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Allegro has hundreds of wound care products at the best prices, for physicians and health-care professionals, or patients at home. Shop Allegro for:
Bandages, dressings
Adhesives, applicators and gauze
Collagen and silicon
Wound cleansers and prep

Bandages and dressings

Allegro has a variety of dressing brands, in all sizes, quantities and types for venous ulcers, diabetic skin and all other types of wounds.

  • Foam dressings, which provide thermal insulation for a moist healing environment, are non-adhesive and easy to remove.
  • Hydrocolloid dressings react with wound exudate to form a gel-like covering to protect the wound and maintain a moist environment. Hydrocolloids are occlusive and adhesive wafer dressings which combine colloidal materials with adhesive elastomers to manage light to moderate draining.
  • Antimicrobial dressings are capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms. Highly absorbent calcium
  • alginate dressings are placed into the wound as a dry fiber, then quickly absorb exudate and convert to a gel, facilitating moist wound healing. Recommended for wounds with moderate to heavy exudate, alginate dressings can handle up to twenty times their weight in fluid.
  • Hydrogels have high water content and provide moisture to dry wounds to promote healing. Gel and hydrogel dressings are for infected and non-infected wounds, and for minimally draining wounds.
  • Allegro is your place for bandages such as cotton-based or nylon stretch for securing dressings, self-adherent wraps and Unna boots for firm, even compression therapy. Or, for support of sprains and strains with no clips or tape, try elastic tubular retainers or bandages in a wide variety of sizes and colors. See our selection of zinc-oxide based bandages for leg ulcers, eczema and dermatitis.

    Adhesives, applicators and gauze.

    There’s every type of tape you need, right here at Allegro, including gentle yet secure paper, cotton elastic and sports tapes, plus specialty tapes that are waterproof and breathable to hold dressings and gauze in place.

    Stock up on sterile, cotton tip 3″ and 6″ applicators in boxes of up to 2000.

    For packing and drainage, 100% cotton packing strips can accompany your dressings. Also good for dental packing. Come to Allegro for soft gauze in pads and rolls, and sponges good for all types of wound treatments.

    Collagen and silicon

    Control the effects of scars with silicone gel sheeting. Used by dermatologists and surgeons worldwide to lessen the look of injury and surgery scars.

    Self-adherent silicon dressings minimize the pain of dressing changes by lowering trauma to the wound. Silicon is good for wounds, burns and skin ulcers. Or, collagen dressings provide the strength and structural support of collagen that enables healing to proceed at a rapid rate.

    Wound cleansers and prep

    Wound cleansers and debriders gently cleanse a wound before dressing application. They contain ingredients that absorb drainage and/or deodorize the wound, and are used to remove dead tissue while keeping healthy tissue intact. Good for painless flushing and removal of bacteria and debris.

    Use absorbers (hydrophilic dressings) in gel, paste or powder to decrease the amount of exudate and to bring nutrients to the wound site that help the body heal faster. Safe for diabetic wounds.
    When was the last time you checked your first aid kit? Replace that old kit in your home or office with a new kit from Allegro. Our first aid kits contain everything you need to administer minor first aid – bandages, topical cream, antiseptic, gauze, scissors, aspirin, ammonia inhalants, a first aid booklet – even an instant ice pack.

    As we age and our joints and muscles aren’t what they used to be, we may need assistance sitting in and getting up from chairs and sofas. Arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy and many post-operative conditions can also decrease mobility, creating a need for aid raising from and lowering into chairs. Maintain independence, and get help for yourself or a loved one, with the latest in electric lift chair technology from Allegro.

    Lifting Assistance

    A Lifting Cushion is an inexpensive solution to mobility issues and loss of upper or lower body strength. These comfortable cushions turn any chair or sofa into a lift chair. Simply use the cushion on a chair, then push a lever for assistance when you wish to rise. The cushion is then ready to assist you later, to sit again. Lift cushions are also completely portable.

    Or, raise the height of a chair, table or bed on a temporary or permanent basis with easy risers. They are easy to install, and an economic alternative to a lifting mechanism.

