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Last year I lost my beloved German Shepherd, Lady, after 14 years. I had rescued her at 9 months old, and she was my constant companion.

Because of the abuse, neglect, and poor nutrition she suffered in those early months, she was diagnosed early, at the age of 6, with Osteo-Arthritis and Degenerative Bone Disease. I began treating her with acupuncture right away and administering Glucosamine, in an effort to relieve her pain, before resorting to prescription medications. By the time she reached 11 or 12 years old it was necessary to begin a prescription anti-inflammatory drug.

Lady the German Shepherd

Then, at age 13, Lady developed Cushing’s disease, a condition that creates an overproduction of cortisone by the adrenal glands, causing lethargy, muscle wasting, and weakness. When she was diagnosed with the Cushing’s, the prescription drug had to be stopped, as it could have worsened her condition, but the Glucosamine alone was no longer enough. The acupuncture helped quite a bit, but by the 5th or 6th week, she was struggling again.

Several people, including Lady’s acupuncturist, had told me how they were having positive results with light therapy and maybe I should give it a try. I searched on-line until I found a Light Relief unit at AllegroMedical.com. It came with a 30 day, money back guarantee, so I felt I had nothing to lose. I was amazed at the results! I purposely stopped her Glucosamine so I would know whether or not she was getting the relief she needed.

I used the unit consistently every day, leaving it on for the maximum amount of time, and placing it on each area that was affected by arthritis. One day, as I was standing in the kitchen washing dishes, Lady walked down the hallway from my bedroom, and greeted me in the kitchen. I thought at first that my son had helped her up, but when I called out his name to ask him, he wasn’t even in the house! In less than a week of consistent treatments, she was picking herself up and walking better than she had in months. Before the treatments, I was helping her both to get up and to walk, using a towel to support her. After the treatments, we even took a couple of short walks together, and several times, she attempted to dance with me again.

I know that she realized the Light Relief unit was helping her, because she never resisted a treatment. And, on the days that she felt really good, she would push the unit off with her nose to let me know that it wasn’t necessary that day. I really believe that using the light treatment improved her quality of life tremendously in her remaining months, and I have told all of my friends and clients how miraculous this product is.

Just a few months before I discovered the Light Relief therapy, I became afflicted with Plantar Fasciitis, a foot condition that occurs when the foot muscles tighten, in my case, from falling arches. The heel becomes inflamed and it can result in excruciating pain. After seeing how well it was working for Lady, I decided to try it on my Plantar Fasciitis, which is one of the conditions the Light Relief unit is recommended for. As I placed my foot on the unit and waited, I could actually feel the swelling and discomfort subside. Again, I was consistent with my treatments and today, my feet feel great. I continue to recommend the Light Relief unit to anyone who is suffering themselves, or who has an animal that might be in pain, because I am so grateful that I was able to help her live out her remaining months with less pain and a better quality of life.

With Great Gratitude,

Judy Jackson – Arvada, CO

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The Allegro family sends a big hug to Judy for sharing her story — and a smooch for being such a great Allegro customer. xxxooo

Allegro’s office is pet-friendly so we were thrilled that we could help Lady lead a more independent life. Andy Judy too! Get your own Light Relief Light Therapy along with all of your medical supplies at AllegroMedical.com.

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Much speculation surrounds beach volleyball superstar and Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh’s shoulder “tattoo”. It’s not a tattoo at all, actually. It’s Kinesio Tape, reportedly placed there to help improve healing and reduce shoulder pain.

Kinesio Tape and Kinesio Taping is nothing new, but it is certainly catching on. It was developed more than 25 years ago by Dr. Kenzo Kase, a Japanese chiropractor who trained in the US.

For years, the tape and the taping methods were primarily used by sports medicine doctors, rehabilitation specialists, physical therapists and chiropractors. The effectiveness of Kinesio Taping has spread like wildfire and it is now used by medical practitioners and top athletes worldwide. The Japanese Olympic volleyball team is thought to have started the frenzy with the athletes.

I’ve read that Kinesio Taping is being used on Lance Armstrong, Serena Williams, David Beckam, Robby Ginepri and Justine Henin, not to mention the current crop of Olympiads including Martins Plavins and of course, Kerri Walsh.

In Lance Armstrong’s book “Every Second Counts”, he refers to Kinesio as “Something better than any laser, wrap, or electric massager…The Tape. It is a special hot-pink athletic tape that came from Japan and seemed to have special powers. Every morning before the stage, they would tape us all up, different parts of our bodies . . . George’s back, Chechu’s knees. Sometimes we’d be so wrapped up in hot-pink tape that we’d look like dolls, a bunch of broken dolls. But the next day the pain disappeared–it was gone.”

Kinesio Taping is basically a technique of applying Kinesio Tape — thin, elastic, color-coded strips of tape – on joints and muscles where support and stability is needed. It is a “non-restrictive” taping method (think the opposite of heavy strapping of ankles), used to reduce pain and inflammation, relax overused tire muscles and speed healing. It is also used for preventative maintenance, edema and pain management.

