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Buyer’s Guide to Adult and Child Nutritional Products by Medical Condition

No matter who you are or what medical condition you may have, making sure you have the proper calories, protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients makes a tremendous difference in keeping your body strong every day. 

To help you choose the right supplemental or complete nutrition products, here is a list of Allegro’s most popular dietary supplements by indication, application or medical condition.  These are medical food products for use as directed by a healthcare practitioner.  A prescription is not required.  They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  Most products can be used as complete meal replacements or as between-meal supplements.  Click on the links to purchase the product or for more information.

Calorie and Protein Intake


Cancer Nutrition Support


Diabetes Health Support


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Digestive Health Support


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Pediatric / Child  Nutrition


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Post-Bariatric Surgery Nutrition


Renal Health Support




Swallowing Difficulty (Dysphagia)


Nutritional Support for Wound Healing


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