    Lift Chairs
    Choose from a wide variety of two-position lift chairs, from the best brands available. Select the perfect chair for your needs, with the right features; such as whisper quiet motor, heated pads, vibration options, narrow lift for tight spaces, reclining or non-reclining lift, lifetime motor warranty, and more, all in a plethora of styles, fabrics and colors. Most have easy one-touch button remotes and battery backups in case of power failure.

    Three-position lift chairs offer three recline positions, and take you from fully reclined to standing in seconds. Take your pick of style, color and price range. You can even customize some models with special features, like large compartments in the armrests, padding with adjustable filling for your back, and even foldaway trays. Each chair has a manufacturer’s warranty.

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    When food just isn’t enough, look no further than Allegro for all your dietary supplements – from nutrition drinks for kids and adults to calcium to creatine, or for patients on liquid diets. Among our thousands of dietary supplements you’re sure to find what you need at the lowest prices.

    Adult and Child Supplemental Nutrition

    For children with special dietary needs, those suffering from illness, or children who are not getting proper nutrition, Allegro has a wide selection of canned and powder child nutrition supplements for oral or tube feeding, and they’re priced for stocking up! Healthcare professionals- Allegro has medical foods for children with cow milk intolerance, gastrointestinal impairments, and severe food allergies from the brands you use everyday. Also, to help make the medicine go down, try our popular flavor packets for clinical nutrition diets.

    Moms, get your nutrition-filled formulas and brand name supplements from Allegro, at the best prices, delivered right to your door.

    For short and long term tube feeding, our nutrition liquids can be your patient’s sole source. Maintain moderate bowel function due to high fiber content. Consumers should consult a physician on the use of these products. Allegro also has enteral feeding supplies.

    Adults suffering from unwanted weight loss because of medications, cancer, depression or other illness can regain some of the weight and vitality with great tasting calorie and protein supplements. Unwanted weight loss should be discussed with your physician.

    Or, for faster healing of wounds and burns, a drink rich in Arginine and vitamins C and E can help. Discuss with your healthcare professional how an Arginine-intensive supplement can help you.

    Amino Acids and Sports Performance Products

    Trying to build muscle and just can’t “cut” it? Need help slimming down? Whether you are a body builder or yoga instructor, or have been instructed by a healthcare professional to supplement your diet, you may achieve your best results with:

  • Amino acids – the building blocks of protein. Supplements are taken to compensate for inadequate intake from food of amino acids and protein. Amino acids boost energy and metabolism, and provide optimum muscle growth. All the top brands available, in tablets, liquid, powder and gelcaps.
  • Arginine Pyroglutamate supports muscular metabolism and cognitive functions. Contains the stacked amino acids that induce the secretion of growth hormones, which may help increase strength, burn fat, enhance libido, boost immunity, and support tendons and ligaments.
  • L-Glutamine aids metabolism, immunity and mental function. It is taken by athletes because it also helps increase growth hormone release and enhances muscle metabolism.
  • Creatine is used to improve physical or athletic performance, promote lean body mass, support fast recovery and to decrease fatigue.
  • Vanadyl sulfate is a popular product for bodybuilders. It promotes muscle uptake of glucose, producing a significant anabolic (process of metabolism in which cell growth occurs) effect on muscle mass. This anabolic effect is important for muscle growth and anti-aging.
  • Anabolic precursors such as DHEA supplements may stimulate the immune system. They are used to improve mood, energy, sense of well-being, and the ability to function well under stress. Anabolic precursors are also used to build body mass. Safe and legal anabolic agents are available now, for faster recovery times, increased strength, and increased energy.
  • Bars, Meal Replacements and Snacks

    Allegro has all the big name energy and meal replacement bars, (and even some you haven’t heard of) in the most popular flavors, sold by the case to save you money. Have one in place of dessert, before a workout, or in the car when you have no time for breakfast. They are filling; full of protein, vitamins and minerals, and some are even certified organic. Check calorie, protein, carb and vitamin content, ingredients and flavors to find the perfect bar for your needs.

