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Whether you’re trying to track your cholesterol, reduce your body fat, test your eyesight or monitor your heart rate, AllegroMedical.com has a slew of diagnostic products to help you report your stats.

Have you ever wanted to know how many steps you take everyday? Clip a pedometer on your belt loop! Following a low-carb regimen? Keep your fat metabolism in check with ketone test strips.

See All Home Test Kits including drug tests and cholesterol checks.

One of the neatest gadgets to come along are the body fat analyzers and body composition scales. You just hold them, or stand on them and they send a harmless beam through you to see how much fat you have going on. Some of them even calculate your water and muscle percentages too.

See All Body Fat Analyzers and All Scales

Outside of the wide selection of blood pressure monitors and thermometers to help keep you healthy we also have some really neat ways to monitor your heart rate during exercise (or whatever)… I wear one to make sure I’m staying within a good heart rate zone while I’m hiking or doing cardio. It helps tell me whether I’m working too hard, or not hard enough.

See All Heart Rate Monitors

How about an Eye Chart or a Color Blindness Test?

And if you’re wondering what else you can possibly monitor, see All Diagnostic Products. Happy shopping!

Blood pressure is simply the force exerted against your arteries when your heart beats (systolic pressure), and when it is at rest (diastolic pressure).  It is measured in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) and a reading of more than 140 over 80 (140/80)  is defined as hyptertension or ‘high blood pressure’. 

If you don’t know what your blood pressure is, it’s important to have it checked periodically because you won’t be able to “feel” that it is high.  That’s why it is often called the ‘silent killer’.  You don’t even know you’re headed toward heart attack or stroke.  

High blood pressure is most common in adults over 35 and is prevalent in African Ameriancs, middle-aged and elderly people, obese people, heavy drinkers and women on birth control pills.

An easy way to monitor your blood pressure is with a home monitoring device.  These are not designed to replace those doctor’s visits, but to merely supplement them.  Blood pressure monitirs are inexpensive and easy to use.   I highly recommend you take yours into your doctor’s office to make sure it is properly calibrated when compared to theirs. 

Best Home Blood Pressure Monitors

 Portable Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor– This is my favorite.  It’s automatic, digital and super easy to use.  I had it checked against the one at the doctor’s office and it is accurate.   Very affordable.

See More Blood Pressure Wrist Monitors


 Premium Talking Digital Blood Pressure Monitor – This bi-lingual (Spanish & English) cutie sports a large LCD screen so you can hear AND see your systolic, diastolic and pulse readings simultaneously.  It even provides irregular hearbeat detection.

See All Talking Blood Pressure Monitors


Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with ComFit Cuff – This one has an impressive list of features.  Clinically proven accuracy. Personalized inflation technology. 90 memory recall with date and time. Storage case.  Large LCD panel. AC adapter & batteries included.  5 year warranty.  Very nice.

See All Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors


 Pro’s Combo II Kit – Comes with a color coordinated, calibrated cuff and a Sprague-Rappaport type stethoscope.  Can be used on adults, children and infants.  You need to have training to use this one, though!!  It’s a professional unit.

See some more Professional Sphygmomanometers

To see everything in one spot, check out our special High Blood Pressure Products section in our Shop By Condition area.  

For more on blood pressure, read “I’m off my Blood Pressure Meds” and “Staggering Heart Facts“.  But first, buy a home BP monitor!! 

Thanks for your business.  We love it when you take care of yourself.

Arthritis is said to be the most common form of disability.  But what exactly is arthritis?  Well, it’s not just one thing.   Arthritis, as a term, encompasses more than 100 medical conditions including back pain, carpal tunnel syndrom, fibromyalgia, gout and lyme disease.  The common thread is that all these conditions affect your joints.

Although the most common form of arthritis, osteoarthritis, is prevalent in people over 60, arthritis can start as early as infancy.   Tens of millions of adults and hundreds of thousands of children in the U.S. have it.

So, that said, what can you do to ease your pain, joint stiffness and inflmmation?  The common theme seems to be warmth, although many swear by glucosamine. 

Allegro’s Top 10 Arthritis Products

1.  Arthritis Gloves  – 4.5 out of 5 stars!  Designed to provide mild compression, warmth and increased circulation, this special gloves help relieve aches and pains from arthritis in your hands.  Wear them all day and night if you like.   Good for cold hands, hand fatigue or other types of hand and wrist pain too. 

See All Arthritis Gloves and Hand Warmers.


2.    Light Relief Light Therapy – A topical heating device that uses infrared light to create warmth.  It’s totally silent and it helps increase circulation and relieve pain and stiffness wherever and whenever you need it.   My 95-yr old grammy swears by it.  Comes with a money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty.  Oh, and a travel case too.


3.    Spa-N-A-Box Portable Spa – How about having a whirlpool spa right in your home?  Or on your patio, deck, back yard, or boat?  This spa sets up in 20 minutes and provides, you guessed it, warmth for sore joints and chronic pain.  Soothe your whole body at a fraction of a cost of other units.  Psssst.  It’s fun too!    See also our new AromaSteam Portable Steam Sauna.


4.      Kneed-It Therapeutic Knee Guard –  Scientifically designed to relieve minor knee pain associated with arthritis, tendonitis and chondromalacia by placing placing pressure, concentrated compression and warmth across the soft tissue in front of the knee.  

See  All Knee Straps and Wraps.


5.    Flexall 454 Maximum Strength Pain Relieving Gel – One of our customers says he would “have trouble without this product” .  Ideal for long-lasting relief of arthritis pain, mustcle strains, sprains, bursitis and tendonitis.


