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Mesa, Ariz., April 28, 2009 (PRWeb) – As swine flu threats and messages of prevention and protection swept the nation yesterday, tens of thousands of consumers and businesses flocked to 11-yr old medical supply superstore https://www.allegromedical.com seeking anti-viral personal protection products.  The most popular products were the N95 Respirator Masks, which are reported to prevent the transmission of flu viruses.  By day’s end, mask revenue alone was $40,000 and company reporting dashboards were lit up with record breaking web sales revenues, phone sales, number of orders, site conversions and unique site visitors.   


“We started noticing orders for the N95 respirator masks late on Sunday,” said Allegro CEO Craig Hood, “and by Monday morning mask revenue alone had reached $20k. That’s when we knew it was going to be a big day.  We responded with site-wide banners, optimization, blogs, sales promotions and a special “Swine Flu” category for customers to quickly find masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and anti-viral disinfectants.” 


The Company reported that the massive number of visitors on the website essentially overloaded it to the point of shutting down for a few minutes around 4pm Pacific time. 


Why the high volume?  “People are trying to do the right thing by preparing for whatever may happen,” said company spokesperson and co-owner Valerie Paxton. “We’re hopeful that Allegro’s products can provide some protection, prevention and peace of mind to those who can benefit most from these anti-viral products.”  


Today, AllegroMedical.com’s brisk sales continued despite the “temporarily out of stock” condition of some of the N95 Respirator Masks.  Paxton says, “Yesterday’s run on masks revealed a major shortage of product from our suppliers, but we have more stock on its way so we’re confident that we can cover the demand.”  The Company suggests that people hold onto their place in line rather than cancel their orders, as the shortage is widespread. 


About Allegro Medical

Allegro Medical is a division of Allegro Enterprises, Inc., a privately-owned company based in Mesa, Arizona. Founded in 1996, and serving more than 1 million consumer and business customers, the Company is one of the largest and most technologically advanced independently owned suppliers of life enhancing products in the U.S. www.allegromedical.com are offered a broad selection of thousands of brand name products searchable by Keyword, Category, Brand and Medical Condition.

Since launching the first ecommerce site in the medical equipment and home health care supplies industry in 1998, Allegro has expanded into Health & Fitness, Nutritional Dietary Supplements, Sexual Well-Being, Pain Relief, Emergency Preparation and Maternity/Baby. Visitors to www.allegromedical.com are offered a broad selection of thousands of brand name products searchable by Keyword, Category, Brand and Medical Condition.


Valerie Paxton

vpaxton (at) AllegroMedical (dot) com

480-990-8881, Ext. 110


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Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10, 2009.  Remember moms, grannies and aunties this year with inexpensive gifts that are sure to please!

My Top 5 Mom’s Day Gift Picks

 Digital Picture Frames.  Your pictures will practically jump out of this hi-tech super bright frame!  Impress mom with features like brightness control, on-board memory, USB connectors, backlighting and remote control.  All sizes for every budget, including a heart-shaped digital keychain that stores up to 56 photos, for only $18. 


 Folding Shopping Cart – One of our most popular products, Allegro customers use this sturdy, lightweight cart to transport groceries, laundry, books – anything under 100 lbs that you need to get from here to there.  Great for “green shopping” at the grocery or farmer’s market.  Mom can walk to the store instead of driving!  Or store the cart in your car for transporting goods into the house, apartment, condo or cabin in just one trip.


 Chillow Pillow – Help her chill out this summer with a cooling sensation memory foam pillow.  She’ll never flip her pillow again.  While you’re at it, considering getting one for both of you.  Or two.  I use one between the knees and one under my neck.  Ahhhh. 

See All Chillow cooling products.


 Lex Loops Exercise Band – Featured in Good Housekeeping magazine and on The View, these inexpensive-but-effective exercise bands will have her ready for summer in no time!  Choose from a variety of fitness levels. 

See All Exercise and Fitness Products


 Zapi – The Personal Toothbrush Sanitizer – For peace of mind if nothing else, make sure mom’s brushing with a clean toothbrush!  Comes in fun colors.  Todd and I use these at home.  See All Sanitizers.

We have 102 more ideas on the site!  See All Gift Ideas for Mothers.  Is your Mom a gardener?  We have really great garden tools.  See All Gardening Products.

Order now so you won’t be late.  Happy Mother’s Day!

It was HOT in Arizona yesterday.  My patio thermometer said 100 degrees at about 4:30pm.  Yikes!  I’m not ready for summer heat (no one ever is in AZ) but I’m also not ready to start baring my flesh in sleeveless tops and shorts.  Are you?