    Keep protein intake up and lower caloric intake with a meal replacement. Dozens of combinations of proteins in a variety of flavored powders and packets will help you to support muscle mass, and replace vitamins and minerals used in workouts. Meant to enhance a healthy eating and active lifestyle.

    Low Carbohydrate solutions, such as protein powders, smoothie and shake mixes, add vitamins and minerals while filling you up, to help maintain lean physique.

    Stevia is 200-300 times sweeter than sugar but doesn’t raise blood sugar levels and contains no carbs or calories, and is processed from an herbal plant. Research indicates that both diabetics and those suffering from hypoglycemia may use Stevia as their sweetener.

    Snack time! Get high protein and low fat from ostrich, turkey and beef jerky, a great snack or meal on the go. Get your soy nutrients from soy crisps and nuts in several flavors, or try low fat, natural potato chips that actually taste great!

    Dietary Fats/Oils and Herbs

    Omega-3 fatty acids benefit the hearts of healthy people, and those with or at risk for cardiovascular disease. Fatty fish, such as trout, herring, albacore tuna and salmon are high in two omega-3 fatty acids and protein, and don’t have the high saturated fat of meat. Dietary fats such as fish oil, flax oil and flaxseed can enhance your diet or be taken in place of fish servings for these fatty acids.
    Evening primrose oil has been shown to relieve pre-menstrual issues, skin disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, and to help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

    Allegro has dozens of herbal supplements, packaged and collected with care to ensure freshness and natural potency. Ask your physician or do your own research for scientific information on these claims.

    Herbs are used for many health reasons, including: Saw Palmetto for prostate health; Echinacea for immunity and help in preventing colds and flu; Goldenseal, also for immunity and for glandular sluggishness; Alfalfa supports the skeletal, glandular, digestive, and urinary systems, and contains protein and several vitamins and minerals; Chickweed for treatment of skin disorders, blood disorders, gout, fevers, asthma, arthritis, constipation, lung disease, and as an aid in weight control; Gotu Kola helps to combat stress, improve reflexes, and increase mental and physical power, and is used for high blood pressure, senility, aging, and to help the body protect itself against toxins; Bee Pollen for weight loss, increased energy, vitality, stamina, enhancing the immune system, relieving allergy and asthma symptoms, and more; Ginseng for opening the mind, strengthening the body, improving memory, increasing vitality, extending endurance, cleansing the body of stress, fighting fatigue and more; and Garlic, known to support healthy cardiovascular function.

    Look at our wide variety of herbal supplements, for your mental and physical health, today!

    Weight Loss Products, Energy and Sports Drinks, Weight Gain

    Need a little help with weight loss or trying to burn fat with little result? Along with proper nutrition and exercise, the right weight loss program will bring the results you have been looking for, safely. Metabolism boosters, fat inhibitors, calorie burners – Allegro has them all, with and without stimulants to support your lifestyle, and at great prices.

    Feeling sluggish? Need an extra energy boost during the day? We have energy products in drops, drinks, powders and pills, and some are all natural.

    Sports and workout fanatics, get that extra energy from a sports drink with green tea and guarana, or put back what your workout takes away with a re-hydrator. Aid recovery and enhance weight gain with a high carbohydrate drink, or get your protein or amino acids in a convenient, ready-to-drink can or drink box. Sold by the case for your convenience and savings.

    For weight gain and muscle enhancement, and to gain mass not fat, try a weight gain powder from Allegro. We have all the name brands with the best combinations of sugars and whey proteins, in sizes up to 10 pounds so you always have it around.

    Vitamins and Over the Counter Drugs
    Vitamins can help prevent illness, repair damage to the body and make us feel better as we age. We have name brand and generic vitamins and minerals at Allegro at the best prices. Get pre-natal vitamins, Calcium, iron, C, D, multi vitamins, all the B’s and more, delivered right to your door.

