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Congrats!  You made it through the holidays, but did your workout schedule?  If you’re like me, you’ve been lifting (your fork), running (the dishwasher), and jumping (for joy) but that’s the extent of it.  Now it’s time to focus on YOU and what you can do to improve your health and stay motivated in the year ahead.

Start with a quick assessment of your home exercise gear and then take a look at these home fitness and exercise products to see what gets you excited. 

Here’s the trick to buying fitness equipment . . .  If you can imagine yourself using it more than once, and it works with your budget, then it should go in your shopping cart.  If not, look at the next one on the list.  Try to think outside the box!  A few new items might just spice up your workout and keep you motivated. 

10 New Exercise and Fitness Products for Your Home Gym

Door Gym Upper Body Toner – Use for push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups for a total body workout.  The Door Gym strengthens and tones your chest, arms, shoulders, back and abs.  Attaches and removes from the door frame in seconds.


Fun Disc Balance Disc – Improves your coordination and core strength.  Great for children and beginners.

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Twist Stepper with Handle Bar –  Works deep muscles without putting extreme pressure on your bones and joints.  The LCD computer function tracks and counts time and calories.  Adjustable stepping height.

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Sunny Elite Elliptical Trainer –  The top of the line elliptical machine.  8 workout levels, hand pulse monitoring, large LCD, oversized pedals.  Super value priced plus Free shipping!

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Mini Stepper Exerciser – The Wall Street Journal calls it the “Best Value Mini Stepper”.  This compact, sturdy step machine is ideal for toning your waist, calves, hips and thighs.  Built-in digital computer calculates time and steps.  Batteries included.


bodyLOGIC Body Fat Analyzer– Keep your health in check with this non-invasive body fat estimator from Omron.  Provides body fat and percentage and body fat weight in just 7 seconds!  Memory stores up to 9 personal profiles.

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Mini Calorie Pedometer – Counts steps and laps to help monitor your workout.  Tracks distance in miles or kilometers.  Real time clock setting.  Clips to your waist band or belt.


SPRI Weighted Vest – 2o lbs – Lose weight faster by burning more calories per workout with this simple-to-use, adjustable-weight weighted walking vest.  Shape Magazine calls it a “must have fitness product”.

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Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells – These handy hand weights come in ‘pairs’ and they’re just like the ones at the gym.  Choose from 2 lbs to 15 lbs or get them all!  Store your dumbbells in a Premium Dumbbell Weight Rack or an Economy Dumbbell Weight Rack.

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Kettlebells – Used by celebrities, supermodels and athletes, these dumbbell alternatives will make your workouts more challenging while increasing muscle endurance, losing fat and building size and strength.  The off-centered weight forces you to use more stabilizer muscles and work the targeted muscles through a longer range of motion.

Bonus Fitness Product

25lb Adjustable Chrome Dumbbell – Why have a room full of weights when this dumbbell adjusts in weight from 3 lbs to 25 lbs!  Includes plastic stand.

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Thanks for your business.  It means a lot to us.  Stay healthy!

Stress can come on suddenly and not necessarily at the most convenient time.  In moments of palpable stress, when your head is about to explode and there’s not a hot tub or a massage therapist in sight, arm yourself with these simple relaxation techniques to help you turn a bad situation into one of amazing grace.

  • Stop and Breathe.  In through the nose . . . out through the mouth.   Make your inhalations the same length as your exhalations.  Close your eyes and take long, slow breaths as your mind focuses on the expansion of your chest, back and belly.  Listen to the slow steady beat of your heart.  10 deep breaths will help turn your tension into relaxation.


  • Give your body relaxation ques.  Sometimes your body needs permission to relax.  Do this by releasing your facial muscles and making your eyes wide and hollow.  Drop your shoulders.  Roll your neck.  Un-cross your legs and sit back with your arms at your sides.  Smile.  Self-massage is another option.   Keep a Stress Ball and a Backnobber or Jacknobber in your purse or car for on-the-spot stress relief.


