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Craig Hood is the Founder of Allegro Medical. Craig worked as a caregiver for adults with developmental disabilities in Tucson, Arizona and later, as a rehabilitation specialist caring for individuals recovering from strokes and traumatic brain injury in Scottsdale, Arizona. After getting his business degree from Arizona State University, Craig worked in the high tech industry for several years before starting Allegro Medical. Drawing on his experience as a caregiver, Craig realized how important medical products and supplies were in the treatment of post-acute care conditions. At the time, the products to help his patients were not always readily available to professionals and family members. His experience gave him the idea that there should be a better way to shop for medical supplies, and health and wellness products. In 1997, Craig launched AllegroMedical.com as the nation's first online supplier of medical supplies, incontinence products, wound care supplies, daily living aids, orthopedic products, wheelchairs and so much more. The first AllegroMedical.com website had only 500 products. Today AllegroMedical.com offers over 30,000 items and unique ways of shopping including, shopping by condition and shopping by body part. Allegro Medical is America's first and largest online medical supply superstore.

We regret to inform you that as of Tuesday, February 17th, you will no longer be able to purchase Ensure 8 oz. Cans from Allegro Medical – or – through any other online or retail supplier.

We understand how important a product *like* Ensure is for the care of loved ones requiring supplemental nutrition. Allegro Medical has helped hundreds of thousands of people just like you conveniently buy their supplements over the Internet for the past 11 years. However, Abbott Laboratories, the pharmaceutical manufacturer, announced that it would no longer allow the 8 oz cans (used in hospitals and health care facilities) to be sold to retail customers.

The good news is, we have a great alternative for you and a savings discount:

Nestle Boost –
Nestle offers a fantastic nutritional product – Boost – that is widely accepted by physicians everywhere. Click here to order Boost

To help with the transition, we’re offering a 15% savings on Boost – Use gift certificate code Nestle15 at checkout – good through Monday, Feb. 23rd.

*Important Note to Health Care Providers – If you are a health care provider or institution purchasing Ensure 8 oz. cans from Allegro Medical, please respond with your company information. We can assist you in the Abbott Laboratories qualification process which will allow us to continue shipping you the institutional products.

Allegro Medical values your business. We apologize for this inconvenience and encourage you to try the Nestle alternative. Check the homepage blog section for future updates as this story unfolds.

Best regards,

CEO & Founder
Allegro Medical
480-990-8881 Ext 100

Happy Holidays!


I’m Craig Hood, President of Allegro Medical. Over a decade ago I started this great company with the express goal of helping folks like you find the medical supplies and equipment needed to take care of yourself, your families and your patients. Many said it wouldn’t work – that people wouldn’t buy medical equipment on the Internet – but I disagreed.

We launched our website with only 500 products, but we offered everything from wheelchairs and walkers to catheters and ostomy supplies. This made us the first in the world to have such a wide variety of medical supplies and equipment, and people loved it. Since then, our business has grown faster than a pack of dogs after a 3-legged cat.

Today, with more than 45,000 items, we have the largest selection of health care products on the web, backed by the best customer service and low prices to boot.

Our goal is still to help people become more independent, mobile, fit and healthy. We are grateful that you have allowed us to help you as well.

By choosing to shop with us, you are among the nearly 1 million customers nationwide who have played an important role in the success of this small American business.

 Feel proud that you shop at a company with:

•  More life enhancing products than hair in Donald Trump’s toupee

•  A solid history with more than 10 years in business

•  Prices so low our accountant can’t sleep at night

•  Customer Service that’s got your back

•  Fast Shipping – faster than a supermodel chasing a doughnut down hill

Thank you for shopping at Allegro Medical!

The success of this small American business is because of you and we know it.

As a token of appreciation for your business I am offering a special gift: please take 15% off* your next order at AllegroMedical.com. Use code ELF15 at checkout until Midnight, Monday December 15th.


Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy Holiday from all of us at AllegroMedical.com

– Craig

Developed as a sports-medicine tape to aid athletes, Kinesiologers are quickly finding other uses for the miracle, adhesive backed cloth. From fuselage repairs to saving national monuments, the only question now is what can’t Kinesio tape do?

Kinesio Tape Tower

Kinesio Tape Space

Kinesio Tape Airline

Got a picture of Kinesio tape in action saving the world? Send it in and it might make the next edition of the Daily Kinesio Report: Submit your picture via email to Kinesio@AllegroMedical.com today. One weekly winner will receive a roll of genuine Kinesio tape.

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The New England Medical Center in conjunction with the Harvard Journal of Medicine published a document today noting that people who shop at AllegroMedical.com tend to be smarter and better looking than most. The control group of non-Allegro shoppers were also found to exhibit poor hygiene skills in addition to lower cognitive abilities. “More studies are required as we can’t yet pinpoint whether smart, good looking people simply choose to shop at Allegro Medical or people who shop at Allegro Medical somehow become smarter and better looking,” says researchers conducting the study.