    Allegro has great deals on generic OTC medications, as well as your favorite brand name products, ready to stock your medicine cabinet. Lip therapy; children’s medicines; laxatives (stimulant and softening types) for regular use or evacuations prior to surgery; antifungal and infection preventing cr`emes and ointments for minor scrapes, burns and owies; arthritis pain medication; acetaminophen pain reliever; anti-diarrhea and motion sickness medicine; even diaper rash medicine and eye drops, are all available, right here.

    My name is Lisa Hood. In 1992, at only 19 years old, I was diagnosed
    with Relapsing Remitting MS. At the time of my diagnosis, a breakthrough
    treatment, Betaseron, was being introduced to the medical community.
    Betaseron was only available to those suffering from a more chronic,
    debilitating form of MS, and even they could only get it by entering a
    lottery. Now I’m 34 years old and there are at least five different
    medications used to treat Multiple Sclerosis. I tried most of them, not
    because I had to, but because I wanted to! You see I have MS, it does
    not have me! Since I was first diagnosed, I decided to take control of
    my life.

    After an MRI of my brain showed scarring on both sides of my frontal
    lobe, I was relieved to have an answer: MS is causing the paralysis to
    the entire right side of my body. Just as quickly as walking became a
    pastime, within a few months I was running. No longer dependent on a
    wheelchair but graduating to a walker . . . cane . . .then poof!! I was
    walking, dancing, and playing tennis as if nothing had ever happened. It
    seemed as if in a flash, I went from being able bodied to paralyzed and
    back again and I wasn’t the only one who thought “that’s weird, right?”
    I like to call it part of the “Wonderful and Strange” things associated
    with this disorder.

    For seven years I did not need or want treatment. I would relapse every
    once in a while, in a different form; numbness from the waist down,
    numbness in my feet or switch it up and the left side of my body was
    numb for months at a time. It’s more of an annoyance but, the “Doctors”
    called them exacerbations, episodes or flare-ups. Hey, they like giving
    things names and that’s okay by me. I have tried different forms of
    treatment; Avonex (3 years) and Rebif (3 years). I also changed my
    neurologist and for the past 2 years have been feeling better than ever.
    Currently, I am taking Copaxone injections daily along with some
    medications and really trying to get a workout regime nailed down. I
    have my trusty “shower chair” so as to avoid any falling while wet!

    In January 2006, my neurologist said, “Lets try something different.
    You’re tired and I don’t think there is now or ever will be that pill
    that is going to give you the energy you need.” I told her to “Bring it
    on!”. I’m always up for a new adventure. Now, this is important, I trust
    this woman implicitly with my health. She is more up to date on current
    MS treatments than I am and she has only my best interests at heart. No
    hidden agenda. She works for me. She is my doctor. Refreshing, isn’t it?
    It feels that way to me and I am so thankful she is in my life. So, this
    new treatment is low dose Cytoxin and Messna. Chemotherapy! And it has
    helped. I only do it every 4 weeks for about 3 months but I have more
    energy and feel great.

    MS is a different journey for each individual, I try to enjoy mine and
    go with the ebb and flow as best I can. I’m also not in this alone and
    that is truly a blessing to me. I’m grateful and humbled by everything
    my loved ones do for me and with me. I enjoy life. My take on everything
    is to have a positive outlook. It sure takes away the stress when you
    start with yourself first, then clean house by getting away from
    negative influences. Kick the negativity to the curb and let the street
    sweeper suck it up and out of your life. I am very fortunate to have the
    amazing family and friends that I have. They are super supportive of who
    I am. I also have incredible doctors, I ask tons of questions and follow
    their recommendations as best as I can. It is very important to remember
    the doctor you choose can be changed. He or she works for you, not the
    other way around. Ask questions, I can’t emphasize this enough!

    Having a fabulous DME like Allegro Medical has helped in meeting my always changing needs for things like shower chairs, grab bars, yoga equipment, (mats, medicine balls, light weights), ice packs (shoulder holder), walking aids and much more.

