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No matter who you are or what medical condition you may have, making sure you have the proper calories, protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients makes a tremendous difference in keeping your body strong every day. 

To help you choose the right supplemental or complete nutrition products, here is a list of Allegro’s most popular dietary supplements by indication, application or medical condition.  These are medical food products for use as directed by a healthcare practitioner.  A prescription is not required.  They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  Most products can be used as complete meal replacements or as between-meal supplements.  Click on the links to purchase the product or for more information.

Calorie and Protein Intake


Cancer Nutrition Support


Diabetes Health Support


See All Glucerna Products 


Digestive Health Support


See All Peptamen Products


Pediatric / Child  Nutrition


See All Child Nutrition


Post-Bariatric Surgery Nutrition


Renal Health Support




Swallowing Difficulty (Dysphagia)


Nutritional Support for Wound Healing


See All Adult Nutrition Products

See All Nestle Clinical Nutrition Products

See All Nutricia Products

See All Ross, Division of Abbott Labs Products

Does your internal thermostat feel like it is stuck on high?  That’s not cool!  Cool down and freshen up with these products designed to keep the heat from getting the best of you. 


ReadyBath Premium Bathing Cloths – Get fresh in record time with these pre-moistened, no-rinse, single use, pH balanced washcoths.  They contain an antibacterial formula that helps kill germs and eliminate odors.   Generally used for bedridden patients, these wipe ‘n go cloths are great for anyone who needs a quick ‘bath’ between showers.   Also, check out the Prevail Premium Pop-up Cloths.

See All Washcloths


Neat Feat Cool Foot Spray – Immediate comfort for hot, tired feet.  Treat your tootsies to a nice antiperspirant and deodorant to keep them cool and odor free all day.  Environmentally friendly pump spray.

Want Healthy, Happy, Beautiful Feet?  Look Here.


 Cooling Pillows – Hot nights?  Get relief from night sweats and hot necks with cooling sensation Chillow pillows.  I sleep with one between my knees and one under my neck.  Talk about a great night’s sleep!  Highly recommended, these are among our most popular products.  We even have them for pets.   See our full line of Chillow Pillows.


Freeze your mouse cushion!  One of the fastest ways to cool your body is to ice down your pulse points.   This way, you cool down while ergonomically supporting your wrist and forearm at the computer.  Brilliant!  See all Mouse Cushions and Pads


Cast Cooler and Cast Comfort – Wrap the Cast Cooler around your breathable orthopedic cast once a day, connect a vaccum for 10 minutes and the moisture is removed, leaving you cool, dry and itch free.  Cast Comfort is a spray that is used under the cast, for immediate cooling and itch relief.  And don’t forget the cast protectors so you can cool off in the pool!


Speaking of cooling off in the pool, how about doing your exercises in the water!  You can jog and dance and lift and have a great time.  Hold your own neighborhood AquaJive class.  See our full line of Water Exercise Equipment.


Cool Mist Humidifiers – Create a refreshing, cool room in hot dry climates.  Combats summer cough and cold symptoms.

For yourself or a loved one confined to bed – whether it’s long-term or a short-term or post-surgery recovery – we recommend these products for the highest levels of safety and comfort.

Allegro’s Best Products for Bed Confinement

  Bedpads and Underpads –Machine washable and dry-able, reusable bedpads offer layers of protection against wetness from incontinence, spills or bed baths.  Allegro also offers a large selection of convenient disposable underpads to protect beds, chairs, floors and car seats.  Great for pets and kids, too.


No-Rinse Cleansing Products – These are must-have products for any lengthy bed stay.  You’ll be squeaky clean head to toe, without the mess of bed baths.  See all bathing systems and hygiene items.  Don’t forget the No-Rinse Shampoos!


 Bed Rope Ladder – Makes sitting up soooo much easier.  You just use the rungs to pull yourself up.


Pillows & Bed Wedges – Elevate your upper body or legs to whatever position is best for your recovery, better sleep or comfort.


EggCrate or Memory Foam Mattress Overlays – A cost effective way to reduce pressure and bed sores while increasing comfort. 


Over Bed Tables – Eat, work, use the computer, play cards, scrapbook – all from the comfort of your bed with a convenient table that fits perfectly around your bed.  We have tilt, pivot, split top, raised edge, and deluxe wood over bed tables to choose from.


Bed Rails – Position yourself while in bed or gain stability in getting in and out of bed.  Check out the longer rails if you’re trying to stay ‘in bed’.


Transfer Boards – Help pivot and transfer patients from the bed to a wheelchair or bedside commode.


Bedside Commodes – Comfortable bedside toilets with the features of the real thing – just more accessible.

See all Bed Accessories and Bed Pans

Shop our entire Bedridden Catalog of Products

Thank you for your business and a big Allegro smooch to anyone confined to their bed.  Get well soon.

It’s wheelchair beautification month again (I know, it comes around so fast).  Our idea of a beautiful wheelchair is a well-accessorized, fully-actualized mobility device, so rather than celebrate by putting a flag on your scooter or some reflective tape on your spokes, do it up right with some of our most popular accessories for scooters, wheelchairs and walkers.

 Beverage Holders – No more spills.  Carry your favorite drink with you, but leave your hands free.

Most Popular:  Adjustable Wheelchair Cup Holder


Casters –  Wow, these are cool.  We have a whole lot to choose from, but most of them are truly…um…boring.  If it was up to me, everyone would have colored casters or ones that light up.  More color!  More color!

Most Popular:  Light Up Casters and Soft Roll Casters


Wheelchair Gloves – Refine your look and save your hands at the same time. 

