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Valerie Paxton is a co-founder of AllegroMedical.com and lives in Phoenix, AZ. In 1997 she set out with her business partner, Craig Hood to form Allegro Medical - a company dedicated to helping people lead more independent and healthy lives. They poured their knowledge and experience into AllegroMedical.com and now have more than 1 million customers nationwide. Valerie has a degree in Journalism from the University of Nebraska and has spent most of her career in communications, marketing, PR, and investor relations. She enjoys giving advice, mentoring, volunteering, writing, reading, cooking, telling funny stories, healthy eating, her cocker spaniel Honey, her boyfriend Todd, hiking, kayaking, jokes and world travel. Follow Valerie on Twitter at http://twitter.com/vpaxton

Guide to Urinary Catheters & Urological Supplies

Urinary catheters are used on patients that cannot urinate on their own for medical conditions such as prostate enlargement and incontinence, after certain surgeries, when the lower part of the body is paralyzed, or if the patient is unable to use a bedpan. Catheters come in various sizes, types and materials, and can be for short or long term (indwelling) use.

With long term catheterization it is important, to avoid urinary tract infections, to keep the catheter clean and bacteria-free. An indwelling catheter should be replaced every three to six weeks with a new catheter. Indwelling catheters require a bag to collect the urine. Leg bags are discreetly strapped to the patient’s leg for daytime use, and are easy to empty. For nighttime use, a bag is usually hung on the patient’s bed and emptied in the morning.

Intermittent catheterization is sometimes necessary after certain gynecological surgeries, or for conditions that require assistance emptying the bladder. Self-catheterization can be taught to most patients, for an as-needed solution to empty the bladder at least four times per day. The area is cleaned, then lubricant may be added to ease insertion. One end of the catheter is placed in a container, and the other is inserted into the urethra until urine flow begins. Once the flow stops the catheter is removed and cleaned for the next time, or simply thrown away. Training is required for self catheterization, so talk to your healthcare professional for assistance.

An external or condom catheter, which fits on the outside of the penis using adhesive, can be used for short-term catheterization in males.

Allegro Medical is the place to go for your urological supplies. We have every type of catheter, plus accessories, all at ultra low prices.


We have everything you need for self catheterization with an intermittent catheter. Choose straight tip, hydrophilic, latex, coude tip, or whatever your preference. Purchase singly or by the case.

For latex allergies, use latex-free catheters. There are many sizes and styles available. Or, choose a hydrophilic catheter which automatically lubricates with water. The Robinson catheter is a straight catheter with two to six holes to facilitate drainage. Comes in stiff vinyl for easier insertion, red latex for increased radiopacity (difficult to penetrate with radiation and x-ray) or plastic. Some have guides built in to make self-catheterization easier. A self-catheterization kit includes everything you need for self-catheterization – a catheter, sterile gloves, drape and swabs.

The Foley catheter, for longer term catheterization, is available in a variety of materials including latex and silicone, with elastomers coating, hydrophilic coating, and silver coating for anti-microbial action. Foley catheters come in coude, (bent tip for easier passage through an enlarged prostate), two way or three way for use after bladder or prostate surgery. They are also sold singly or by the case – a great value from Allegro.

External male catheters reduce the risk of urinary tract infections, and are easy for patients to use. Available in latex or latex free, in several sizes for a perfect fit.

Catheter insertion trays include everything you need to insert a catheter, in one convenient package. Trays come with or without the catheter. Purchase per tray or by the case for best value. Stock up on lubricating jelly in tubes or single use packs. We also have irrigation supplies including syringes, solutions and kits.

Urological Accessories and Miscellaneous Supplies

Allegro has urological accessories for your patients for less. Hold catheters in place comfortably with a velcro closure legband, made of surgical stretch material, so it’s gentle on the skin. Or, choose hypoallergenic tape with hook and loop fasteners or adhesive foam strips to keep tubing secure, for maximum comfort. We also carry straps for leg bags.

Replacement or extension tubing for catheters can make all the difference in comfort for patients and caregivers.

Get all your catheter cleaning supplies from Allegro Medical. Includes the parts cleaning brush, cleaning solutions and odor neutralizers. Also, for catheterization prep, get your antiseptic towelettes and iodine prep pads here, for less.

Urine Collection

A drip collector for men who are post prostate surgery is more discreet and comfortable than undergarments, and is perfect for minor incontinence.
Bedside urinals for men and women are convenient for post-surgery and bedridden patients. Available in hard plastic reusable or disposable bottles. For catheterized patients, get bedside drainage bottles and bags with 2000cc capacity from all the top brands at great prices, right here at Allegro.
Leg bags come in all shapes and sizes, and it is a matter of preference as to which one is best for you. Disposable or reusable, Velcro or button closure, plastic or cloth straps – all are available and sold alone or by the case. The Electric Leg Bag Emptier makes it possible for those in wheelchairs to empty their own drainage bags.

Urinary Incontinence

Involuntary urination or Urinary Incontinence (UI), is a common medical condition affecting millions of Americans, 85% of whom are women. Pregnant women or women who recently gave birth may experience bouts of UI due to weakened pelvic muscles. It is also common in the elderly, developing from relaxed muscles or menopausal conditions in women, and prostate surgery, spinal cord injuries, certain prescribed medications and even caffeine intake in men.

There are several types of incontinence, including:

1. Stress incontinence, which is leakage of small amounts during exercise, or while coughing or sneezing.

2. Functional incontinence, which is due to physical or mental disabilities such as Alzheimer’s or stroke, that prevents a person from reaching a restroom in time.