If you’ve been reading my blogs you know that I try to stay fit without a gym membership.  I like the freedom and it saves me money.  I hike and walk, mostly, but I also do Yoga and Pilates indoors, along with some weight lifting and balance training.  Here are a few of my favorite exercise products for the home gym or back yard. 

Summer Fitness Products

 Bongo Board Balance Board – Our #1 most popular fitness product.  Used by snow boarders, skateboarders and anyone who just wants to get strong and have fun!  Read 21 Reasons to Improve your Balance

See All Balance Products


 Sunny Elite Eliptical Trainer – A full-on, brand new eliptical trainer in your home for only $365?  I’m totally serious.  Check it out.

See All Elipticals


 Door Gym Upper Body Toner – If you don’t have much money, space or time, this is for you.  Oh, and you can’t be more than 200 lbs.   With this one low-cost product you can do perfect push-ups, pull-ups, sit ups, dips and crunches.


 Fitball Hop Balls – You might think that we only sell these for kids.  Not true!  If you weigh under 600 lb. then grab a rubber handle and bounce off those love handles.  Fun for the whole family.

See All Exercise Rolls & Balls


 Thera-Band Resistance Bands – Buy these stretchy fat-melting arm-toning magic tubes by the yard and make them whatever length you want.  Each color provides a different resistance level.  There are hundreds of exercises you can do.  Very popular in gyms.  Also available as  FitBall Pre-Cut Bands.

See all Exercise Bands & Tubes


 ProStretch – Unilateral Calf Stretcher.  For stretching your calves (no, not the farm animal kind).  This is one of our most popular products.  Has been for years.   All workouts begin with a stretch.  Might as well make it a good one.

See all Stretching Products


Lex Loops Exercise Band –  I’ve never used these but they must be good because they’ve been profiled on The View and in Good Housekeeping magazine as a great tool for helping you shed pounds and tone up. 


 Pedal Exerciser Stationary Bike – It’s only $29.95. Such a great bargain for something that does so much.  Must be why it has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars! You can pedal with your arms or legs, in a seated position.  A good workout  for all fitness levels ages and abilities.   Tension can be controlled to adjust pedaling resistance.

See All Pedlars & Exercisers


 AquaBell Travel Weights –  Take your dumbbells with you on vacation.  That didn’t sound right.  Anyway…these hand weights collapse to fit in your suitcase and then you just fill them with water, to whatever level you want, and you have hand weights!  Get the Aqua Bell Combo Set complete with ankle weights.

See all Wrist, Ankle & Free Weights

Order today! There’s still time to work off the winter jiggle.

See all Exercise & Fitness Products

My high school reunion is coming up in June.  Needless to say I’m a-dither about looking good.  Here’s the problem:  When I put pressure on myself to lose weight, my body thinks it hears ‘Pack on the pounds!’ and voila, I gain instead. 

Ahhh, the brain. 

As I am quoted in the May 5, 2009 issue of Woman’s Day Magazine (pg. 118), “I keep losing and gaining the same 10 lbs.”  And after recently eating my way through Cabo, New Orleans and New York, I am sitting squarely on top of that 10 lbs. 

So, here’s my plan.  I’ll focus on ‘not gaining weight’ instead of…dare i say it… losing weight, by June 19th.  I’ll use little tricks to get my brain to think I’m just being a good girl, not really trying to lose weight, and I’ll TRICK it into doing my bidding. Diabolical, or merely pathetic?  Either way, if I get started not gaining weight now, I should be right where I want to be in  65 days.

My NO GAIN Plan:

  • Continue the daily walks, but go faster so… so… I can get to work earlier.  Yeah!  Jog, walk, jog, walk.  I’ll imagine I’m being chased by someone who wants to tickle me.  It will improve bladder control.  Maybe I’ll take a longer walk too.  For my dog’s sake, not mine.


  • When I get home from work I’ll relax with “Pilates for Weight Loss”.  Only I won’t call it Pilates for Weight Loss.  I’ll call it Pilates for People Who Don’t Want to Gain Weight, or  better yet Pilates for Calm, Flexible, Happy People.  Or something shorter.  Todd will do it with me and I’ll pretend it is all for him.  That I’m teaching him to relax.  Yeah.  If I end up looking all lean and cool, so be it.


