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Save Time & Money

Last week we announced our new Auto-Reorder program in a Press Release on PRWeb. Auto Re-Order especially benefits customers requiring uninterrupted shipments of essential medical supplies and consumable products such as diabetic test strips, catheters, dietary supplements and wound care supplies. We already have customers commenting on the program and they’re loving it. Help us spread the word!

Here’s how it works: You order once and set up your subsequent deliveries to be shipped at whatever interval works for you — every 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 or 180 days. You can set any of our 50,000+ products to Auto Re-Order. It’s that easy. You can access Auto Re-Order from your My Account page (to set up products ordered before), or from any of the product description pages, or from your shopping cart during checkout. Once you’ve submitted your first order, you can edit or cancel anytime from your “My Account” page.

Re-Orders are Perfect For:


  • Diabetics — Reorder Diabetic Supplies, Wound Care Supplies, Skin Care
  • Active Wheelchair Users / Paraplegics / Quadraplegics — Reorder Catheters & Urological Supplies, Toileting Aids, Incontinence Items
  • Caregivers — Reorder Skin Care & Cleansing Products, Personal Care Items, Dietary Supplements, TENS Supplies
  • Busy Mothers / Parents — Reorder Child Nutrition
  • Ostimates — Reorder Ostomy Supplies
  • Wound care patients — Reorder Wound Care Supplies
  • Cancer patients / Chronic or Long-Term Illness — Reorder Nutritional Supplements
  • Body builders, fitness buffs, active adults, mature audiences — Reorder Supplementary Nutrition
  • Special Diet Patients — Reorder Food Thickeners, Weight Gainers, Enteral Feeding Supplies, Tube Feeding, Weight Loss/Energy
  • Gov, Ed, B2B

    Procurement Officers for government agencies

  • Purchasing Agents for educational institutions
  • Medical Office Managers for doctor’s offices, medical clinics, hospitals — Reorder Exam Gloves, Wound Care Supplies Disposable Medical Supplies Diagnostic Supplies
  • Gyms & Spas — Reorder Dietary Supplements
  • Sports Rehab, Pain Management Specialists – Reorder Hot & Cold Therapy Supplies, Pain Management
  • We hope you enjoy our new Auto Re-Order feature. Please contact us if you have any problems, questions or comments.

    If you have a website, please link to our site as a resource for your visitors! Please link to us using this code:

    Allegro Medical.

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    Cool Slumber

    Chill out with a Chillow Pillow! Regular pillows trap heat, and on warm summer nights can make for an uncomfortable sleep. Feel the chill with a Chillow Pillow, for an always cool, spring breeze sensation. Its patented comfort technology provides added cushion to your pillow. Chillow Pillow is perfect for hot nights, lounging on the couch, or even for relief of headaches or aching muscles. Relax this summer with the cool chill of the Chillow Pillow!

    Give your mattress some air, with the HoMedics Topper bed topper. It is ventilated foam that allows air to circulate, keeping your mattress cooler and your sleep more refreshing. Has memory foam for your comfort, and is hypo-allergenic.

    And how about the same cool comfort for your dog? The Canine Cooler provides a memory foam type comfort in a bed that is constantly cool. Give your pet a special treat, with a cool, comfy summer bed!

    Summer Fun

    Chill your wine and other beverages faster than the freezer with the Cooper Cooler. Sprays ice cold water on the container, cooling the beverage to a delicious 43 degrees in just minutes. Take it on the road! The Cooper Cooler Tailgater comes with a car kit to plug into your car’s power source. Get the Cooper Cooler for an ice cold summer!

    Keep all your food and beverages cold with a new cooler. Allegro has many sizes and colors for any type of outing.

    Is it possible for you to be a better golfer? Find out this summer with the Bionic Golf Glove. This high tech glove is based on the anatomy of the hand, eliminating the natural mistakes the hand makes during the golf swing. The intricately placed padding of the Bionic Glove evens out the surface of the hand on the club, which prevents a too tight grip, keeping the hand from easily tiring. See what improvements the Bionic Golf Glove will make in your game, and make it a gift for the golfers in your life.

    Don’t let tired hands prevent you from working in your garden this summer. These do more than keep dirt out of your fingernails! Bionic Gardening Gloves add padding in all the right places to prevent fatigue, and help stop calluses and blisters from forming. Protect your hands and prolong your strength while gardening, with the best thing to come along since Miracle Gro – Bionic Gardening Gloves.

    And take a look at our gardening tools and products. You may see something else you just can’t live without!

    Don’t miss summer fun at the lake or pool just because you have a cast or bandage! Dry Pro cast protectors keep your arm or leg cast or bandage completely dry while you cool off in the water. Dry Pro has the only completely waterproof cast cover in the world, with a patented vacuum system that ensures protection. So feel free to join in on the fun, with your cast, worry free!

    Watch your child pedal all over your yard, or take him to the park in a pedal car. They are great exercise, and great fun! Choose from cars, trucks and rockets.

    Care for Summer Feet

    Cool off your hot, tired feet with Neat Feat Cool Foot Spray. Instantly refreshes and energizes your feet after a long summer day, and keeps them dry.

    Get your tootsies ready for summer sandals with a home pedicure. Own your own massaging foot bath, to soothe aching feet anytime. And, for a salon manicure and pedicure at home, this manicure set will give you that professional look, without a trip to the salon, and without the high prices.

    Summer Fitness

    Tired of coming home from vacation or business trips regretting that you hadn’t exercised? Keep up your exercise program no matter where you go this summer with AquaBells! Simply fill the super tough pouches with water and instantly have up to 16 pounds for each dumbbell. Then empty AquaBells when it is time to hit the road. AquaBells only weigh 26 ounces and take up very little space in your travel gear. Also try AquaBells ankle weights for leg workouts. Great for underwater exercise and rehab too! Stay fit no matter where you are, with AquaBells.

    You can never have enough exercise balls. Get one for every room! FitBall exercise balls are used for balance, stability, flexibility, strength training and rehabilitation. They are available in four different sizes to suit your height, and type of workout. Also, look at the entire line of FitBall products, including how-to dvd’s, for a fit and healthy summer.

    It’s the perfect time of year for outdoor jogging, and now you can bring your baby with you on that morning run, with a jogging stroller. Allegro has great pricing on Instep jogging strollers and bike trailers.

    Get a low impact, effective workout with water exercise equipment. Allegro has everything from water weights to underwater treadmills, to complete water exercise kits for men and women. Great for weak, painful or arthritic joints, and to add a twist to your workout routine. Use water’s natural resistance to get your body in shape.

    Need a lightweight wheelchair for trips to the zoo, or vacations at the beach? Get a transport chair from Allegro. They are inexpensive and comfortable for short trips. And don’t let your wheelchair stop you from using the pool! The pool wheelchair rolls right in, and it won’t rust.