  • See the Humor.  Whatever the situation, try to lighten the moment with a new perspective – preferably one that involves humor.  Even if the humor is only realized internally (think funny thoughts) you’ll feel some relief.   And if appropriate, please share the humor.  A good laugh does wonders to relieve stress.  And your peers, family and friends will thank you for your ability to diffuse difficult or uncomfortable situations.


  • Do the opposite.  We condition ourselves to react to people and situations the same way over and over.  What if you reacted completely differently (i.e. positively) to a problem or moment that would normally evoke a negative comment or reaction?  It’s akin to ‘picking your battles’.  Next time something comes up that would normally make you snap, try going the opposite direction.  Try shrugging it off, making it a non-issue.   This “do the opposite” technique works on people too.  If you are forced to spend time with someone you aren’t fond of, try acting as if you are happy to see them.  Who knows, maybe something positive will come of it!


  • Eat some sugar.  Not a lot of sugar, or your mood may go up and then sink lower than before.  Suck on a hard candy, for instance.  Sugar might just the ticket if low blood sugar is making you cranky.  Sometimes a little serotonin reaction (feel-good hormone) is all you need to get through.  Diabetics, don’t listen to me if you are not supposed to have the sugar.


  • Give a hug,  get a hug.  Physical contact will decrease stress hormones and make you feel loved and connected.  Even if you have to hug your cat, do it.  When hugging a human, attempt to deepened the connection with a sincere grasp . . . squeeze. . . and then a reluctant release.  No back pats.  Be firm.  Sincere.  Practice.


  • Punch something and/or scream.  That’s punch something, not someone and make sure you hit something soft so you don’t hurt yourself.   Of course, never hit a pet or a person.  Go for a pillow if possible.   A (silent) rebel yell can also make you feel better in seconds.  Make sure you’re alone if you want to yell for real.  You might scare someone.   


For long-term stress relief, keep your cool with unbeatable stress busters in Allegro’s Stress Relief category.  Shop for hundreds of stress products  such as portable whirlpool spas, pain relievers and more. 

Another important component to on-going stress management is exercise.  Get ideas and value-packed exercise and fitness equipment in our Exercise/Fitness category.

Have a stress-free day!

Goodness knows it’s hard enough to keep your weight in check on any ‘ol ho-hum day, let alone during the ho–ho–holidays.  Heck, I can gain a pound just looking at a slice of cheesecake.  Think about this, though.  If you put on  just 1 pound a year, what will you weigh when you’re 60, 70, 80 or 90?  Mind boggling.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on a gym membership to slim down and tone up.  And no matter what your ability, age, weight or fitness level, Allegro has hundreds of fun and challenging products that will help you lose weight and keep it off. 

Remember two things – convenience and pacing.   Instead of the hassle and expense of the gym, schedule time every day to get some exercise at home or in the neighborhood.  I use DVDs to keep me motivated and mentored and I don’t miss the “social aspect” of the gym at all.

Here are convenient low-cost exercise & fitness products that will jump start your home workouts and get you losing weight fast.

Allegro’s Best Weight Loss, Metabolism-Boosting Products


ExerCycles-Pedlar Exercisers– Pedlars are a fantastic way to get your heart pumping and your fat burning, especially since you can work many of them with your hands OR your feet.   For under $50, these are a no-brainer compared to the cost of a gym membership.


Steppers – Climbers – Get the benefits of climbing stairs without going anywhere.  Convenient, eh?   Stair steppers work wonders and they are a low-cost, space saving addition to your home gym.  For a total body climbing workout, consider the Jacob’s Ladder Total Body Exerciser.


Exercise Bands – Tubes – You’d be hard pressed to find anything less expensive but more effective than exercise bands and tubes.   They add resistance to your workout, increasing your strength, stamina and metabolism. 