  • Our hikes will become ‘nature hikes’ but they’ll be FAST nature hikes.  And I won’t call them hikes. I’ll call them ‘quick walks up and down steep hills’… or maybe something shorter.  I’ll concentrate on the flora and fauna of the beautiful desert as I whisk by, calling out each cactus and snake by name.


  • I’ll say no to white food.  It’s gauche to eat white before memorial day.  Vegetables and fruits will be my friend and everything else,  merely acquaintances.  An apple a day will keep the doctor away.  And my Slim Fast lunches?  I imbibe strictly for the great taste, efficiency, daily fiber and joys of regularity.  


  • I’ll take my balance training products outside so I’ll have something to do while becoming one with nature.   Who cares if I get a strong core and killer abs in the process?  The important thing is that I will be grounded, free of stress and I won’t wobble like a weeble when I’m old.  For inspiration I’ll re-read my article 21 Reasons to Improve Your Balance.  Break it down, Val… you’re on a roll.


  • I’ll hold my hand weights high in the air as I cheer the contestants on American Idol and The Biggest Loser.  All in the name of good will and for the sake of the nation.  I may even stand up and jump up and down – or perhaps I will fall on the floor into an impromptu push-up.


  • I’ll be environmentally friendly and ride my bike to the store.  Okay, I probably won’t do this.  I’m just saying it is possible… if I had a basket to hold my stuff in.


  • Vodka will be the devil, except on weekends when its horns magically vanish and it becomes a garnish for my soda water & limes.  And wine, well,  wine…. um… hmmm…my beautiful, bountiful wine…  I love wine.  I’ll drink only one glass of red wine (at a time) and it will be strictly for the heart healthy flavinoids and support of the wine growers.


I seriously think that’s about the best I can do.  Too much self-deception can’t be good for the soul right?  So, wish me luck and I’ll let you know how it goes.  If this doesn’t work I may need to convince myself to GAIN weight before the reunion.   A little reverse psychology. 

See All Weight Loss Help and Exercise/Fitness Products, sorted by popularity.

Thanks for being an Allegro customer.  Don’t forget to become a fan on Facebook!  And if you’re reading this, tell me so.  I wonder sometimes.


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There are very few ways to avoid nasal allergies but hey, it’s worth a try, right?  For example, I’m allergic to the yellow sneeze balls hanging from the allergy trees that line one side of my street.  (I’m sure they have a real name, but that will do for now).  So, what do I do?  I stay on the other side of the street on my walks, and I steer clear all together when it’s windy.  It seems to help. 

The weird thing about nasal allergies – those caused mainly by dust mites, plant pollens, animal dander and mold spores – is that the symptoms sometimes don’t show up until HOURS later.  I can be totally fine all day and then BAM! that night I’m a sneezy, drippy mess.  Apparently it’s called ‘late phase reaction’ and they think it is related to airway inflammation.   Now, Fluffy the cat may cause an immediate reaction for you.  That’s an ‘early phase reaction’ or Type 1 allergic reaction.  Read more about Allergic Inflammation and you’ll see how incredibly complex it is.  No wonder it is hard to treat all the different kinds of allergies.

Back to avoidance.  It’s hard to know what to avoid if you don’t know what is causing your allergies.  You might think about getting tested. 

If you know what you’re allergic to, here are some suggestions on how to avoid them:

Pollen – Close your windows and use your air conditioning, especially in the bedroom.  Avoid morning exercise outside because pollen levels are higher then.  Tree pollen is prevalent in early spring.  Avoid grass pollen in May and June and weed pollen in late summer and fall.  If you’re allergic to ragweed, watch out from mid-August until mid-October.

Dust Mites – Keep your bedroom clean of mites – those little microscopic creatures that live and poop in your bedding, pillows and mattresses.   Mite-proof your pillows and mattresses with Allergy-Free Pillows, Anti-Allergy Pillow Cases and Anti-Allergen Mattress Encasings.  Read Why Your Pillow is Gross.  Wash your bedding every week in hot water (130 degrees).  Wash your blankets and comforters once or twice a month.  If you live in a humid environment, think about getting a de-humidifier.  Dust mites thrive in humid climates.

Pets – Keep them out of the bedroom or out of the house all together.  Keep them off the furniture.  Talk to your doctor about medication that may help your symptoms and save you from giving your pet away.  Have someone else bathe Fido on a weekly basis.  Consider removing your carpet from common areas of the home.  Vacuum frequently with a vacuum that has a HEPA filter.  Monitor your reactions to pet dander carefully.  Even after the animal is gone there will still be dander flying around for months so you should steam clean all carpeting and furniture, plus clean the drapes and bedding. 