    Our extensive list of diagnostic and evaluation products includes tools for home and professional use.
    Strength, muscle and range of motion testing
    Diagnostic tools and measuring devices
    Assessment tools
    Vital signs equipment

    Strength, muscle and range of motion testing

    Measure range of motion, posture, physical angles and curvature accurately with a goniometer or inclinometer from Allegro. To test strength, and for rehab evaluation see our manual muscle testers, hand squeeze dynamometers, pinch gauges and other muscle strength electronics from only the highest quality brands.

    Diagnostic tools and measuring devices

    Test and track your body fat anytime, in the privacy of your own home with a body fat analyzer. Or, track your fitness goals with a pedometer. You will always know your heart rate when exercising, and can track distance, pace and calories burned- better than any personal trainer.

    Allegro has dozens of scales for home or office, including mechanical and digital bathroom-style, physicians’ scales, scales for weighing babies, and high capacity and wheelchair scales, all at the best prices anywhere.

    Get fast and accurate measurement of edema for arms, legs, feet or hands with a volumeter.

    Physicians, assess patients’ hearing and vibratory sensation with a set of tuning forks. Doctors (and Dr. Moms), detect ear infections or eardrum abnormalities with an otoscope.

    Assessment tools

    Test children of all ages for development and proficiency. Our motor proficiency tests use balance, coordination, strength, motor control, and more in fun, challenging, game-like tasks. Tests gross and fine motor development. Or, test dexterity, cognition, perception and manipulative ability for developing or injured patients with our assessment tests.
    Assess functional performance of psychiatric, brain-injured, geriatric, or developmentally disabled patients with the BaFPE (Bay Area Functional Performance Evaluation) test.

    Allegro has reference books for physicians, such as a Stedman’s Concise Medical Dictionary, Quick Reference to Occupational Therapy and more.

    We have a wide array of timers and stopwatches for the countertop or the wrist. Time anything, anywhere, anytime…on time!

    Allegro has eye charts for vision testing from a variety of distances, and for all ages and levels of patients. Test your eyesight and track your vision at home, anytime.

    Looking for medical models? Life-size anatomical columns of the skeleton, including foot, leg, spine and shoulder are perfect for your office. Use our anatomical charts for teaching and informing patients or students the human muscular system, knee and more. Color charts show skeletal, ligament and muscle anatomy with anterior and posterior views.

    Vital signs equipment

    Allegro has everything you need to check vital signs. Check temperature in the ear, quickly and accurately, or the old-fashioned way, orally with our selection of thermometers and thermometer supplies. Medical pros, find your new stethoscope here, at a great price. While you’re at it, you may as well stock up on tongue depressors and pen lights for the office.

    Watching your blood pressure? We have blood pressure monitors perfect for home or professional use, including fully automatic monitors with digital readout and memory of the previous reading, and manual or automatic inflate.

    Check pulse during exercise or anytime with an oximeter. Heart rate is read with finger pulse or chest strap with wrist monitor for fitness testing. With the latest in oximeter technology you can record up to ten hours of information for later analysis, or download the information directly to your computer!

    If you are watching or lowering your cholesterol, check it on a regular basis at home, quickly and easily with a cholesterol home test kit. It is even FDA approved!

    We have many products for men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED), or impotence. Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to achieve and/or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse. It can also include erections becoming weaker or less rigid on a regular basis. ED is common with those suffering from hypertension, diabetes, prostate cancer and other health problems.

    Non-invasive Erection Aids, such as vacuum devices powered by a pump or battery, can assist with ED and premature ejaculation issues.
    Regular use of a Vacuum Device may help open and clear penile arteries and possibly restore them to their natural elasticity, allowing more blood flow to the penis. This results in more rigid erections.
    Vacuum devices are completely external. The vacuum action increases the blood flow to the penis resulting in a rigid erection. A soft comfortable ring is then placed at the base of the penis to hold the erection longer. Our erection aids include instruction manuals and even 800 number assistance lines to ensure proper use of the products. These systems have proven effective in 9 out of 10 impotent men, with no surgery, no side effects, and are often covered by Medicare and insurance companies.
    Take a look, and see how erection aids can improve your sex life, and help bring intimacy back to your relationship.