Exercise Balls – Foam Rollers – Get on the FITball and I promise you’ll see results.  You can get a total body workout, quickly, that will flatten your tummy, improve your balance, tone your legs and arms and get your heart pumping.  Don’t forget the air pump!  Choose among these DVDs, Video and Book Training Manuals to learn the Fitball techniques and to keep the ideas coming.  For all fitness levels.

Shop 400+ Exercise DVDs and Fitness Books


Body Balance – Core Exercise Products – Balance work and core strength is the foundation to any serious, long-term success whether you are an athlete or even looking to prolong your life and keep you body strong.  Gaining balance and core strength may be tough at first, but don’t give up. The rewards are immense.   For more about balance, read 21 Reasons to Improve Your Balance.

Exercise and Fitness should be part of your everyday plan to stay healthy and maintain a proper weight.  I know it’s hard.  Believe me, I know.  Just do a little every day and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel. 

For more ideas and products for Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Aerobics, Rowing Flexibility Training and Weight lifting shop Allegro’s best fitness and weight loss products in our Exercise/Fitness Category.

As always, sincere thanks for your business.   Have a healthy day!


Cold weather, indoor activities, school kids, lack of exercise and the stresses of everyday life = increased susceptibility to colds and flu. 

If I stay ahead of colds and flu I find that I only get sick when foreign germs are forced on me – like in an airplane or by my thoroughly wonderful, germy nephews.    When you are constantly fighting something and you have to ‘chase’ good health, it is important to realize that you can’t win unless you strengthen your immune system. 

Create and follow a plan to bolster your immunity and you may just sail through cold and flu season sniffle-free.  Those with disabilities or chronic illnesses have an even tougher time avoiding colds and flu, but they are often times better prepared to prevent colds and flu because they know the dangers.

Going into the holiday season with a chink in your immunity armour is really asking for trouble.  Here are some ideas and products to help you prevent colds and flu this season by strengthening your ability to fight germs:

Reduce your Stress

Stress Eraser – We’ve all heard that stress kills and we’ve seen plenty of evidence to support it.  Perhaps this amazing stress relieving tool could save your life.  It is a portable biofeedback device that helps you learn how to activate your body’s natural relaxation response.  FDA regulated, non-invasive and drug-free.  Featured on The Rachael Ray Show and The View.  A great gift!  Those with high blood pressure might consider the RESPeRATE as well.

Manage your stress with other stress relievers, massagers and spa products in our Stress Products Category

Are You Too Stressed?  Take the Stress Test!


Do Moderate, Consistent Exercise

A recent study  shows that the risk both of catching a cold or the flu and of having a particularly severe form of the infection “drop if you exercise moderately”.  If you are sedentary, or if you exercise too intensely, the opposite is true.  As with most things, moderation wins.


Exercise Peddler – Work at your own pace peddling with your arms or your legs.  This exercise peddler is a favorite because it folds up and there is no assembly required.  Features adjustable resistance and an electronic display, all for under $50.  Makes a great gift.  I use mine while I watch t.v.  That’s not cheating, is it? See all Cycles/Pedlars

See all Exercise and Fitness Products


Take your Vitamins

Emercen-C Immune Defense – Includes all the necessary vitamins to boost your immune system.  Mix with water and enjoy hot or cold.  Emergen-C products are extremely popular and provide a wide range of targeted benefits. 

See all Vitamins

See all Dietary Supplements


Avoid Germs

Most of our germ avoiding products are in our Swine Flu Products section where you’ll find germ-fighting Gloves, Hand Sanitizers, Masks and Surface Disinfectants.


Hand Sanitizing Gel – Our most popular hand sanitizing gel.  It’s inexpensive and it works.  Buy in various sizes to have it handy in your car, purse, briefcase and home.

Educate your friends, family and community to make immunity boosting a TEAM approach!  Take vitamins, Exercise moderately, Avoid germs and Manage stress.  I promise you’ll be way ahead when it comes to fighting colds and flu this season.

If, by chance, you lose the fight, there are nearly 60 items in our Cold and Flu Season Products category to make you feel better. 

Wishing you a healthy holiday season.  -v