Indoor Mold – Outdoor air is usually the cause of indoor mold but humidity in your kitchen, bathroom and basement can also cause indoor spores that lead to an increase in allergic rhinitis symptoms.  If you see mold or mildew in your house, kill it with a 5 to 10% diluted bleach solution.  Check for water leaks and make sure moist areas are ventilated or use a de-humidifier to reduce mold growth.  Use your bathroom exhaust fan after showering and in your kitchen to remove water vapors.  Keep your refrigerator clean and trash cans clean and closed.  Don’t store things in your basement or attic that can accumlate mold.  If you have water damage or a lot of mold, call someone.  It’s dangerous and the damaged parts may need to be removed.  Check your house with a Mold Alert.

And if you’re sneezy, don’t tromp through the forest. 

See our Top 5 Allergy Products

Bless you for your continued support.

Allergies are in full bloom here.  The sounds of sneezes and sniffles fill the air here at the Allegro HQ and everyone is asking themselves… “Do I have a cold?  Is it Allergies?  Do I have a cold?…. 

If you can’t tell, and it is April in AZ, it’s probably nasal allergies.

Back when, folks moved here from other States to get away from allergens, and for the dry air.  But, ooops, they brought their allergy trees with them and now they are everywhere, chock full of pollenous sneezeballs.  Nice going, ancestors.

Okay, so here are our Top 5 Allergy Products.  Feel better!

1.    Autodrop Eye Drop Guide –  I pride myself on my eye dropping prowess.  But hey, not everyone is rock steady with  nerves of steel.  That’s probably why we sell so many of these!  Don’t waste another drop, squirting your forehead and your ears and chin with allergy eye drops.  Let us guide you.


2.     Multi-Tech 2000 Air Purifier.  With a name like that, who could resist?  It combines 6 proven air-cleaning technologes into one unit, including a true HEPA Filter.  Removes dust, allergens, mold, micro-organism, cigarette smoke, odors, chemicals, bacteria and much more.

See all Air Purifiers.


3.     Allergy-Free Pillow – Everyone should have a hypoallergenic pillow even if you don’t have allergies.  The extremely small fabric pore size creates a barrier to allergens including lint, dust, dust mites and their… um… by-products.  Raise your hand if you want to avoid sleeping on dust mite poo!  That’s what I thought.  You can put your hand down now.  You’ll need it for ordering. 🙂  Read Why Your Pillow is Gross and How to Pick a New One.  Go a step further and spring for a Zip & Block Anti-Allergen Mattress Encasing.

See All Pillows.


4.    Ultrasonic, Cool-Mist Humidifier 2500X – Makes you feel better.  Keeps your nasal passages moist.  This one has an optional Ion-Exchange Filter.  Read Humidifier Types & Tips for more ideas.


5.    Nasal Spray – Saline 1.5 oz – Squirt this up your nose if it is dry or if you have nasal congestion.  It helps keep your nose moist inside and it shrinks swollen nasal membranes.  Great especially if you have to fly and you have allergies.  It seems to help me ward off sinus infections too, when I’m feeling sinus congestion,  but don’t take that as medical advice.  Use Simply Saline Nasal Moist Gel with Aloe ‘around’ the nose for soothing relief.

Bonus Tip:  Save your marriage and try the Snore Wizard if your allergy induced snoring is driving your spouse crazy.

See All Nasal Allergy Products.

For tips on avoiding nasal allergens, read Yo Sneezy! Stop Tromping through the Forest.

I recently heard on the news that anxiety related doctor visits are on the rise.  Specifially, symptoms like upset stomach, insomnia, panic attacks and muscle aches.  They said that worries about the economy and personal financial turmoil are making people physically sick.  Is the economy making you sick?  If so, how can you be healthy when all you want to do is ignore your problems, eat a Whopper and drink yourself into oblivion?

For me, worry manifests itself in racing thoughts or “mind chatter”.  It happens at night, mostly, when I’m trying to sleep or early morning when I’m having lucid dreams.  It drives me crazy when I’m having a totally irrational dream and I keep having it over and over again.  It usually means I need to face the problem and deal with it.  But what do you do when you just can’t stop thinking about your situation or problem?   Here are a few things that work for me:

1.  Stretch and Breathe.  I know it may sound hokey, but I’m telling you it’s changed my life.  Get yourself a DVD – I have several but the one I started with is AM/PM Yoga for Beginners.   You can get this used (1998 VHS)  for under $2 bucks on Amazon.  You’ll can also get more updated versions as well as DVDs for stretches for bad backs, weight loss, abs, etc.  Do it every day and you’ll start feeling calmer, among other things.  Your mind will be on the exercises and not on your problems.  Many workouts include at least a few minutes of meditation and breathing exercises.  The morning yoga tape only takes 15 minutes and it’s a great way to start your day.  Need some gear?  Get a Yoga Starter Kit (my favorite) or see all of Allegro Medical’s Yoga Equipment.  Need something more concrete?  See 10 Products to Help you Relax.