The tape itself is an elastic woven tape that comes in a variety of widths, colors and types. It is cut into different shapes and applied with a slight stretch to stretched skin. It may look like conventional athletic tape but it is fundamentally different in that it has a specific elasticity that plays a role in its effectiveness. It is thin, like skin, and is applied by professionals trained specifically for the different applications. It is placed on top of the skin, strategically, often in “waves”, and is effective for 3 to 5 days before it needs to be replaced. You can shower or swim with it. It doesn’t contain latex, which is great for those with latex allergies.

How Does Kinesio Tape Work?

When properly applied, you don’t even know the tape is there. The practitioner places it on slightly stretched skin from one end of the muscle to the other, with varying amounts of stretch to the tape. For muscle support/facilitation, the tape is applied from the muscle origin to the muscle insertion. For rehabilitation or muscular inhibition, it goes on just the opposite.

The taping technique is based on the body’s own natural healing process. Rather than “strap down” the muscle, the philosophy is to give free range of motion and allow the body’s own muscular system to heal itself bio-mechanically. Application of Kinesio Tape encourages muscles to function as they would if they didn’t need the tape, which improves not only body movement but circulation of venous and lymph flows, body temperature, etc. Pretty simple, but it makes perfect sense. There is, I believe, a psychological aspect as well. If your sore muscles are supported and allowed to heal, you are not in as much pain and you relax. Your performance improves along with faster healing.

Kinesio Tape’s Uses are Seemingly Endless

Who would think that strategically placed elastic athletic tape would make any difference in the healing process, or athletic performance, for that matter? Well, it seems to work in a whole lot of ways if you ask our customers. Reviews (avg 5 out of 5 stars) of Kinesio Tape mention its effectiveness in relieving carpal tunnel, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, shoulder pain, and even ocular myasthenia. Other sources say that Kinesio Tape can be used for headaches to foot problems and everything in between. Examples include muscular facilitation or inhibition in pediatric patients, lower back strain/pain (subluxations, herniated disc), knee conditions, hamstring, groin injury, rotator cuff injury, whiplash, tennis elbow, patella tracking, pre- and post-surgical edema, ankle sprains, athletic preventative injury method, and as a support method.

One very important thing to remember is that the effectiveness of Kinesio Tape highly relies on the placement and technique. You can do it yourself, but only after you have been trained by a professional.

If you have any of the conditions mentioned above, Kinesio Taping might be worth a mention to your medical practitioner or chiropractor. For those professionals looking for a great deal on Kinesio Tape, or any other medical supplies check out AllegroMedical.com.

After 21 years of marriage and 2 miscarriages, we believed we would not be able to have children. So, we were very surprised when I became pregnant at 41. We naturally conceived fraternal twins, but at 8 weeks lost one of them due to a ruptured placenta.

All went well until 20 weeks when I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and put on bed rest. Even with all the efforts of my doctor, I had an emergency c-section at just 27 weeks and our son was born at just 1 lb 8oz. He faced all of the risks of such a premature birth complicated by his extremely small size, since he should have been over 2 lbs at that gestation. It was a nightmare experience, but miraculously, after 2 eye surgeries and one to repair a hernia, he overcame it all and was discharged from the hospital after 106 days at 7 lbs. He required oxygen therapy for another 2 months as well as physical therapy to overcome his developmental delays. And, at 1 year old he was developmentally caught up to his peers and no longer needed any special treatment.

His only lingering problem was a low appetite and a dislike of many food textures. Many preemies and other children who have had to be ventilated develop oral aversions, and although his are not severe, they are still a problem. I sympathize with those whose children won’t eat at all. He weaned off the bottle fine, but would not eat enough food to gain weight. Anytime he had a problem from a simple cold or an ear infection to the normal stresses of vacations and holidays, he would slow down on his eating and in some cases lose weight. At 18 months old, he only weighed 15 lbs. I was scared for him and worried about his adult height if he didn’t start putting on weight. I tried everything imaginable to get him to eat to no avail. After visiting with a nutritionist and his pediatrician, we put him on Nutren Jr.
This product has been a lifesaver for us. He gains weight even when he won’t eat solid foods. And he not only drinks it, he asks for it by the name he gave it – “high protein vanilla milk”! Everything else we tried, he actually spit out. Now at 2 ½ years old, he is a healthy 24 ½ lbs and finally on the “normal” growth curve for his age. He is eating more solids, but still gets two cans of Nutren Jr everyday.

Preemie Baby Collage

I found Allegro Medical through Amazon.com and eventually went to buying directly from Allegro. I love the convenience of on-line ordering, and since I order so much of this stuff, the one time I had an issue with missing cans from an order, the customer service department set my next order up with free shipping. Thank you Allegro Medical, for offering these products and providing such good customer service.

I now order Carnation Instant Breakfast
shakes from your company as well. It seems my husband and I have the opposite problem from our son — we are trying to lose weight!

Allegro sends a big hug to Eilene and her family for sharing their story, and a smooch for being such great Allegro customers.

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If you have a story about how an Allegro product helped you or someone you care for, we’d love to hear it. Please email up to 500 words to Valerie Paxton at vpaxton (at) allegromedical (dot) com. All submissions will be considered. Have a great day!