6.    Paraffin Bath – Professional Grade Warm Bath Spa –  I love using this product.  It’s like having a professional spa manicure and pedicure at home.  Plus it relieves arthritis pain and stiffness in your hands, feet and elbows.   Why?  Because paraffin wax has a very high heat capacity and when it coats your limbs, it transfers that heat to you.  Pure heaven.  Here’s also the Paraffin Heat System.


7.    Thermophore Arthritis Pad –  It’s the moist heat pad that doctors recommend most.   Produces intense moist heat without adding water.  The new four-stage therapy switch provides optimum 20-minute treatments.  Hands free!


8.    Emercen-C Joint Health Formula – Nothing loosens my joints better than glucosamine with chondroitin.  I don’t know how it works, but it makes me feel loose as a goose.  Without it, I crump up… quick.   Stiff back, knees and fingers…  My doc says I must have some arthritis in there.  Try it for a week and see.  See All Glucosamine Products.


9.   Biofreeze Roll-On 3 oz. – Squirt it on, right where you need it.  Fast relief for arthritis, neck pain, back pain, sore muscles and more.  3 oz roll-on is perfect for travel or the office.

See All Biofreeze Products.


10.    Salonpas Pain Relieving Patch –  Apply a patch to your neck or shoulders for temporary relief of stiffness and tightness.  The active ingredients quickly penetrate into your bloodstream to provide spot on, effective pain relief.

See All Arthritis Products.

So you see, warmth really seems to be the key to loosening those joints and to make you move and feel better.  For more information, read “Arthritis Pain – Heat or Ice?”

May is National “Better Sleep Month”.  We think that’s brilliant because we have some really, really great products to help you sleep better – and they’re all natural.  At least you won’t have to worry about driving the car or raiding the fridge while under the influence of sleeping pills! 

Whether you have general insomnia, hot flashes, a snoring problem or a medical condition that’s keeping you awake, Allegro has something for you.  We even have products to help babies sleep better… so mommies and daddies can get a better night’s rest too.

Better Sleep Products

  The Snore Wizard – Without a doubt one of the most popular products at AllegroMedical.com.   Warning: It competely stops the snoring for some people and doesn’t work for others.  If a snorer is making you crazy, it’s probably worth the $60 bucks to find out, considering the high cost of surgery or worse yet, divorce… 🙂


 Baby Sleeps Safe – And mom will too, with this special two-piece infant sleep system developed by childcare experts. 


 Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock w/Bed Shaker – Are you a clock watcher, afraid you won’t hear the alarm?  Fear not, my sleepy friend, the Sonic Bomb will make SURE you’re awake with noise, flashing lights and bed shakers.  You can control all three, if it’s too much.  GREAT for heavy sleepers, college students and teenagers.


 Foam Eggcrate Mattress Overlay – another super popular AllegroMedical.com product.  This cushy overlay will save you $100’s off a pillow top mattress and will improve your circulation, reduce pressure sores and provide a cool, dry comfortable night’s sleep.  Great for sofa sleepers too!  Read Bed Check for Better Sleep for more better bed ideas.


 Eye Pillow with ergoBeads – like I always say, everything is better with cream cheese, bacon and…ergoBeads!


 Mother’s Choice Sleep Positioner – Awwww.  Don’t you just want to tickle those little feet?  This positioner will hold your baby comforably on their side or back in the crib, as recommended by the American Board of Pediatrics.


 Sunrise Alarm Clock –  This is just such a sweet product.  Imagine waking up to a slowly illuminated room, a simulated sunrise, instead being jarred awake by a screaming alarm.


 Double DreamSack – Perfect for couples who travel. This full silk pouch protects you from germs, harsh detergents and the general ick of hotel bedding. 


 Silk Travel Pillow Cases – Well, won’t you just be the smartest one on the plane when you slip one of these beautiful silk pillow cases onto your airline pillow!   Also get the Silk Pocket Pillowcase (fits standard pillows) to take with you on a cruise, visiting relatives, hotels or camping.  Makes a great Mother’s Day gift!


 Chillow Pillow Cooling Sensation Memory Foam Pillow – You have to try this if you sleep a little hot.  Seriously.  I have two of them.  They really work.  Takes a few days to get started, but after that… amazing!

See All Chillow Cooling Products


 Rest Mate Bed Wedges – Box of 2 – Supports your upper body, prevents you from shifting and provides total comfort while you’re on your back or side. 


 Hugg-A-Pillow Bed Pillow – Cuddle up with this unique pillow designed to support your head, neck, shoulders and upper chest.  Available in standard or allergy free. 


 Stress-Ease Support Pillow – Ease the stress on your back and neck with this total cervical support pillow. And sleep like a baby, too.  Or, how about a pillow for butterflies?  Not really, check this out – Softeze Butterfly Pillow.


 Dreamsie Sleeper & Sleep Cap – Mde from 100% certified organic cotton knit, your little one will be safe and sound in this loose bedding alternative.  The full length zipper makes nightime diaper changes a snap.  Fits infants up to 6 months.


 Sweet Relief Duo – Personal Soothing & Cooling Set – Designed by women for women, these two pillows will cover your hot spots while you’re trying to sleep.  Grab a nightfull of zzzzz’s, while this fluid filled duo whisks heat away from your body and head.   Another great Mother’s Day gift!

See all these and more in Allegro’s Shop by Condition: Insomnia area.  Wishing you restful nights and sweet dreams forever. 


Psssst… as always, thanks for being an AllegroMedical.com customer.  We appreciate your business.  Don’t forget about us when you need medical supplies!