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Help!  I’m hurt! 

Injuries can happen in a split second. Do you have a first aid kit handy?  Everyone should have one at home and in the car, at least, and also at work, school, church or wherever you or your kids spend time.  Be responsible. Make sure you have well-stocked first aid kits in easy-to-locate places. 

There are several types of first aid kits, designed and pre-packed to contain everything you’ll need to handle certain types of emergencies in different areas such as home, business office or vehicle.   

Types of First Aid Kits


Invacare Basic First Aid Kit Basic First Aid Kit for Home – This super organized, inexpensive 67-piece first aid kit contains medical supplies used for common injuries such as cuts, sprains, minor burns, insect bites or splinters.  It even has a first aid instruction card.  Keep this case in an easy-to-find location out of reach of small children.  Let older children know what it is, where it is and how it is used.  Buy as many as you need to cover your bases.


Emergency First Aid Auto Kit Emergency First Aid Auto Kit – This first aid kit contains  emergency aid for your car and emergency aid for minor injuries – all in one.  It comes in a durable case and contains bandages, non-stick pads, first aid cream, wipes, alka selzer, pain relievers, tape, tire puncture sealer and a flare.  See also the Car First Aid Kit in a Black Nylon Bag

Compact First Aid Kit for Travel Compact First Aid Kit for Travel – Small and durable, this compact first aid kit is perfect for your boat, backpack, camping gear, vehicle or office.  It contains adhesive bandages, tape, various wipes, gauze pads, burn cream and aspirin.  Take it with you!



25 Person First Aid Kit 25 Person First Aid Kits – Every office should have at least one first aid kit to cover occasional cuts and abrasions, or for emergencies affecting more individuals at once.  Choose from a plastic case or steel case.  Kits contain bandages, first aid cream, cold pack, tape, plastic forceps, gloves, pads, gauze, ammonia and more.

50 Person First Aid Kit 50 Person First Aid Kits – First Aid coverage for a mid-sized office.  Choose from plastic case or steel case.  Each kit varies slightly but basically contain a variety of bandages, pads, gauze, various wipes, ammonia, cold packs, eye wash, plastic forceps, gloves, scissors, tape and first aid guidelines.

100 - 150 Person First Aid Kit 100-150 Person First Aid Kit – First Aid coverage for a larger area or emergency preparedness.  Durable steel case is portable or can be mounted on the wall.  Contains adhesive strips, stretch bandages, gauze pads, wound dressing, adhesive tape, site bandages, iodine, cold packs, ammonia, eye pads, antiseptic, first aid creams, cotton, alcohol, peroxide, aspirin, burn spray, antacids, scissors, tweezers, gloves, tongue depressors, antibiotic, eye wash, sting relief and poison ivy relief.

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Do you know what to do if someone cuts themselves?  Read First Aid for Cuts and be ready to do the right thing!

How do you know when a cut, puncture or scrape needs advanced medical assistance? Although minor injuries rarely require a trip to the emergency room, assessing the danger and reacting appropriately can save wounds from infection or other complications.

Step-by-Step First Aid for Cuts 

Tips for Simple Wound Care summarized from Mayo Clinic Guidelines

1.  Stop the bleeding.  Apply gentle pressure with a clean bandage or cloth (or your hand if you have nothing else).  Elevate if possible and hold pressure continuously for 20 to 30 minutes.  If  the bleeding doesn’t stop, seek assistance.  Don’t try to shut off all blood flow (thus oxygen) by using a tourniquet.  They are used only for very severe injuries!  

2.  Clean the wound.  Rinse with clear water.  Keep soap out of the actual wound because it can irritate it.  If there is still dirt or debris in the wound after washing, use tweezers cleaned with alcohol to remove the particles.  If debris remains, see your doctor.  Cleaning around the wound with soap and water, plus cleaning the wound thoroughly with water reduces the risk of infection and tetanus.  No need for hydrogen peroxide, iodine or an iodine-containing cleanser.

3.  Apply an antibiotic.  After cleaning the wound, apply a thin layer of antibiotic cream or ointment to keep the wound moist.  These products discourage infection and help your body’s natural healing process, but don’t actually speed up healing per se.  Use sparingly and follow package directions carefully. If a rash appears, stop using the ointment.  Do not use on serious injuries before asking your doctor.  

4.  Cover the wound.  Bandages help keep the wound clean and the bacteria out.  After you’re out of the woods for infection, exposure to the air will speed wound healing.

