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Why Monitor Your Blood Pressure at Home

It’s a shame we can’t feel our blood pressure.  It’s an even bigger shame when someone suffers a stroke, develops heart disease or flat out dies simply because they were unaware of their high blood pressure.  If you rarely get your blood pressure tested, or test only at doctor visits, you may be missing the bigger picture. 

Unfortunately, high blood pressure, aka Hypertension, isn’t diagnosed in one reading.  It can take time, especially if your elevated results are repeatedly labeled ‘white coat hypertension’ (a term used when the patient is anxious or nervous in clinical settings), possibly missing or delaying the truth.

For me, it wasn’t until my doctor saw a pattern of high blood pressure – more than 140 over 80 (140/80) – over many visits that she recommended I monitor my BP at home.  Only then did we discover that my high blood pressure was consistent and required medication.

As you age, high blood pressure becomes more common.  It is most common among adults over 35 and is prevalent in African Americans, middle-aged and elderly people, obese people, heavy drinkers and women on birth control pills.

An easy way to monitor your blood pressure yourself is with a home monitoring device.  They are inexpensive and very easy to use.  Please understand that they are not intended to replace doctor’s visits. 

I highly recommend you take your blood pressure home monitoring device into your doctor’s office to compare your readings against their professional cuff.  That way, they’ll trust your home readings when you report back.

Top 5 Most Popular Home Blood Pressure Monitors


HealthSmart Premium Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor HealthSmart Premium Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor – Chart and store the readings from 2 people in your household with this easy-t0-use digital wrist BP monitor.  Features include WHO Indicator, Irregular Heartbeat Detection and more.

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Automatic Premium Digital Blood Pressure Arm Monitor Automatic Premium Digital Blood Pressure Arm Monitor – This fully-automatic blood pressure monitor has an arm cuff like the ones they use in a doctor’s office but the one-button operation makes it easy for home monitoring.  Complete with WHO Indicator and Irregular Heartbeat Monitor, plus 60-reading memory bank, date/time stamp and large LCD display.

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with AC Adapter Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with AC Adapter – This arm cuff monitor has IntelliSense technology which helps ensure accurate and comfortable readings.  It is completely automatic and works at the touch of a button.  Operates on AC adaptor (included) or 4 AA batteries (not included.

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Premium Talking Digital Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor Premium Talking Digital Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor – This gem has so many features it will even speak your results out loud – in your choice of Spanish or English!  It also has two memory banks, a Who Indicator, Irregular Heartbeat Detection and much more.  Super easy to use.

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Advantage 6015 Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Advantage 6015 Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor – This portable, economical and easy-t0-use wrist BP monitor offers a high degree of accuracy demonstrated through clinical studies.  It is fully-automatic, runs on 2 AA batteries (included) and is latex-free. Comes in a compact storage case.

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