2.  Get into nature.  Go outside and walk around.  Plant something or dig around in the dirt.  Go to the park and sit in the grass or swing on the swingset.  Get out of the city if you can.  Reconnecting with the earth does wonders for your psyche.

3.  Focus on things you can control.  Most of our worry is wasted on things we can’t control, or things that never come to fruition.  Read Managing Stress: Practical Advice from a Pro.  This article will also help you become a constructive problem solver.   

4.  Find your safe harbor.  I use this type of visualization when I’m having trouble sleeping because of racing thoughts or recurring dreams.  It’s all about having a place to visit, in your mind, whenever you want to relax.  It might be a warm beach, a field of flowers (that’s mine but I’ll share) or a sidewalk cafe in Paris.  Whatever.  Whenever you need to escape you just close your eyes and visualize it. 

5.  Meditate.  Okay, this may actually happen for some people.  You sit down and just be quiet and have a matra or you do breathing exercises, etc.  But unless I have someone making me do it, I don’t.  If this is you, I suggest you go to a class or listen to a tape or something while you’re doing it.  I’m all for it, I just never can get myself to stick with it.  Let me know how it works for you.

6.  Be nice.  Turning your focus to others ALWAYS makes you feel better and stops the mind chatter.  Go a step further and help out with a local charity.  Just find one that you fancy and call them to see if they need any help!  A few hours of doing nice things for other people can completely change the way you look at your situation.  Even simple acts of kindness or random acts of kindness make you feel better.  Start by saying something nice to the next person you see. 

Bonus:  When I can’t get a song out of my head, I break the cycle by singing a foreign tune.  Freres Jacques is a popular one, but anything foreign will do.

Ahhhhh…. Ommmmm….  Hmmmmm….

Everybody is experiencing stress at the moment.  We are not just worried about our own situation, but tend to worry about our children, parents and friends as well. The economic insecurities manifest in increased anxiety, insomnia, irritability and feelings of depression and helplessness.

Most of us already implement stress reduction techniques- some helpful, and some harmful.  Examples of helpful stress management are exercising, meditation, prayer, massage and visiting friends, to name but a few. On the other hand, at the same time, we engage in gossip, develop a cover your own butt attitude, obsess, over-eat/drink/smoke/gamble – all not helpful stress management techniques.

How do we determine if our stress management techniques are helpful or harmful?  Someone in one of my seminars said a six-pack is helpful but a 12-pack is harmful.  Exactly!  I usually ask myself three questions to determine if it is a good way to deal with something or not.

1) Does it calm me down = increase a sense of peace?

2) Does it make me feel good about myself?

3) Does it lead to action?

If your stress management activities do any or all of these three things, it is probably helpful.  Let’s take the example of “talking to someone”.  It really depends.  Some people will just rile you up some more, while others have the ability to calm you down.  Some get you fretting about things you have no control over, while others motivate you to do something for someone else.  We also tend to keep doing the same thing over and over, not stopping to see if it is helpful or harmful. Try to check in with yourself and ask yourself if your actions are helping or hurting.

We all function within a big circle of concern (things that impact us) and a much smaller circle of control (things we impact).  If I spend my stress management time in the big circle of concern (things that I have no control over), I tend to obsess, worry and see doom and gloom. Think of it as an anti clockwise energy drain – it spins around its own axel. On the other hand, no matter how small the action that I take, if I function in the circle of control, I will feel better about myself. If you can not drum up enough energy to do something for yourself, do something for somebody else. It will allow you to feel good about yourself and, once again, it is action.

What can you do if your symptoms of stress increase? Identify the three most helpful techniques for yourself. Think about times when you have felt very calm, or very good about yourself or very much in control. What lead you to that? Try to increase those activities. Standard prescriptions for stress management usually include some kind of physical activity – walking, biking, swimming, playing with the dog etc. Any activity that gets you moving will help your body settle down. The second part of it is some kind of activity to get you in a peaceful, “in the moment” place. This can be meditation, prayer, deep breathing or a massage. At the same time, try to lessen the harmful things that you are doing that keeps you in a state of worrying.