3. Urge incontinence, also called ‘overactive’ or ‘spastic’ bladder, causes urine loss during sleep or at the urge to urinate. It is caused by damage to the nervous system or to bladder nerves or muscles and is common for people with Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

4. Overflow incontinence, most common in men, is caused by a bladder that is always full and leaks. A blocked urethra, weak bladder muscles and damaged nerves from certain diseases like Diabetes can cause overflow incontinence.

5. Transient incontinence is temporary UI due to an illness or infection that will pass, like a urinary tract infection.

Many types of incontinence can be treated, with pelvic and kegel exercises, bladder training, medication or surgery. Consult your doctor for education and treatment. And for incontinence medical supplies, come to Allegro. We have everything you need.


Protect beds, chairs, car seats and other surfaces with underpads. They are highly absorbent and will not irritate even the most sensitive skin. They are available in various sizes, in disposable or wash-and-reusable. Tuckable underpads cover the width of a mattress and can be tucked under, to stay in place. The reusable chair pad is velour covered, perfect for chair and wheelchair seat protection.


Help your child to stop wetting his or her bed with the latest in bedwetting alarm devices. Available as an under sheet device or compact to fit inside the pajamas. Just a few drops of urine sounds an alarm to wake the child.

Briefs, etc.

Adult briefs and undergarments for incontinence provide super absorbency. They pull on and off like regular underwear, and some have convenient tear away sides, others have re-fastenable tapes. Sold by the case for extra value. Incontinence pads fit securely onto underwear and provide protection, for light, medium, heavy and super absorbency. A drip collector for men who are post prostate surgery is more discreet and comfortable than undergarments, and is perfect for minor incontinence. Mesh pants provide cool support for pads, keeping them in place while allowing air in.
To soothe sore, irritated skin from incontinence, sween cream is a non-occlusive solution with vitamins A & D.
Keep the room fresh with odor eliminator in long lasting, fresh, clean scents used by healthcare institutions. Disposable washcloths are convenient and sanitary for incontinence issues and will help prevent skin irritation. Specially made for geriatric skin, and will even form a protective barrier on the skin to keep moisture out.


Be economical and create less wasted materials with reusable incontinence products like pull-on briefs for men and women, or washable underpads for the bed. Men’s boxer shorts have support for a pad. In small through x-large sizes.

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Cold and Flu Season

It’s coming, and we all need to be prepared with the proper medical supplies and medical equipment. Seasonal colds and flu can start as early as October and last all the way to spring. There are a few things you can do to stay healthy, and to keep your home flu-free:

1. Wash your hands. We pick up germs through everything we touch, so wash them well and often, and try to avoid touching things in public places as much as possible.
2. Colds and viruses are passed most commonly through the hands, and through rubbing the eyes, nose and mouth. Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth unless your hands are clean. Avoid physical contact (including handshakes) with people who are sick.
3. Keep your home clean. Be sure to clean surfaces like doorknobs, handles and stairway handrails.
4. Eat well. Having a well balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables will boost your immune system.
5. Exercise is a huge part of overall health, and will help your immune system fight illness.
6. Take supplements. Vitamin C and Zinc are known to fight cold and flu.
7. Consider getting a flu shot. The shot is our best weapon against the flu, so talk to your doctor about it for this season.
8. Lower the stress, increase the sleep. Staying rested and relaxed are going to lower cold and flu’s chances of getting you this season.
Also, you can help prevent the spread of illnesses by staying home if you are sick. If you have to go out, try to keep from spreading germs in public places by covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough and sneeze. Talk to your doctor if you have questions about this or any other information regarding your health.

Tip: Gargling can moisten a sore throat and relieve the pain temporarily. Gargle a teaspoon of salt dissolved in ½ cup of warm water several times a day. Warm liquids like herbal tea and hot water with lemon and honey feel good on the throat and can loosen up congestion.

Stock up on everything you need to go to battle with colds and flu this season. Allegro has every type of vitamin C you can imagine, including 250, 500 and 1000 milligram tablets, capsules, chewable tablets, liquid and drink mix for fast absorption. And, get your zinc here! Zinc is found to assist the immune system in fighting off illness. And for cardiovascular health, make garlic supplements a part of your diet. Echinacea is an herbal supplement that can stimulate immune system responses. It is also thought that the combination of echinacea and goldenseal can help relieve the symptoms and reduce the duration of the flu and the common cold. A good multi-vitamin can give your body’s defenses the kick they need to ward off colds. Stock up on herbs and vitamins this cold and flu season for less at Allegro.

Keep the air in your home clean and pure with an air purifier. Choose from several manufacturers offering filter based and ionic purifying, for many room sizes. Cleans smoke, pet dander, dust and even bacteria from the air.

When the weather turns cold and we turn on the heat in our homes, the dry air can affect our health. To prevent dry skin, cracked lips, itchy eyes, sore throat and even sinus headaches, a humidifier adds much needed moisture to the air. You can also go for a humidifier and ionic purifier all in one!

And, keep hand sanitizers handy, to kill the germs and bacteria that spread cold and flu.

If the flu does catch you, sooth your aches and pains with a heat wrap. Allegro has every type of heat wrap you can imagine. Try a wrap filled with wheat that is heated in the microwave for natural, powerful pain management. The wheat filling conforms to your body shape. Comes in wraps for your back, neck, eyes and even your feet! Or, moist heat packs have been the chosen treatment for thousands of doctors for years! Moist heat penetrates deep into tissues to relieve soreness, and make aching muscles feel better. Comes in several shapes and sizes for different parts of the body.