5.  Change the dressing.  Change the wound dressing at least daily or whenever wet or dirty.  If you’re allergic to the adhesive bandages, switch to adhesive-free dressings or sterile gauze pads held in place with paper tape, gauze roll or a loosely applied elastic bandage.

6.  Get stitches for deep wounds.  A wound that is more than 1/4-inch deep or is gaping or jagged edged and has fat or muscle protruding usually requires stiches.  Adhesive strips or butterfly closures may hold a minor cut, but if you can’t easily close the wound, see your doctor as soon as possible to reduce the risk of infection.

7.  Watch for signs of infection.  See your doctor if the wound isn’t healing or you notice any redness, increasing pain, drainage, warmth or swelling.

8.  Get a tetanus shot.  Docs recommend you get a tetnus shot every 10 years. If your wound is dirty or deep and you haven’t had a shot for more than 5 years, you may need a tetanus booster.

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Do you have a well-stocked first aid kit?  Read Best First Aid Kits for Home, Office and Car

When it comes to intimate skin care products, there are several notable medical supply companies that make it their business to understand your condition and create solutions to improve your quality of life.  At-risk skin caused by incontinence, diabetes, infection, wounds, surgeries, dermal ulcers and other medical conditions can easily lead to much bigger problems that may be easily avoided with a consistent protocol.

From pediatrics to geriatrics, Allegro Medical trusts and recommends the following skin care brands:

Best Skin Care Brands

Critic-Aid Clear AF - Antifungal Moisture Barrier ColoplastOur most popular Coloplast skin care brands include Critic-Aid,  Atrac-Tain, Sween, Baza and Bedside-Care for superior skin protection and fast healing for all skin types.

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Aloe Vesta Bundle Package ConvaTec – See our full line of ConvaTec’s Aloe Vesta and Sensi-Care brand ointments, bathing products, perineal skin cleansers, creams, barriers and anti-fungals.


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Medline – Shop Medline’s popular Remedy skin care line as well as old favorites such as Medseptic and Carrington for moisture barriers, skin repair creams, antifungals and protectants.

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Coloplast, ConvaTec and Medline are only three of the 100’s of great brands at AllegroMedical.com

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Changes in weather, back-to-school germs, commuter travel, jobs in health care, stress and allergies are just a few of the factors working against you in the cold- and flu-avoidance areas.  Bottom line, if your immune system is shaky and you hang around a lot of people, you’re wide open for a virus.   And if you’re a stressed out school nurse that takes the train to work, well, um . . . good luck.  🙂

The key to prevention is protection.  But with more than 200 strains of cold virus and three types of  flu viruses floating around it’s no wonder that so many people catch these highly contagious bugs.  All you have to do is inhale infected air, share infected items or touch tainted surfaces then touch your hands to your nose, eyes or mouth and BAM, the virus is yours.  Flu shots are formulated to prevent Types A and B viruses, but can’t touch Type C.  And the common cold, well, the causes of 30% to 50% of adult colds remain a mystery.

Allegro’s Cold/Flu Season Category has a wide selection of products to help prevent and relieve cold and flu symptoms.  Ideal for everyone from individuals to caregivers, schools, offices, stores, clinics, homes and hospitals – it’s time for everyone to take stock and be prepared.

Cold and Flu Products


IsaGel No-rinse Instant Hand Sanitizing Gel N95 Respirator Mask With Valve Breathe-Free Personal Protection Masks and Hand Sanitizers If you are in close contact with cold or flu victims, protect yourself from inhaling virus infected droplets in the air with a face mask (level of effectiveness depends on masks rating) and keep your hands sanitized to provide the first level of protection against viruses.


Invacare Nitrile Powder-Free Exam Gloves Exam Gloves– Gloves provide protection from viruses that can survive on surfaces – especially in health care and caregiver settings.  Keep a box handy also for household chores, messes and hobbies.  Great for changing the oil, gardening, cleaning, pet clean-up and much more.


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Cool Colors Digital Thermometers Cold & Flu Diagnostic Products– With flu comes fever, which is likely the easiest way to distinguish between a flu and a cold.  What’s your temperature?  Also find tongue depressors, otoscopes and other diagnostic products for kids and adults alike.  Say ahhhhhhh.

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Thermotex Infrared Heating Pad - 17" x 15" - TTS Platinum Pain Relief / Comfort – Stock up on products that will help you feel better if that ol’ flu or cold bug catches you.   Heating pads, cooling pads and fluffy slippers, mostly.

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Pacifica Nebulizer (Piston Powered) Ultrasonic, Cool-Mist Humidifier, 3500X Respiratory/Breathing Products – Loosen tight chests and ease your breathing with humidifiers, vaporizors and nebulizers.