However, if things are getting out of control, contact someone for help. Help can be practical, action oriented help such as budget creating, or peace oriented help such as speaking to a counselor. There are many free resources at the moment to help you deal with your stress. Make use of it! It is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of activity which is, in itself, stress reducing. And, if all else fails… remember the old adage… “this too shall pass.”

– Marita Klein

About the Author:  Marita is an organizational development consultant who has helped many private and organizational clients live the lives they want through her forthright, no nonsense approach to management and life. She has a Ph.D. in organizational psychology and has worked effectively as executive coach and consultant in South Africa, Canada and the US. She can be contacted at:  maritaklein (at) cox (dot) net.

I wish I could say exactly how it happened but after four years on Diovan – which had been keeping my blood pressure at right around 120/80 – my BP dropped so low my doc took me completely off of it.   This morning, after not taking the medication for nearly two weeks, my BP was 117/72.  PERFECT!!  Last night before I went to bed it was 118/73.  I test it with the Omron Portable Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, which has been checked by my doctor to be accurate when compared with the one in her office.

A couple weeks ago I had just popped the pill when it struck me that I hadn’t checked my BP in a while.  I took it and it was 91/59.  Woah!  Yikes!  I called my doc and got an appointment for a couple days later, and in the meantime I was told to monitor it and not take the medication if it was too low.  It was mostly normal-to-low the next day.  The night before my appointment it was running really, really low – like 87/54.  Freaked me out a little. 

At the doctor’s office, they took my blood pressure while I was lying down, standing up, sitting up – about 3 times and confirmed it was running normal-to-low.  I showed them the readings from my home wrist monitor which keeps results in its memory.  They were amazed at the readings and said I was officially off the Diovan but I needed to keep an eye on it and see them in a month.   I was totally excited (don’t get too excited, Valerie), but danged if I know what caused the change. 

Four years ago, my blood pressure was consistently in the 160s, 170s and over 90s and 100s.  It was kindof a fluke that we discovered this so I suggest that if you don’t have yours checked regularly, no matter how old you are, you at least get an inexpensive home unit.  I was 42 years old and in good shape.  No family history.  No signs of a problem.  As is my nature, I fought against traditional BP medication and my doc tried salt pills and beta blockers instead – but they weren’t working.  Then, I had to go into the hospital for an unrelated outpatient surgery and my BP clocked in at 207/107 so they had to admit me.  They put me in the telemetry wing to monitor my heart and after a bunch of tests they couldn’t find any reason for such high blood pressure.  So they brought it down with strong drugs, did my surgery and released me with an Rx for Diovan. 

My doctor said it’s called essential or primary hypertension when the they are unable to find a specific cause.  She said it was probably stress and reminded me of my “extreme lifestyle”.  

I pulled out the big guns and resolved to lower my stress.  To see what I did, read 15 Stress Tips that Could Save Your Life.

The only other thing that might be helping are my spinal adjustments.  In fact, my chiropractor, Dr. Mike, is taking full credit for lowering my blood pressure.  At first I just laughed, thinking he wasn’t serious, but he was dead serious.  

I started seeing him to help ease occasional spasms in my back.  No more than 8 treatments later, I’m off my blood pressure meds.  Coincidence?  Maybe, but honestly it is the only really significant change I’ve made in my life recently.  His name is Dr. Mike Henriksen, Spinal Correctionn Center, tel. 480-460-1177. 

He said that lower blood pressure due to his treatments are not uncommon. It has to do with my atlas bone (1st cervical vertabrae) coming into alignment.  In fact, he’s helped people get off all kinds of medications.  I’m sure if you called his office he, or his assistant Kathy, would be happy to explain.  He uses his patented Turbo Drop Table to make the adjustments and doesn’t “crack” your back or neck (he says crack kills).  Dr. Mike is world-renowned and trains chiropractors all over the world so maybe one of his trainees is near you.  Plus, he’s a really nice guy.

But I digress.

All I know is that I must be doing something right.  Whether it’s the yoga, the hiking, the multi-vitamins, the spinal adjustments or the happy, healthy life I’m leading, I can’t say.   Perhaps it is the alien visit I had last month . . . kidding . . .

I’ll be writing a series of stress-relief blogs over the next week, so if you want to take control of your stress – stay tuned!  Don’t know if you’re stressed?  Take the Stress Test.