And, for the latest in pain relief, Light Relief Infrared Therapy offers another drug-free alternative. Infrared light therapy works by emitting energy in the infrared spectrum to provide temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, to relieve stiffness, relax muscle tissue and temporarily increase local blood circulation.

Keep an eye on illness with a new thermometer. Choose from ear, underarm, oral, rectal and disposable thermometers with digital or standard display. Take your baby’s temperature the easy way, with a pacifier thermometer. It only takes a minute and a half, and even beeps when the fever is high.

For flu symptoms and painful congestion, pain relievers like acetaminophen, ibuprofen and aspirin can help.

Stuck in bed? Make yourself comfortable! A heating pad will help ease achy muscles. Or, a new specialty pillow may be just what you need. Allegro has contour pillows, the latest in head and neck positioners, and cervical pillows. And, to chill out a fever and bring relief to your achy head, try the Chillow Pillow. Activate it once and it brings a fluid-cool sensation every time you lay on it. You will not know how you got along without your Chillow Pillow.

Avoid midnight trips to the store this cold and flu season. Stock up on everything you need to make your family healthy and happy, right here at Allegro.

Shopping for Babies and Kids

The world of baby products is vast, and it takes constant research and information sifting for pregnant women and moms to keep up with it. All the info influx – the product reviews, parenting magazines, books and blogs can be overwhelming, and they often contradict each other. Expensive trends can also sway new parents into spending more than is necessary on baby gear. Parents have to make decisions on what they can afford, what their babies really need, and what is going to truly be helpful to them in raising a healthy, happy child.

Some of the best sources of information on baby products and taking care of infants are other moms, friends, family, and even our own mothers (though if you plan on spending $900 on a trendy new stroller, don’t expect your mother to automatically be on board). Tried and true methods of taking care of babies are usually the best. Listen to what other mothers have to say, and it will often ring true when you try it for yourself.

What to Buy, What Not to Buy

Most new moms don’t know what type of breastfeeding pillow they will need, or if their child will like being carried in a sling, or which song is going to make him fall right to sleep, until they give different things a try. Babies will respond to some things and not others. Your best bet as a parent is to gather information and make informed decisions on what you hear and read, and what products you can afford. You and your baby will find what works best for you.

Our Maternity Care and Children / Pediatrics product categories offer a wide array of products for all kinds of kids, at great prices to help both new and experienced parents.

Children and Pediatrics
Allegro has childcare necessities – from nutrition to toys to car seats and cribs, in stock and at great prices. Looking for a gift for a new baby? We have everything a new mom needs.


Baby gates are important to steer little ones in the right direction. Keep your children away from stairs, or keep them confined to certain spaces, with the right gate for your home. Worried about Jr.’s head getting caught between those rails? Get the Railnet, perfect for indoor or outdoor balconies or gates your child may try to squeeze through.

The right car seat will keep your child safe and comfortable, while giving you peace of mind. Choose a seat for newborns, for toddlers, or a convertible seat that will take your child all the way to 40 pounds.
For older children, Allegro has booster seats and car seats available to keep them safe to the federal regulation height of 4’9″.

Premature babies can be transported more safely in a car bed, designed to keep their bodies snug and secure.

Travel easily with your baby and a portable crib. Folds flat for travel and takes up less space than a regular crib. And for home, a convertible crib will take your child from infant through the toddler years. Worried about insects or pets? Get a crib tent. Your child is protected, and can still see and hear outside the crib.

Childproof your home with safety products that are sure to keep baby out, and keep all his little parts away from household danger. Outlet covers, furniture corner cushions, window blind cord covers, oven locks, cabinet locks and much more can be delivered right to you.

Baby monitors are important for the safety of your child, and for your own peace of mind. Have the freedom to move about your home and keep an eye on your baby at the same time. Choose from handheld or larger screen monitors, or a simpler, less expensive audio system.

Baby Gifts

Send gifts to the new mother in your life, direct to her door for less from Allegro. Browse through our audio or audio/video baby monitor systems, car seats, strollers, bike trailers and swings, from great brands you can trust. Or, get her something she doesn’t even know she needs like the Bumbo Seat, our most popular baby product. It safely keeps children 3 months to 16 months seated upright and comfortable, and is completely portable. Or, how about an indoor/outdoor play yard with a protective net to keep out bugs and pets? Whatever your new mom needs, get all your baby gifts at Allegro for less.

Nutrition and Exercise

It’s not always easy to ensure your child gets the proper nutrition. The right baby formula can provide properties similar to breast milk, including lipil, which contains the fatty acids that build brain and eye function. If your child has food intolerances or allergies, choose a supplement that provides nutrition without adverse reactions. And if you have a colicy baby, hypo-allergenic formula can sooth his symptoms. Find the right formula for your baby, low priced and delivered to you, from Allegro.

For children who are not getting proper nutrition due to illness, gastro-intestinal issues, inability to eat and more, supplements can help lead them to a more healthy life. Talk to your pediatrician about the proper supplements for your child.

Fight obesity, so common in America’s children today, with a regular exercise and activity program for your children. For fun body and movement exploration, Body Sox are great for kids of all ages. Just put one on your child and see how creative he can be! And don’t forget the instructional video.

Wrist or ankle weights can not only help your child to recuperate from an injury. They can add resistance to simple exercises, and build endurance and strength. Start your child pedaling early with a pedal car, tricycle or scooter. And don’t forget the helmet!

