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June 21st marked the first official day of summer and along with the great weather and vacations it’s also a time of angst for allergy sufferers. And though there are many, many symptoms of allergies to mull over and gripe about, there is one major — and sometimes life threatening — aspect of the allergy season that some do not consider and that’s asthma.

Although asthma is not always linked to allergies, one in four people with allergies suffer from asthma symptoms and many asthma attacks are found to be induced by allergens in the air. So, that makes this time of year especially hard on asthma sufferers.

If you’re like me and you suffer from asthma, you know what it’s like to feel as if you’re drowning on dry land. I have lived with asthma for over ten years and at one point had to use my rescue inhaler more than four times a day. My days were filled with anxiety and fear over the fact that I would spend the rest of my life gasping for air. An automatic reflex such as breathing is something most people take for granted, but it ruled my thoughts. It wasn’t until recently that I was able to learn how to keep my asthma under control by learning what triggers my attacks, how to avoid the triggers and how to strengthen my lungs to reduce future attacks.

Did you know the average asthmatics lung capacity is less then half that of a non-asthmatic? That’s a scary statistic. Letting asthma go unmanaged and untreated is a dangerous gamble that could result in emergency room visits. Everyone with asthma has different triggers and will require custom treatments prepared and discussed with their personal physician. But, everyone with Asthma can always benefit from a few simple steps at home to reduce their risk of an attack and build lung strength.

Allegro Medical can provide some solutions and products for you and your family to help reduce the risk of asthma-induced injury and hopefully decrease your anxiety as well.

Asthma allergic triggers include pollens, pet dander, dust mites, mold, trees, grasses and flowers. A few steps you can take to reduce your chance of an allergy-induced asthma attack are as follows:

1. Vacuum and dust frequently making sure to concentrate on the areas you inhabit most such as bedrooms and living rooms. Dust everything from electronics to ceiling fans and baseboards. It all eventually gets kicked into the air and into your lungs.

2. Whenever possible keep windows closed and use your air conditioner to cool and circulate air. Open windows invite your allergen foes right into your home.

3. Cover your mattress and pillows with our Allergen-Proof Pillow Cases and Zip and Block Anti-Allergen Mattress Encasing. Natural down filled pillows attract and store dust mites so invest in our Allergy Free Pillows.

4. Consider an air purifier such as Allegro’s XJ-3800 Intelligent Air Purifier and Surround Air Car Ionizer. An air purifier can help reduce the triggers you can’t see.

5. If you must exercise or work outside wear a respirator mask such as Allegro’s All-Purpose Respirator Mask whenever possible. Consider it an investment in your lungs’ future.

For asthma induced by non-allergen irritants such as tobacco smoke, wood smoke, room fresheners, chemicals, perfumes, air pollution and stress, take the following steps:

1. Avoid exercise and time outdoors completely on high pollution/allergy advisory days. You can check that at weather.com.

2. Discontinue all use of candle, spray or plug-in air fresheners. You can eliminate the need for these items by cleaning your home regularly and discarding of odorous trash promptly.

3. If you can’t avoid social situations that involve cigarette smoke or strong perfumes make sure you use your asthma inhaler before coming into contact with them. This can help reduce the likelihood of breathing difficulty while exposed to these items. But avoid exposure to tobacco smoke as a general “duh” rule of thumb.

4. Build up lung strength with our Power Lung Exerciser. There are several levels of resistance with the Power Lung so you can find the one best for your needs.

5. Take time every day to reduce stress and tension. Relax and unwind with a little daily Yoga courtesy of Flow Yoga

Children with asthma can’t always vocalize when they are having difficulty breathing or know what their triggers are. It’s not always possible to keep your child indoors and you don’t want to reduce their activities when they need the exercise. Here are some things you can do to help you child manage their asthma:

1. Monitor lung function with Allegro’s Peak Flow Meter or Spirometer. Keeping a daily record of your peak flow is a great tool to help your doctor monitor your asthma.

2. Children often need help taking their asthma medication correctly so purchase the OptiHaler Drug Delivery Spacer from Allegro to keep handy and maximize the medications effectiveness.

3. Encourage regular exercise on clean air days to help build and maintain existing lung function. And never smoke around your child.