Most Popular:  Half-Finger Wheelchair Gloves

Coolest:  Leather/Lycra & Mesh Back Gloves


Packs & Pouches – Wheelchair and walker bags can be attached to the front of a walker, the armrest of a transport chair or the push handles of any wheelchair.  See all of our sidepacks, back packs, underneath carriers, cell phone holders and oxygen tank holders.

Most Popular:  Scooter Arm Tote

Coolest:  Designer Wheelchair Bags


Tires –  What can I say, they’re tires.   We have racers (yeah!), street tires, and tires to get you in, out and around anything.   You deserve some new ones.

Most Popular:  Gray Pneumatic Knobby Express Tire 

Coolest:   High Performance Primo Racer Wheelchair Tire


 Wheelchair Aids – From IV pole holders to fishing pole holders we have it here.  Find hand controls, wheelchair seat belts, cane holders, reacher clips, foot cushions, mirrors, lap cushions, tire pumps, installation tools, anti-tippers and more.


Wheels – Define your personal style with a new set of wheelchair wheels and handrims! 

Most Popular:   Spinergy Wheels and Natural-Fit Handrims.

Want to see a truly fully ‘beautified’ wheelchair?  Check out our Jet Powered Concept Wheelchair.

Thanks for your business.

I consider myself to be a blessed sleeper.  Most nights, I fall asleep easily, only wake up a few times for a bathroom break, and wake up relatively refreshed.  This does not mean that I never struggle with insomnia.  I have had my nights of tossing and turning, or waking up in the middle of the night, unable to get back to sleep till it is time to wake up.  That is all part of normal sleep. 

If people are used to sleep aids, their perception of sleep changes.  They tend to think that normal sleep is a very deep, dreamless, almost comatose state.  That is just not true for most people.  Sleep is not the same as anesthesia. 

How can we manage our expectations of sleep?  The most important thing is how you define it and how you look at it.  If you have a few nights of less than perfect sleep, try to relax about it.  Your body will force you to catch up at some point.  If you worry about it, you will tend to be more stressed out and even less able to sleep.  I try to see it as “me” time.  If I wake up in the middle of the night, unable to get back to sleep, I practice deep breathing, I allow my mind to wander, I dream of things that I would like to do, and I generally see it as a blessing.  That is  a state of mind that is much more likely to allow me to fall back to sleep, rather than one where I worry about why I am awake, worry about how tired I am going to be tomorrow, and wondering what is wrong with me.  That kind of worry leads to more stress hormones and less sleep. 

So, if you have a bad night – try to stay calm-  enjoy the stillness and the thinking space.  You will probably find that, like me, you will fall back asleep before you know it. 

If your insomnia continues, it is a good idea to use one of the many helpful snoring products, pillows or insomnia aids at AllegroMedical.com  – or contact your doctor. 

See all Insomnia products

See all Snoring products

– Marita Klein

 About the Author:  Marita is an organizational development consultant who has helped many private and organizational clients live the lives they want through her forthright, no nonsense approach to management and life. She has a Ph.D. in organizational psychology and has worked effectively as executive coach and consultant in South Africa, Canada and the US. She can be contacted at:  maritaklein (at) cox (dot) net.

Ahhhh, the joys of summer vacations in the car.   Cruisin’ down the road with the kids, grandma and the dog.   Feeling free and happy . . .

Ohhhhh, the queasy stomachs, the back pain, butt pain, boo boos, bathroom breaks, fussy babies . . .

Every trip has its ups and downs.  Minimize your downs with these

10 Best Car Travel Aids:

Coccyx Cushions – The hottest selling products in our travel aids category are the cushions.  That’s because we have such smart customers.  Sitting too long on your bottom will wreak havoc on your spine, sometimes causing serious back pain.  Relieve the pressure and maximize the comfort with a coccyx cushion.  Great for car, office and home.  Another great product for the driver is the Dream Foam Head Rest Pillow.

Queasy Drops Kids – Developed by health care professionals for queasy stomachs these lollies are perfect for kids prone to motion sickness.  They’re all natural.  Assorted flavors. 

See all Queasy Pops and Drops 

 Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushion – This cushion swivels, helping you to help people get in and out of the car safely.  Prevents back and hip strain during transfers.  Lightweight and portable.  Another product like this is the easy to use Car Slide.

TravelJohn Disposable Urinal – For when you really have to go and there isn’t a bathroom in sight – or it’s nasty or inaccessible.  Can be used by men, women and children – standing or sitting.  Neat, huh.

Another option (for men, anyway) is the McGuire Urinal with Sewn-in Sheath.  Very popular.

Car Caddie Helping Hand – Offers a helping hand for getting out of cars, trucks or vans.

Handybar 3 in 1 Car Aid – Every single car should have one of these within reach of the passengers.  I bought one for everyone in my family for Christmas.  It could save your life.  The 3 – in 1 Car Aid features an emergency  seat belt cutter, side window breaker and arm support for exiting the vehicle. 

Eye Pillow with ergoBeads – Okay, for sure this eye pillow is not for the driver, but the passengers will love it when they’re trying to nap.  It keeps out the light plus it cools and soothes your eyes.  For maximum comfort add a neck cushion!

Car Seat Belt Cushion – Extra padding for pregnant drivers or people who don’t like seat belts.

Dream Ride SE Infant Car Bed– Super affordable and highly praised, this infant car bed is perfect to keep newborn’s developing organs un-scrunched during travel.

See all infant car seats

Disposable Underpads – These absorbent little seat protectors are inexpensive and could save your car seats from all kinds of disasters.  Get a pack.  You’ll especially thank me if you have kids or dogs.  

We hope you have safe and happy travels all year long.  Speaking of safety, here’s your bonus product:  Emergency First Aid Auto Kit.

And do me a favor (besides ordering something):  When you write a postcard to someone be sure to say, “The weather is here.  Wish you were beautiful!”  That always cracks me up.