Are there Exercise balls for kids? Sure, and they’re a lot of fun. The hippity hop ball will have your child hopping all over the house, or the Rock n’ Rody rocking horse will provide hours of fun for your toddler. Foam and air filled balls are great for exercise and for play, for learning hand/eye coordination and motor skills. Allegro has child size, air-filled exercise balls, and foam or Slo Mo balls, which are easy to grip and never require air. Since they move about more slowly, your child can learn exercises and movements easily and quickly.

Health and Diagnosis

Check your baby’s growth at home with a digital scale, and a measuring mat. Also, when reporting symptoms to your pediatrician, it helps to have a home otoscope kit. Contains everything you need to see eye, ear, nose and throat issues more clearly.

Take baby’s temperature more easily with the thermometer pacifier. Just 90 seconds in baby’s mouth gives a clinically accurate, digital readout, without the child even knowing what’s happening. And, keep track of baby’s temperature constantly with the fever monitor which beeps when baby’s temperature rises one degree.

Get ostomy supplies for children at Allegro. Products are child sized and meant for active little bodies.

Educational Aids

What is the best way to promote learning outside of school? Make learning fun! Electronic, interactive educational toys featuring your child’s favorite characters can get them learning before they even get to preschool, and keep them learning on the weekends and during summer vacation.

Children with autism and other learning disabilities need special education, and you can help your special needs child at home with educational aids.

Modular and Light Therapy

Therapy programs for children with special needs and those that suffer from illness can make a world of difference. As directed by professionals, these products can help the child and his or her caregiver and parents, to lead easier and more comfortable lives.

Pedal systems can help children develop motor skills and balance, and help those needing rehabilitation from surgery or accidents.

Potty seats for young children and those with special needs can help position them correctly, and encourage them to go. Positioning chairs will keep a functionally impaired child or a child in therapy sitting upright, provide head control, and allow freedom of movement. Also get stable seating with adjustable benches, perfect for therapists and caregivers who are rehabilitating children, or those teaching children to sit and stand up.

For help in the bath, a bath seat provides stability and restraint where needed, while allowing for play. Available for children of all ages and sizes.

Modular seating systems for children with cerebral palsy, neurological and motor dysfunction can help as part of therapy programs, at home or at care facilities. Ideal for a variety of positions and functions.

Tumble Forms Bolster Rolls are adaptive positioning shapes that (in their simplicity) are used to create postural challenges during therapy. They are great for stretching, rehabilitation and various exercise techniques for adults and children.

Versatile therapy wedges are for both fine and gross motor skills development. They are adaptable to your child’s growth and changing therapeutic needs. Or, strap wedges provide additional positioning control with wide straps that hold the torso in place.

Seating, Positioning and Standing

Floor sitters for special needs children of all ages and sizes provide secure, comfortable seating during relaxation, play and interaction. Choose from several styles, in 2 and 3 piece models, which include a feeder seat (originally created for feeding), a wedge to securely position the seat, and optional base to secure the wedge on the floor. Made of durable material that is easy to clean.

Children’s chaises are not only good for the bath and shower. Take your child to the beach and reduce your worry about his safety. Straps and comfort headrests keep him in place.

To keep your child in a therapeutic, safe or comfortable position, a positioning pillow may be what you need. Provides support for particular body parts, or the entire body, depending on the pillow. Semi permanent positioning pillows allow you to place the body or part of the body on the pillow, let it mold around the body, then suck out the air with a vacuum. The pillow will remain in this exact position until you decide to change it.

Get the most versatile children’s chair there is — it starts as a high chair that can be pushed right up to your table, and will be used by your child at the dinner table and beyond, into his teens! Contemporary style and solid wood form. Allegro also has other name brand high chairs at great prices!

Baby and children’s seats make it convenient for parents to watch their children and know they are safe and secure. One lightweight toddler seat (with a carry handle) is 5″ high on one side, and 7″ high on the other, so it can be used as your child grows. The Bumbo Seat safely seats a child approximately 3 to 16 months old, and can be placed anywhere! It works with baby’s posture and helps him to develop trunk control. Add the tray for toys and snacks.

Your special child may be using standing therapy. If you need a stander, we offer a variety for children of various heights and weights. Standing can be very beneficial for disabled children’s self esteem, and physical well being.

Strollers, Walkers, Wheelchairs

Allegro has the right stroller for your child. Keep jogging, and bring the baby along with a jogging stroller, or try a 2-in-1 that can be attached to the back of your bike as a trailer.

Pushchairs for special needs children, adolescents and teens are important investments. Your child should be comfortable and safe, and the chair should fit your lifestyle while allowing the child to be as active as possible. Compare our prices. Check out our pushchairs and accessories for your child.

Walkers and crawling aids for children with developmental delays, cerebral palsy and other special needs can make all the difference in their mobility for life. Find the walker for your child at Allegro.

A child’s wheelchair needs to work with his or her individual lifestyle, while fitting the home, transportation and surroundings, and will grow with the child as long as possible. The right wheelchair will help a child’s confidence, allowing people to see the child, not the chair.

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Save Time & Money

Last week we announced our new Auto-Reorder program in a Press Release on PRWeb. Auto Re-Order especially benefits customers requiring uninterrupted shipments of essential medical supplies and consumable products such as diabetic test strips, catheters, dietary supplements and wound care supplies. We already have customers commenting on the program and they’re loving it. Help us spread the word!

Here’s how it works: You order once and set up your subsequent deliveries to be shipped at whatever interval works for you — every 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 or 180 days. You can set any of our 50,000+ products to Auto Re-Order. It’s that easy. You can access Auto Re-Order from your My Account page (to set up products ordered before), or from any of the product description pages, or from your shopping cart during checkout. Once you’ve submitted your first order, you can edit or cancel anytime from your “My Account” page.

