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Tuli Cheetah Ankle Support with Heel Cup Do your feet hurt? 

It’s no wonder that foot pain and injury is so common with those 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments in each foot. 

Allegro has a wide assortment of products to cure, remove or at least relieve foot pain caused by trauma, disease or both.  So raise your fallen arches, swap your heel spurs for real spurs and let’s take a look at what might fix you up.  

Most Popular Foot Pain Relief Products

Tuli Heavy Duty Heel Cups Tuli Heavy Duty Heel Cups – The most advanced shock-absorbing heel cups available.  Twice as thick as Classic Heel Cups (also very popular), these heavy duty cups are perfect in athletic shoes or more spacious lace-up shoes.  Ideal for heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, severs disease, achillies tendinitis, shin splints and knee and back pain.

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Superfeet Performance Green Insoles Superfeet Performance Green Insoles – Long-lasting comfort for all of your activities.  Designed primarily for footwear with a removable sole, the Superfeet Green Insoles are ideal for skiing, snowboarding, running, hiking and walking.  Provides maximum balance, support and shock absorption. 

Shop all SuperFeet Insoles for women, men, athletic shoes, work boots, cowboy boots, winter shoes, ski boots, high heels … everything!

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DH Offloading Post-Op Shoe DH Offloading Post-Op ShoeSuper popular, this post-surgery shoe reduces shear, eliminates pressure points, absorbs shock and accommodates bulky dressings.  The perfect solution for effective offloading of diabetic foot ulcers and other plantar wound conditions.  Suited for the ambulatory and compliant patient for 1 to 4 months.

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RollerAid Knee Walker with Swiveling Front Wheels RollerAid Knee Walker with Swiveling Front Wheels – When recovering from below-the-knee injuries, this nifty invention acts as a painless alternative for crutches.  Conserve your energy, free up your hands, reduce pain and provide stability with a Knee Walker!

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Form Fit Night Splint Form Fit Night Splint – Relieve symptoms of plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, achilles tendonitis and other lower extremity overuse injuries.  Alleviates pain in the arch and heel area by gently stretching the plantar fascia and achilles tendon.  By increasing this flexibility, you reduce the likelihood of further strain or tearing, and enhance the healing process.  Wear it while you sleep!

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Diabetic Crew Socks Diabetic Crew Socks – Soft socks at a great price – no binding or sagging and with minimal compression.  Made in the USA of 90% cotton and 10% polyester. Ideal for people with diabetes, neuropathy, circulatory problems and edema.  Super popular.

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Kerasal Callus Removal Cleansing Pads - 10 ct Kerasal Callus Removal Cleansing Pads – Works on the toughest calluses, plus reduces the chance of infection.  These special callus pads have an abrasive side for softening and a built-in cleanser for disinfecting.  Use it, and throw it away!

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Shop our Foot Care Category for products to take care of bunions, corns, callouses, fungus, hammertoes, diabetic feet, warts and all.

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When to See Your Doctor for Foot Pain: Call your doc if you have sudden severe pain, a recent injury, redness or swelling, open sores or ulcers on your foot, foot pain combined with newly diagnosed diabetets/peripheral vascular disease, or if you don’t respond to self-care within 1 to 2 weeks.

Happy shopping, happy feet!

Depend Protective Underwear for Men Gentlemen, if it’s any consolation, you’re not alone when it comes to bladder weakness.  An estimated 3.4 million men experience some form of urine loss – and it is especially common among men with prostate issues or other medical conditions.  And we know the last thing you want to advertise, or discuss, is your incontinence. What you need are discreet products that work . . . no matter what.

On par with discretion, we understand that protection and comfort are of vital importance to you.  That’s why we’ve put together a full line of tried-and-tested bladder protection products just for men.  These male incontinence products are specially designed products to fit the male anatomy; combat odors; and have excellent absorbency and retention.

Whether your bladder weakness is very light or extremely heavy, temporary or chronic, Allegro has the perfect incontinence product for you. 

Male Incontinence Protection Products

HealthDri Men's Reusable Heavy Briefs HealthDri Men’s Reusable Heavy Briefs – Light Absorbency – Model BH

Depend Protective Underwear for Men Depend Protective Underwear for Men – Super and Super Plus Absorbency – Models 19840 and 10942  

Depend Guards for Men Depend Guards for Men – Light to Moderate Incontinence – Model 10699  

Shop all Kimberly Clark Depend  

TENA for Men Incontinence Pads - Very Light to Moderate Absorbency TENA for Men – Very light to Moderate Absorbency – Model 50600 

Shop all SCA Tena Incontinence Care 

Light & Dry Underwear for Men Light & Dry Underwear for Men – Light Absorbency – Model 67900 

Shop all Salk Incontinence Products 

Attends Guards for Men - Unisize Attends Guards for Men – Light Incontinence – Model MG0400 

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Kendall SureCare Guards for Men - Super Absorbency Kendall SureCare Guards for Men – Light to Moderate Incontinence, Super Absorbency – Model 23246 

Shop all Kendall Incontinence 

Prevail Male Guards Prevail Male Guards – Light, Moderate or Heavy Incontinence – Models PV-811 and PV-812 