4. Make sure you child’s school is aware of their condition and allows them to carry a rescue inhaler with them at all times.

The bottom line is to stay in control of your environment. Work with your doctor to find out more about your triggers and how to better manage them. And remember Allegro is here every season of the year to help with your home healthcare needs. Shop by Condition to see all of our Allergy Relief Products and Asthma Relief Products.

Oh Baby, I’m so Hot

It’s getting hot in here. Phoenix, that is. Thank goodness for the Chillow Pillow. Regular pillows trap heat, which can make for a really uncomfortable night. The Chillow’s patented technology provides a unique fluid-cool, cushioning memory foam effect that is steady and long lasting. It requires no electricity, is noiseless, non-toxic and requires no refrigeration. Double the effectiveness with the Chillow Pak which includes the original Chillow and the ChillowPlus. I use the regular Chillow under my head and the ChillowPlus under my back or between my knees.

Chillows are perfect for lounging on the couch, relief from hot flashes, headaches or aching muscles. If only it covered my whole bed. And my lawn chair. I wonder if I could just strap one to my butt, for the car…

Hold up. I spoke too soon. No need to craft a ‘sit-upon’ out of your Chillow Pillow when Allegro is offering the Comfy Cruise Self-Cooling Cushion. Perfect for home, office, car or wheelchair use.

And what about Sparky? The Canine Cooler provides the same cooling comfort in a pet bed. If you don’t get one for your pet, guess who’s sharing your Chillow Pillow this summer?

For You Outdoorsy Types

Campers and beach bums: Don’t leave home without the Wheeleez Folding Beach Cart. It hauls up to 165 lbs of gear at a time over sand, soft grass or rough terrain. Use it at home, too, to tote stuff from your garage to your garden, or to move sensitive camera or sound equipment. Adjustable handle. Folds easily for storage. Get the smaller, lighter version, the Mini Beach Cart to move up to 77 lbs of gear at a pop.

Kayakers and Kayak Rental Shops: The Wheeleez Kayak Canoe Cart is about to make a whole lotta lives easier, especially if you’re transporting a large kayak or canoe on the beach. Go for the smaller, lighter Mini Kayak Cart for touring kayaks. It collapses and fits right in most kayak deck hatches. I really need to sell these carts to that kayak rental place we used in Kauai. I know, I’m a wus. But…but…sniff…I got a blood blister AND I scraped the skin off my hand before we even got in the water. Poor baby.

See all of our great Wheeleez Products

Golfers: If you’re serious about improving your golf game, you have to get the Bionic Golf Glove. This high tech glove is based on the anatomy of the hand, eliminating the natural mistakes the hand makes during the golf swing. The intricately placed padding of the Bionic Glove evens out the surface of the hand on the club, which prevents a too tight grip, keeping the hand from easily tiring. Makes a great gift.

Gardeners: Don’t let tired hands prevent you from working in your garden this summer. These do more than keep dirt out of your fingernails. Bionic Gardening Gloves add padding in all the right places to prevent fatigue, and help stop calluses and blisters from forming. Protect your hands and prolong your strength while gardening, with the best thing to come along since Miracle Gro. Try the reinforced Extended Wear Bionic Gardening Glove for heavy gardening and yard work). Men’s and women’s sizes available.

Take a look at Allegro’s whole line of gardening tools and products, all designed to make gardening easier and more fun.

Cast Wearers and the like: Nothing puts the kibosh on a day at the lake like a cast. Not any more! You’re safe to go in the water with the amazing Dry Pro Cast Protector. Keep your arm or leg cast or bandage completely dry while you are swimming or bathing. Dry Pro has the only completely waterproof cast cover in the world, with a patented vacuum system that ensures protection. So jump in! The water’s fine.

Allegro also carries the Dry Pro PICC or IV Line Protector and Full-Leg Prosthesis Cover.
For the shower, try the ShowerSafe Cast and Bandage Protector.

One more thing and I’ll shut up about casts. It’s summer. Casts get itchy and stinky. Please spring for a Cast Cooler.

If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Hot Tub

Oh…oh…oh… I love these. Check out these bad babies. The Spa2Go Inflatable and Portable Whirlpool Spa and Spa-n-a-Box Portable Spa. Did you ever think you could just put a big ‘ol hot tub anywhere you want? How cool is that?