Re-Orders are Perfect For:


  • Diabetics — Reorder Diabetic Supplies, Wound Care Supplies, Skin Care
  • Active Wheelchair Users / Paraplegics / Quadraplegics — Reorder Catheters & Urological Supplies, Toileting Aids, Incontinence Items
  • Caregivers — Reorder Skin Care & Cleansing Products, Personal Care Items, Dietary Supplements, TENS Supplies
  • Busy Mothers / Parents — Reorder Child Nutrition
  • Ostimates — Reorder Ostomy Supplies
  • Wound care patients — Reorder Wound Care Supplies
  • Cancer patients / Chronic or Long-Term Illness — Reorder Nutritional Supplements
  • Body builders, fitness buffs, active adults, mature audiences — Reorder Supplementary Nutrition
  • Special Diet Patients — Reorder Food Thickeners, Weight Gainers, Enteral Feeding Supplies, Tube Feeding, Weight Loss/Energy
  • Gov, Ed, B2B

    Procurement Officers for government agencies

  • Purchasing Agents for educational institutions
  • Medical Office Managers for doctor’s offices, medical clinics, hospitals — Reorder Exam Gloves, Wound Care Supplies Disposable Medical Supplies Diagnostic Supplies
  • Gyms & Spas — Reorder Dietary Supplements
  • Sports Rehab, Pain Management Specialists – Reorder Hot & Cold Therapy Supplies, Pain Management
  • We hope you enjoy our new Auto Re-Order feature. Please contact us if you have any problems, questions or comments.

    If you have a website, please link to our site as a resource for your visitors! Please link to us using this code:

    Allegro Medical.

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    Cool Slumber

    Chill out with a Chillow Pillow! Regular pillows trap heat, and on warm summer nights can make for an uncomfortable sleep. Feel the chill with a Chillow Pillow, for an always cool, spring breeze sensation. Its patented comfort technology provides added cushion to your pillow. Chillow Pillow is perfect for hot nights, lounging on the couch, or even for relief of headaches or aching muscles. Relax this summer with the cool chill of the Chillow Pillow!

    Give your mattress some air, with the HoMedics Topper bed topper. It is ventilated foam that allows air to circulate, keeping your mattress cooler and your sleep more refreshing. Has memory foam for your comfort, and is hypo-allergenic.

    And how about the same cool comfort for your dog? The Canine Cooler provides a memory foam type comfort in a bed that is constantly cool. Give your pet a special treat, with a cool, comfy summer bed!

    Summer Fun

    Chill your wine and other beverages faster than the freezer with the Cooper Cooler. Sprays ice cold water on the container, cooling the beverage to a delicious 43 degrees in just minutes. Take it on the road! The Cooper Cooler Tailgater comes with a car kit to plug into your car’s power source. Get the Cooper Cooler for an ice cold summer!

    Keep all your food and beverages cold with a new cooler. Allegro has many sizes and colors for any type of outing.

    Is it possible for you to be a better golfer? Find out this summer with the Bionic Golf Glove. This high tech glove is based on the anatomy of the hand, eliminating the natural mistakes the hand makes during the golf swing. The intricately placed padding of the Bionic Glove evens out the surface of the hand on the club, which prevents a too tight grip, keeping the hand from easily tiring. See what improvements the Bionic Golf Glove will make in your game, and make it a gift for the golfers in your life.

    Don’t let tired hands prevent you from working in your garden this summer. These do more than keep dirt out of your fingernails! Bionic Gardening Gloves add padding in all the right places to prevent fatigue, and help stop calluses and blisters from forming. Protect your hands and prolong your strength while gardening, with the best thing to come along since Miracle Gro – Bionic Gardening Gloves.

    And take a look at our gardening tools and products. You may see something else you just can’t live without!

    Don’t miss summer fun at the lake or pool just because you have a cast or bandage! Dry Pro cast protectors keep your arm or leg cast or bandage completely dry while you cool off in the water. Dry Pro has the only completely waterproof cast cover in the world, with a patented vacuum system that ensures protection. So feel free to join in on the fun, with your cast, worry free!

    Watch your child pedal all over your yard, or take him to the park in a pedal car. They are great exercise, and great fun! Choose from cars, trucks and rockets.

    Care for Summer Feet

    Cool off your hot, tired feet with Neat Feat Cool Foot Spray. Instantly refreshes and energizes your feet after a long summer day, and keeps them dry.

    Get your tootsies ready for summer sandals with a home pedicure. Own your own massaging foot bath, to soothe aching feet anytime. And, for a salon manicure and pedicure at home, this manicure set will give you that professional look, without a trip to the salon, and without the high prices.

    Summer Fitness

    Tired of coming home from vacation or business trips regretting that you hadn’t exercised? Keep up your exercise program no matter where you go this summer with AquaBells! Simply fill the super tough pouches with water and instantly have up to 16 pounds for each dumbbell. Then empty AquaBells when it is time to hit the road. AquaBells only weigh 26 ounces and take up very little space in your travel gear. Also try AquaBells ankle weights for leg workouts. Great for underwater exercise and rehab too! Stay fit no matter where you are, with AquaBells.

    You can never have enough exercise balls. Get one for every room! FitBall exercise balls are used for balance, stability, flexibility, strength training and rehabilitation. They are available in four different sizes to suit your height, and type of workout. Also, look at the entire line of FitBall products, including how-to dvd’s, for a fit and healthy summer.