Shop all Prevail (First Quality) Incontinence  

TENA Men Protective Underwear - Super Plus Absorbency TENA Men Protective Underwear – Heavy Incontinence – Models 81780 and 81920 

Shop all TENA SCA Incontinence Care 

Sir Dignity Washable Brief with Built-In Protective Pouch Sir Dignity Washable Brief with Built-In Protective Pouch – Designed to hold incontinence pad or liner (sold separately) – Models 30213, 30214, 30212 and 30211 

Dignity Washable Men's Boxer with Built-In Protective PouchDignity Washable Men’s Boxer with Built-In Protective Pouch – Designed to hold incontinence pad or liner (sold separately) – Models 30313, 30312 and 30314 

Shop all Hartmann USA Dignity  

Adjustable Cunningham Clamp - NonsterileAdjustable Cunningham Clamp – Controls stress incontinence without a pad – Models 004054, 004053, 004052 

Shop all Bard Incontinence 

If you’re looking for heavier incontinence protection, check out our unisex Adult Diapers category. To see everything, shop our entire Incontinence Category or Shop by Condition: Incontinence.

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Thermotex Infrared Therapeutic Pet Pad Ask anyone at pet-friendly Allegro Medical and they will likely agree that “dogs are people, too…”.   We’re crazy about pets.  That said, it’s about doggone time we added Pet Supplies to our ever-growing mix of healthy lifestyle products, right? 

Now you can shop at Allegro Medical for fun and healthy products for your pooches – and kitties too.  Find unique “As Seen on TV” pet supplies as well as pet beds, conditioning and training tools, gates, nutritional supplements and more.

Pet Supplies at Allegro Medical

PetZoom Self-Cleaning Grooming Brush - As Seen on TV PetZoom Self-Cleaning Grooming Brush – This “As Seen on TV” pet grooming brush removes hair, dander, dirt and debris from your dog or cat’s fur and then cleans itself with one simple touch!

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BioPet DNA Dog Breed Identification Kit BioPet DNA Dog Breed Identification Kit – Find out the breed makeup of your dog.  Swipe the cheek, send in the swab and in 2 weeks you’ll finally know what, exactly, Rover is made of.  BioPet identifies 63+ mixed breeds.  Brilliant!

Roll ‘N’ Clean Litterbox Roll ‘N’ Clean Litterbox– Super easy kitty litter box cleanup! Just roll the litter box onto its top and then back to it’s upright position.  Roll ‘n’ Clean’s unique patented grill inside scoops out the clumped waste and deposits it into a pull-out tray.  Voila!  No more scooping.

Thermotex Infrared Therapeutic Pet Bed Thermotex Infrared Therpeutic Pet Beds – The ultimate in warmth and comfort for your dog or cat.  The infrared heat provides deep warmth without burning or dehydrating the skin.  Temporarily relieves joint pain associated with arthritis and age.  For larger dogs, try the Thermotex Pet Pad

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Get on the Ball Two DVDGet on the Ball Two DVD – Four easy-to-follow programs for puppy, beginner, intermediate and advanced training.  Help strengthen your dog’s lower back and abs so that it can perform any activity with as little risk as possible – from jumping off the couch, to hiking, herding livestock or competing in agility events.

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UGODOG Indoor Dog Potty - As Seen on TV UGODOG Indoor Dog Potty – This innovative and environmentally friendly dog potty and house training system makes clean-up simple and mess-free.  Better yet, it keeps the house and your pet’s paws dry.  Convex beams cushion delicate paws.  UGODOG is durable and weather resistant for outside use. 

Poopsie prefers grass?  Check out the PetZoom Pet Park, also “As Seen on TV”.

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Doggie Lite Flashing Safety Dog Collar Doggie Lite Flashing Safety Dog Collar – Keep Trixie safe from dawn to dark with this flashing safety collar.  Fits most breeds.  Three light modes ensure your pet is visible for up to 1 mile.  Here’s another safety tip:  If you take Burgdorf to the pool or lake, take peace of mind along with you and get him a Doggie Safety Vest

Sure & Secure Secure Entry Metal Gate - White Sure & Secure – Secure Entry Metal Gate – Use it as a baby gate or a pet gate… either way this fully adjustable gate is hardware-mounted and will help you create a secure environment for keeping kids or dogs in… or out.  Great for extra wide openings.

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Nutri-Vet Hip & Joint Peanut Butter Flavor Wafers - 6 lb bag Nutri-Vet Hip & Joint Peanut Butter Flavor Wafers – Specially formulated to support the structural integrity of joints and connective tissues in dogs.  For large dogs of all ages or breeds.  Contains Glucosamine.

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Tricky Treat Dog Ball Tricky Treat Dog Ball – Stick  yummy treats or dog food into the ball and your dog will be focused and entertained for hours, working to free them.  Challenging and stimulating.

FitPAWS Peanut for Dogs plus Pump and DVD FitPAWS Peanut for Dogs plus Pump and DVD – This peanut-shaped stability ball is designed for core conditioning and strength training of sporting and working dogs as well as for animal rehab and therapy.  Includes a hand-pump and training DVD.

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Puppy Training Tip:  Use disposable underpads as puppy piddle pads!  Super economical.

Here’s to keeping your pets healthy and happy.  Thanks again for your support and your business.  We appreciate you!!