Your Feet Are Showing

Cool off your hot, tired feet with Neat Feat Cool Foot Spray. Instantly refreshes and energizes your smelly (did I say smelly? I meant sweaty) feet after a long summer day, and keeps them dry.

Get your tootsies ready for summer sandals with a home pedicure. Own your own massaging foot bath and paraffin wax bath (pure heaven) for a salon pedicure at home.

When your feet are all purty slip them into a pair of these super popular Supracor Sandals and let your pampering continue as they massage your feet and absorb shock.

For those required to actually go closed-toed, I suggest you get a new job. If that’s not an option, do yourself, your shoes and your feet a favor and throw a nice pair of Super Feet Insoles in there. You won’t believe how much longer your shoes will last and how great your feet will feel.

Kidding Around

Wouldn’t be summer without kids on bikes, trikes, scooters and pedal cars, now would it? We have a bunch to choose from. Imagine your little princess pedaling in the park in her Pink Lady Pedal Car or your little astronaut zooming around the yard on his Radio Flyer Retro Rocket. Awww. I just want to pinch their chubby cheeks.

While you’re grilling New Yorks in the back yard, watching Bo destroy your flowers with his Hot Rod Pedal Car, go ahead and secure little Ian in his handy dandy Cozy Portable Playard Tent plus Cabana Kit. He won’t be wandering around, playing with dog poo, falling down, getting eaten by bugs, eating bugs. He’ll be secure in his own little see-through UV coated tent with a see-through lid… playing quietly…just like he was told to.

Get Fit, Stay Fit, even on the Road

Tired of coming home from vacation or business trips feeling like a slug because you hadn’t exercised? Keep up your exercise program no matter where you go this summer with an AquaBells Combo Set! Simply fill the 26 ounce super tough dumbbell pouches with water and instantly have up to 16 pounds for each dumbbell. Then empty the AquaBells when it’s time to hit the road. The kit also includes Aqua Bells Ankle Weights that go from 8 ozs when collapsed to 8 lbs when filled with water. Nice.

Another great travel fitness product is the Perfect Pushup Travel Edition. The pushup handles are so small you can put them in your briefcase or backpack, and they have the same great rotating motion as the original Perfect Pushup.

It’s the perfect time of year for outdoor jogging and biking, and now you can bring baby with you on that morning run, with a jogging stroller. I find 4:45 a.m. a nice time to get out in Phoenix in July. Allegro has great pricing on jogging strollers and bike trailers.

If you’re going to ruin your hair and make-up in the pool, you might as well get some exercise. Get a low impact, effective workout with water exercise equipment. Allegro has everything from water weights to underwater treadmills, to complete water exercise kits for men and women. Great for weak, painful or arthritic joints, and to add a twist to your workout routine. Use water’s natural resistance to get your body in shape.

While you’re in there, take your tunes with you with a SwiMP3 Surf Waterproof MP3 Player. Listen to up to 60 songs for up to 10 hours on each charge. PC and Mac compatible. Surf, swim, kayak or just get wet. Your SwiMP3 will stay high and dry while you’re down with your bad self.

Roll in Style

Need a lightweight wheelchair for trips to the zoo, or vacations at the beach? Get a Folding Transport Chair from Allegro. Or, check out this cool 13 lb. Nissin Travel Wheelchair. They’re convenient and comfortable for short trips.

Get ON the beach, in the sand, with a heavy-duty Rolleez All-Terrain Chair. You can also use this cool PVC chair in the park, at the campgrounds and in the snow – anywhere you have difficulty rolling. 250 lb. capacity.

Or, you can use the Wheeleez Monster Beach Cart to get you, your wheelchair, and a bunch of other stuff (up to 400 lbs) across soft sand, soggy grass or any other unstable or uneven surface. Hang out on the beach. Pop a cold one. Chill.

And don’t let your wheelchair stop you from hanging out at the pool. The rust-proof, water-proof Pool Wheelchair is exactly what you need.

Hey, it would be really cool if you ordered some of this stuff NOW. Thanks for your business. We appreciate it. –Val.