedi care.  A nightly slathering of foot cream is both refreshing and therapeutic.  Get started on your path to beautiful feet today!  Gentlemen, this means you too. 

First, get comfy in a 100% Bamboo Robe and lay out your Terry or Waffle Weave Slippers.

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