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Holiday cheer can become a holiday nightmare if you are ill-prepared for the needs of your overnight guests. 

For example, activities that we may take for granted – going up and down stairs, using the toilet, showering, getting in and out of bed, opening doors, etc. – can be difficult for older guests.  The addition of a few simple, temporary items placed strategically throughout your home will ensure a safe and comfortable Christmas for everyone. 





  • Removable Suction Cup Grab Bars on the wall by the tub and toilet.  If you get anything at all for the bathroom, I highly recommend that you get a couple of these.  Instant ‘peace-of-mind’. 



  • Check the towel bar and soap dish in the shower to make sure they are secure.






  • Pathlighter Safety Cane – A special cane that lights the way on stairways and walkways. Perfect for outings on cold winter nights.



  • Smoke Alarms – Make sure you have them, and make sure they work.  Sometimes you just need new batteries.


  • A sturdy chair in the bedroom for dressing.



  • A telephone in the bedroom that can be reached from the floor in case of a fall.  How about an Amplified Telephone?




  • Door Knob Extenders – Quickly and inexpensively convert regular door knobs into lever action handles.  Arthritis sufferers will thank you.



  • Non-skid backing on rugs – We don’t carry it, but it’s a good idea to get some.



  • Water heater thromostat – Set it at 120 degrees F or lower to prevent accidental scalding.


  • EZ Access Threshold Ramps – These are the most popular.  Great for wheelchairs and walker users.  Also for high indoor/outdoor entry-way thresholds.


  • Light your outside steps and walkways.


  • Check your handrails to ensure they are securely fastened.


  • Travel Wheelchair – For events that require extra walking, this super lightweight wheelchair folds up and stores in the trunk or closet.


You see, it really doesn’t take much to make your home safe and secure for your elderly or special needs guests.  Order today!

Here’s wishing you and all of your guests a very Merry Christmas and a safe, happy holiday.


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Help Santa stuff your stockings this year with these healthy gifts for adults. I especially like the EBOOST Tablets and the Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizers. They are on Oprah’s “O” list! Everyone in my house is getting them, including me. Oh, and have you ever used those Bag Resealers? Fabulous. I have saved more food that way. And don’t even get me started about the keyboard and mouse cushions. A must for every stand-alone keyboard user.

Val’s Stocking Stuffer Picks for 2008

EBOOST Effervescent Health Boosters

It’s orange. It’s bubbly. It gives you that extra boost.


Zapi Personal Toothbrush Sanitizer

On Oprah’s “O List” as the best pick for the holidays.


100% Silk DreamSack

The perfect travel sleeper. Protects you from germs on hotel bedding.


Deep Kneading Rechargeable Hand Held Massager

Stay loose no matter where you are.


Eye Pillow with ergoBeads

Put it over your eyes, lie back and say ahhhhhh.
Hand Exerciser and Stress Ball

Hey stressballs! Get a stress ball.
Supracor SpaCells Facial Sponge

Give yourself a 5-minute rejuvenating facial.
Massaging Slippers for Men

Cool looking battery operated slippers w/easy one-touch massage.
Ultra-Soft Plush Massaging Slippers for Women

3-in-1 Car Aid

A must have for every vehicle. Includes side-window breaker.
Forever Last Radio w/Dynamo Flashlight & Nightlight

Unique, beautiful and useful. Like you.
Electronic Automatic Pepper Mill & Salt Grinder

Pepper and salt your steaks in style.
Bag Resealers for Plastic Bags

Seals plastic bags airtight in seconds. Locks in freshness.
Superfeet Cold Weather Premium Insoles

Engineered to protect your feet from the cold.


Orbit Massager

No batteries. No vibration. Only rotation, baby. Rotation.
Dyna Flex Pro

The entry level gyro that everyone is talking about.
Ergonomic Wrist Cushion for Mouse

For all day mousing comfort.
Ergonomic Wrist Cushion for Keyboard

The ultimate for cool comfortable keying.
Order today to make sure you get everything in time for Christmas! And as always, thanks for your business.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!


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We just implemented a new blog system that lets you send us feedback and comments.  Yeah!! I can’t wait to hear from you.  Please feel free to share your comments, ideas, suggestions, recipes (I love recipes), whatever…  at the end of the post in the “leave a reply” section.  Try it now, even if you just say ‘hi’.

Next up…  stocking stuffers for grown ups; making your home safe for older guests; easy ways to child-proof your home, and much more. 

Now that we’re on a new system I plan to communicate more frequently, with shorter blurbs and blogs.  I’ve been practicing writing shorter pieces.  Sometimes I run too long… like, um… now.  That said…  I’ll let you go.

But first, thanks again for your business.  Remember to gift mindfully and , hint…hint…use our holiday promotions to stock up on your medical supplies!