    It’s the perfect time of year for outdoor jogging, and now you can bring your baby with you on that morning run, with a jogging stroller. Allegro has great pricing on Instep jogging strollers and bike trailers.

    Get a low impact, effective workout with water exercise equipment. Allegro has everything from water weights to underwater treadmills, to complete water exercise kits for men and women. Great for weak, painful or arthritic joints, and to add a twist to your workout routine. Use water’s natural resistance to get your body in shape.

    Need a lightweight wheelchair for trips to the zoo, or vacations at the beach? Get a transport chair from Allegro. They are inexpensive and comfortable for short trips. And don’t let your wheelchair stop you from using the pool! The pool wheelchair rolls right in, and it won’t rust.

    Arthritis sufferers, MS patients, bedridden or recuperating patients, if you have difficulty moving about doing everyday tasks, why not get some help? Our bathroom assistance products can make life just a little easier for patients and caregivers while helping to maintain privacy and dignity.

    Bathing Assistance

    Showering and shampooing for immobile patients doesn’t have to be painful or dangerous. Allegro’s list of bathing assistance products can make bathing easier, and safer. Many nurses prefer waterless bathing with cleansing cloths over sponge bathing for bed ridden patients; for increased patient satisfaction and convenience. Get your patient or loved one clean and happy with less discomfort. And, avoid water in the bed altogether with rinse-free shampoo. Cleans and conditions the hair – completely waterless! For patients who prefer water, shampoo basins with comfortable neck rests make a refreshing shampoo a breeze!

    Avoid potential danger and discomfort in the shower and have a seat! Shower benches come with suction feet and comfortable seats that are removable for cleaning. Bring the shower head down to you, with a massaging hand held shower head.

    Allegro has a great selection of shower sponges, loofahs and scrubbers with long and curved handles for those hard-to-reach places. And they are easy to grip!

    Bath Transfer Benches

    Get in and out of the tub fearlessly with a transfer bench. The bench extends over the tub wall for entry, and provides a comfortable seat for showering with just a slide over. Many benches need no tools for assembly.

    Commodes and Commode Accessories

    For bedside care, the right commode can help patients feel more comfortable. Choose from standard chairs, rolling chairs, extra wide and heavy duty commodes. Drop arm commodes make transfers in and out of bed easier. The backrest on some commodes can be removed, creating a toilet safety frame, for ease of movement on and off the toilet. Wall mounted arm supports for the bathroom can give that added bit of support near the toilet. If a whole frame is more than you need, an arm support may be just right. Save money on commode necessities such as pails pail liners, and splashguards at Allegro.

    In the Bathroom

    Need a lift? Safety grab bars for the tub, shower, toilet and even near a stairwell can provide the support you need for safely living life. Install in minutes on any wall. And for help getting out of bed or standing try a floor to ceiling, sturdy pole you can put anywhere!

    Avoid installations but add the security of grab bars with a toilet safety frame. Fits right around the toilet without obstructing, and allows the user to safely raise and lower himself onto the toilet.

    For an easier time sitting on and getting up from the toilet, elevate it! Toilet elevators fit right underneath the toilet and raise it just a few inches. Your guests won’t even notice! Or, raised toilet seats can lessen the drop to the toilet seat by as much as five inches. Choose from many different styles and heights.

    Toilet transfer seats make it easier without added height for those who have difficulty lowering to and rising from the toilet, or those confined to a wheelchair.

    If showering has become difficult due to standing time, or if it simply feels unsafe, a shower chair offers a perfect solution. Select from many types, such as plastic folding shower chairs with sturdy feet. They are inexpensive and can easily be stored right next to the tub. Other shower chairs come with or without arms, backs, padded seats and even built-in commodes.

    Cleansing Systems and Bidets

    For help cleaning up after going to the bathroom due to hemorrhoids, post surgery, after having a baby, or when wiping becomes a difficult task, a cleansing system or bidet is the perfect solution. Choose a handheld system for portability and versatility. Other systems fit right into the toilet and act as a bidet, using water and water pressure to get the user fresh and clean.

    Toilet Aids

    For personalized bowel management Allegro features professional grade suppositories and oral laxatives, enemas and stimulators. And for those with limited movement and range of motion, wipe handles with long reaches help to maintain independence and privacy.

    Allegro has hundreds of wound care products at the best prices, for physicians and health-care professionals, or patients at home. Shop Allegro for:
    Bandages, dressings
    Adhesives, applicators and gauze
    Collagen and silicon
    Wound cleansers and prep

    Bandages and dressings

    Allegro has a variety of dressing brands, in all sizes, quantities and types for venous ulcers, diabetic skin and all other types of wounds.

  • Foam dressings, which provide thermal insulation for a moist healing environment, are non-adhesive and easy to remove.
  • Hydrocolloid dressings react with wound exudate to form a gel-like covering to protect the wound and maintain a moist environment. Hydrocolloids are occlusive and adhesive wafer dressings which combine colloidal materials with adhesive elastomers to manage light to moderate draining.
  • Antimicrobial dressings are capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms. Highly absorbent calcium
  • alginate dressings are placed into the wound as a dry fiber, then quickly absorb exudate and convert to a gel, facilitating moist wound healing. Recommended for wounds with moderate to heavy exudate, alginate dressings can handle up to twenty times their weight in fluid.
  • Hydrogels have high water content and provide moisture to dry wounds to promote healing. Gel and hydrogel dressings are for infected and non-infected wounds, and for minimally draining wounds.
  • Allegro is your place for bandages such as cotton-based or nylon stretch for securing dressings, self-adherent wraps and Unna boots for firm, even compression therapy. Or, for support of sprains and strains with no clips or tape, try elastic tubular retainers or bandages in a wide variety of sizes and colors. See our selection of zinc-oxide based bandages for leg ulcers, eczema and dermatitis.