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Agion SilverClene24 Disinfectant Kills Around The Clock Surface Sanitizers / Disinfectants – These hospital-grade disinfectants and surface sanitizers kill bugs and bacteria you didn’t know existed.  Wipe down counters, walls, bannisters, door knobs, desks, tables and other surfaces in the home, office, clinic or school to keep everyone safe.  Read product descriptions and directions carefully!


Tri-Buffered Aspirin - 325 mg Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medications – Generic and name brand aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, nausea relief, cough syrup, Mucinex, naproxen sodium, sleep aids and more.  Super values.  Stock up today!

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Please try to stay well!  And remember to ask you doc if you should get a flu shot.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1685 times . . . “If you, your loved one or your patient is having a hard time doing something for themselves or getting somewhere on their own, we probably have an adaptive product to help.”  

Out of the 1600+ products in our Daily Living Aids Category, the ones listed below are our most popular – at least as of today anyway.  Popularity can be fleeting so check back often.  When you click on the category link, the products are automatically displayed in order of bestselling.

Top 10 Daily Living Aids

Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic Tip

Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic Tip – Watch out, you may be expected to pick up after yourself if you own this reacher!  Light in the hand and light on the wallet this aluminum reacher is affordable enough to keep one in every room.

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Toothette Plus Oral Swabs with Sodium Bicarbonate Toothette Plus Oral Swabs with Sodium Bicarbonate  – Toothettes with sodium bicarbonate nutralize acidity in the mouth, remove debris and mucous and stimulate the gums.  Refreshing for anyone who’s not able to brush.  Another top Toothette is the  Toothette Oral Swabs with Dentifrice – Mint Flavored

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Easi-Grip Long Reach Gardening Set + Arm Support Cuff Long Reach Gardening Set + Arm Support Cuff – Reach those weeds with ease with a long handle ergonomic Easi-Grip cultivator, fork, trowel and hoe.  Includes an arm support cuff.  Ideal for all gardeners!

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AZ-1 Portable Automotive Hand Control System AZ-1 Portable Automotive Hand Control System  – These Colours portable car hand controls are made for use on automatic transmission vehicles for drivers who don’t have the use of their legs.  Use them if you’re planning a trip or using a rental car.  They collapse for easy storage.

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Big Lamp Switch Big Lamp Switch – Who needs a clapper when you have a big lamp switch?  This three-spoked knob makes turning on and off your lamp (fits most standard lamps) a lot easier.  Great for arthritic hands.  Spring for the pack of 3 if you have several lamps. 

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Transfer Board - Wood Transfer Board – Wood – This beautiful, smooth wood transfer board ensures a smooth transfer from wheelchair to chair, car, couch or toilet.  Choose from various sizes and optional cutout handles for easy carrying and gripping. Holds up to 440 lbs.

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UpEasy Lifting Cushion - UpLift Seat Assist UpEasy Lifting Cushion – UpLift Seat Assist – Gently sit and gently rise from your chair or sofa with this handy lifting cushion.  Safe and easy to use, it will lift up to 80% of your body weight.  Folds flat for easy transport and travel.  Take it to church or the theatre!

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Deluxe Overbed Table Deluxe Overbed Table – Adjusts from 30″ to 45″ with one hand for the optimal height to slurp your soup or work your cross-word puzzle in bed.  Features a heavy duty frame and an oversized top.  Holds up to 100 lbs.  Now that’s some heavy stew! 

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BedCane Bed Rail BedCane Bed Rail – No matter which side of the bed you wake up on, this bed rail will be there to provide the support you need to get up and out.  Great for fall prevention!  Easily adjusts in height to fit your mattress on any size home or hospital bed.  Buy one and we’ll throw in a FREE pocket organizer that fits over the bed rail.  A hidey hole for all your goodies.

Swinging Door Hinge - Offset Door Hinges w/ Brass Finish Swinging Door Hinge – Offset Door Hinges w/ Brass Finish – A brilliant and very affordable way to widen your doors an extra 2″ without remodeling.   These swinging door hinges make way for wheelchairs and walkers (and maybe even that big piano you’re trying to move out of the parlor) by swinging the door completely clear of the opening. 

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There you have it folks – our Top 10 Most Popular Daily Living Aids as of… well, as of when I started writing this.  Popularity changes and new products are added so check the Daily Living Aids category for today’s bestselling aids to daily living! 

Thanks for your business.  We appreciate your support.