    Adhesives, applicators and gauze.

    There’s every type of tape you need, right here at Allegro, including gentle yet secure paper, cotton elastic and sports tapes, plus specialty tapes that are waterproof and breathable to hold dressings and gauze in place.

    Stock up on sterile, cotton tip 3″ and 6″ applicators in boxes of up to 2000.

    For packing and drainage, 100% cotton packing strips can accompany your dressings. Also good for dental packing. Come to Allegro for soft gauze in pads and rolls, and sponges good for all types of wound treatments.

    Collagen and silicon

    Control the effects of scars with silicone gel sheeting. Used by dermatologists and surgeons worldwide to lessen the look of injury and surgery scars.

    Self-adherent silicon dressings minimize the pain of dressing changes by lowering trauma to the wound. Silicon is good for wounds, burns and skin ulcers. Or, collagen dressings provide the strength and structural support of collagen that enables healing to proceed at a rapid rate.

    Wound cleansers and prep

    Wound cleansers and debriders gently cleanse a wound before dressing application. They contain ingredients that absorb drainage and/or deodorize the wound, and are used to remove dead tissue while keeping healthy tissue intact. Good for painless flushing and removal of bacteria and debris.

    Use absorbers (hydrophilic dressings) in gel, paste or powder to decrease the amount of exudate and to bring nutrients to the wound site that help the body heal faster. Safe for diabetic wounds.
    When was the last time you checked your first aid kit? Replace that old kit in your home or office with a new kit from Allegro. Our first aid kits contain everything you need to administer minor first aid – bandages, topical cream, antiseptic, gauze, scissors, aspirin, ammonia inhalants, a first aid booklet – even an instant ice pack.

    As we age and our joints and muscles aren’t what they used to be, we may need assistance sitting in and getting up from chairs and sofas. Arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy and many post-operative conditions can also decrease mobility, creating a need for aid raising from and lowering into chairs. Maintain independence, and get help for yourself or a loved one, with the latest in electric lift chair technology from Allegro.

    Lifting Assistance

    A Lifting Cushion is an inexpensive solution to mobility issues and loss of upper or lower body strength. These comfortable cushions turn any chair or sofa into a lift chair. Simply use the cushion on a chair, then push a lever for assistance when you wish to rise. The cushion is then ready to assist you later, to sit again. Lift cushions are also completely portable.

    Or, raise the height of a chair, table or bed on a temporary or permanent basis with easy risers. They are easy to install, and an economic alternative to a lifting mechanism.

    Lift Chairs
    Choose from a wide variety of two-position lift chairs, from the best brands available. Select the perfect chair for your needs, with the right features; such as whisper quiet motor, heated pads, vibration options, narrow lift for tight spaces, reclining or non-reclining lift, lifetime motor warranty, and more, all in a plethora of styles, fabrics and colors. Most have easy one-touch button remotes and battery backups in case of power failure.

    Three-position lift chairs offer three recline positions, and take you from fully reclined to standing in seconds. Take your pick of style, color and price range. You can even customize some models with special features, like large compartments in the armrests, padding with adjustable filling for your back, and even foldaway trays. Each chair has a manufacturer’s warranty.

    0 1766

    When food just isn’t enough, look no further than Allegro for all your dietary supplements – from nutrition drinks for kids and adults to calcium to creatine, or for patients on liquid diets. Among our thousands of dietary supplements you’re sure to find what you need at the lowest prices.

    Adult and Child Supplemental Nutrition

    For children with special dietary needs, those suffering from illness, or children who are not getting proper nutrition, Allegro has a wide selection of canned and powder child nutrition supplements for oral or tube feeding, and they’re priced for stocking up! Healthcare professionals- Allegro has medical foods for children with cow milk intolerance, gastrointestinal impairments, and severe food allergies from the brands you use everyday. Also, to help make the medicine go down, try our popular flavor packets for clinical nutrition diets.

    Moms, get your nutrition-filled formulas and brand name supplements from Allegro, at the best prices, delivered right to your door.

    For short and long term tube feeding, our nutrition liquids can be your patient’s sole source. Maintain moderate bowel function due to high fiber content. Consumers should consult a physician on the use of these products. Allegro also has enteral feeding supplies.

    Adults suffering from unwanted weight loss because of medications, cancer, depression or other illness can regain some of the weight and vitality with great tasting calorie and protein supplements. Unwanted weight loss should be discussed with your physician.

    Or, for faster healing of wounds and burns, a drink rich in Arginine and vitamins C and E can help. Discuss with your healthcare professional how an Arginine-intensive supplement can help you.

    Amino Acids and Sports Performance Products

    Trying to build muscle and just can’t “cut” it? Need help slimming down? Whether you are a body builder or yoga instructor, or have been instructed by a healthcare professional to supplement your diet, you may achieve your best results with:

  • Amino acids – the building blocks of protein. Supplements are taken to compensate for inadequate intake from food of amino acids and protein. Amino acids boost energy and metabolism, and provide optimum muscle growth. All the top brands available, in tablets, liquid, powder and gelcaps.
  • Arginine Pyroglutamate supports muscular metabolism and cognitive functions. Contains the stacked amino acids that induce the secretion of growth hormones, which may help increase strength, burn fat, enhance libido, boost immunity, and support tendons and ligaments.
  • L-Glutamine aids metabolism, immunity and mental function. It is taken by athletes because it also helps increase growth hormone release and enhances muscle metabolism.
  • Creatine is used to improve physical or athletic performance, promote lean body mass, support fast recovery and to decrease fatigue.
  • Vanadyl sulfate is a popular product for bodybuilders. It promotes muscle uptake of glucose, producing a significant anabolic (process of metabolism in which cell growth occurs) effect on muscle mass. This anabolic effect is important for muscle growth and anti-aging.
  • Anabolic precursors such as DHEA supplements may stimulate the immune system. They are used to improve mood, energy, sense of well-being, and the ability to function well under stress. Anabolic precursors are also used to build body mass. Safe and legal anabolic agents are available now, for faster recovery times, increased strength, and increased energy.
  • Bars, Meal Replacements and Snacks

    Allegro has all the big name energy and meal replacement bars, (and even some you haven’t heard of) in the most popular flavors, sold by the case to save you money. Have one in place of dessert, before a workout, or in the car when you have no time for breakfast. They are filling; full of protein, vitamins and minerals, and some are even certified organic. Check calorie, protein, carb and vitamin content, ingredients and flavors to find the perfect bar for your needs.

    Keep protein intake up and lower caloric intake with a meal replacement. Dozens of combinations of proteins in a variety of flavored powders and packets will help you to support muscle mass, and replace vitamins and minerals used in workouts. Meant to enhance a healthy eating and active lifestyle.

    Low Carbohydrate solutions, such as protein powders, smoothie and shake mixes, add vitamins and minerals while filling you up, to help maintain lean physique.

    Stevia is 200-300 times sweeter than sugar but doesn’t raise blood sugar levels and contains no carbs or calories, and is processed from an herbal plant. Research indicates that both diabetics and those suffering from hypoglycemia may use Stevia as their sweetener.

    Snack time! Get high protein and low fat from ostrich, turkey and beef jerky, a great snack or meal on the go. Get your soy nutrients from soy crisps and nuts in several flavors, or try low fat, natural potato chips that actually taste great!

    Dietary Fats/Oils and Herbs

    Omega-3 fatty acids benefit the hearts of healthy people, and those with or at risk for cardiovascular disease. Fatty fish, such as trout, herring, albacore tuna and salmon are high in two omega-3 fatty acids and protein, and don’t have the high saturated fat of meat. Dietary fats such as fish oil, flax oil and flaxseed can enhance your diet or be taken in place of fish servings for these fatty acids.
    Evening primrose oil has been shown to relieve pre-menstrual issues, skin disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, and to help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

    Allegro has dozens of herbal supplements, packaged and collected with care to ensure freshness and natural potency. Ask your physician or do your own research for scientific information on these claims.

    Herbs are used for many health reasons, including: Saw Palmetto for prostate health; Echinacea for immunity and help in preventing colds and flu; Goldenseal, also for immunity and for glandular sluggishness; Alfalfa supports the skeletal, glandular, digestive, and urinary systems, and contains protein and several vitamins and minerals; Chickweed for treatment of skin disorders, blood disorders, gout, fevers, asthma, arthritis, constipation, lung disease, and as an aid in weight control; Gotu Kola helps to combat stress, improve reflexes, and increase mental and physical power, and is used for high blood pressure, senility, aging, and to help the body protect itself against toxins; Bee Pollen for weight loss, increased energy, vitality, stamina, enhancing the immune system, relieving allergy and asthma symptoms, and more; Ginseng for opening the mind, strengthening the body, improving memory, increasing vitality, extending endurance, cleansing the body of stress, fighting fatigue and more; and Garlic, known to support healthy cardiovascular function.

    Look at our wide variety of herbal supplements, for your mental and physical health, today!

    Weight Loss Products, Energy and Sports Drinks, Weight Gain

    Need a little help with weight loss or trying to burn fat with little result? Along with proper nutrition and exercise, the right weight loss program will bring the results you have been looking for, safely. Metabolism boosters, fat inhibitors, calorie burners – Allegro has them all, with and without stimulants to support your lifestyle, and at great prices.

    Feeling sluggish? Need an extra energy boost during the day? We have energy products in drops, drinks, powders and pills, and some are all natural.

    Sports and workout fanatics, get that extra energy from a sports drink with green tea and guarana, or put back what your workout takes away with a re-hydrator. Aid recovery and enhance weight gain with a high carbohydrate drink, or get your protein or amino acids in a convenient, ready-to-drink can or drink box. Sold by the case for your convenience and savings.

    For weight gain and muscle enhancement, and to gain mass not fat, try a weight gain powder from Allegro. We have all the name brands with the best combinations of sugars and whey proteins, in sizes up to 10 pounds so you always have it around.

    Vitamins and Over the Counter Drugs
    Vitamins can help prevent illness, repair damage to the body and make us feel better as we age. We have name brand and generic vitamins and minerals at Allegro at the best prices. Get pre-natal vitamins, Calcium, iron, C, D, multi vitamins, all the B’s and more, delivered right to your door.

    Allegro has great deals on generic OTC medications, as well as your favorite brand name products, ready to stock your medicine cabinet. Lip therapy; children’s medicines; laxatives (stimulant and softening types) for regular use or evacuations prior to surgery; antifungal and infection preventing cr`emes and ointments for minor scrapes, burns and owies; arthritis pain medication; acetaminophen pain reliever; anti-diarrhea and motion sickness medicine; even diaper rash medicine and eye drops, are all available, right here.