Upon learning of this groundbreaking study, the team at Allegro Medical is here to celebrate your “smarterness” by offering all smart Allegro Shoppers $10 off their next purchase of over $100. It’s no joke, Just use the code “Smart10” today through Tuesday, April 8, 2008.

Good hygiene, like smart shopping is a learned skill. So if you know anyone suffering from poor shopping practices, help’m out by forwarding this limited time deal on to friends or family in need.

Craig Hood
Allegro Medical

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Hello, my name is Craig Hood and I’m the President and Founder of Allegro Medical.

We’re a small business run by family and friends, competing with corporate giants like Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Drugstore.com and Amazon. Although we’re small, our capabilities are big, our product selection is huge and our prices low. We don’t have budgets for multi million-dollar TV advertising campaigns or hopes of sponsoring a professional sports arena. Instead, we have spent time and money building automation into our business. This helps keep our overhead expenses down and our prices competitive with the giants. However, at the end of the day, it’s your decision to order from us that matters. So this is our “advertising”, so to speak. We have lots of great products and wonderful gift ideas for family and friends.

Please consider shopping with Allegro Medical or other small businesses this Christmas season.

Remember small business support America. In fact, small businesses like Allegro Medical represent 99.7% of all employers nationwide and account for more then 50% of jobs in the private sector. I would guess that many of you whom I am writing today likely work for a small company. So on with our self promotion and holiday advertising…

Allegro offers lots of great gift items, many of which you would expect to find in any of the “Big Box” stores.

What?s HOT this holiday season:

  • Homedics Therapist Select Shiatsu Massaging Cushion
  • Perfect Push Up Push Up Handles
  • MobiCam Ultra 70007 900MHz Wireless Baby Monitor System
  • Light Relief Light Therapy
  • Radio Flyer Retro Rocket
  • Tek Pal Universal Large Button Remote Control
  • What’s New at Allegro Medical in 2007

    We continue to pioneer in our industry, launching the new “Shop by Condition”, a way to better find the products and supplies needed to treat and deal with a wide variety of medical conditions. Similarly, we are getting ready to launch the next innovative way to shop our website – “Shop by Body Part”. Enjoy this innovative and fun new feature with serious search results and let me know what you think. I would love to hear your feedback on this feature or any feature or improvement that would help us serve you better. Please email me anytime and to ensure your email makes it past all of our mail filters put “Craig Please Read my Feedback” in the subject line. We have added a “News Blog” section to the site and begun publishing useful guides to help select products. Last month we added “Google Checkout” as a payment option allowing our customers another more convenient way to purchase from our website.

    Company History

    Our Company was started in 1996 with the idea of helping people. You see, for years I worked with people living with developmental disabilities and others recovering from traumatic head injuries and strokes. I understood the challenges in finding people the products needed for their recovery or to achieve more independence in their lives. The Internet seemed the perfect way to share great products with millions of people. So, we started off selling medical equipment and home health care products on the Internet in 1997. In fact, we were the very first in our industry to begin selling online. Since then, we have expanded into other areas like:

  • Fitness Equipment
  • Gift Ideas
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Board Sports
  • Maternity Care
  • Our first website offered about 500 products. Today we have more than 45,000. We have about 40 employees in our Tempe, AZ location that handle Customer Service, Product Management, IT and Accounting. We ship from distribution points around the country and on average, orders are delivered in about 3 days.

    Our Company is a fun place to work and a “dog friendly” environment. It?s not uncommon to see a Dakota (Black Lab), Angie (Beagle) or Tanner (Terrier) wandering the office in search of an unattended sandwich. We offer our staff good benefits, time off with pay, insurance, disability, pet insurance and much more.

    Please remember to tell your friends and family about Allegro Medical. We?re small enough to care but big enough to provide the service you deserve.

    Best Wishes,

    Craig Hood,
    www.AllegroMedical.com, chood@allegromedical.com

    Get a Kit. Make a Plan. Be informed.

    If you or your loved ones live in a part of the country prone to the destructive forces of hurricanes, take special care this hurricane season. The National Weather Service and NOAA predict above normal hurricane and tropical storm warnings due to warmer-than-normal sea surface temperatures in key areas of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

    With as many as 17 named storms expected in the coming months, the shipping department at the Allegro Medical Hurricane Preparedness Center (AMHPC) is now working overtime to ship out emergency preparation kits to homes, schools and government agencies.

    According to the Red Cross, a national survey reports that only seven percent of Americans have taken the three recommended actions to prepare for disaster: 1) Get a kit, 2) Make a plan, and 3) Be informed. That’s why Allegro, along with the Red Cross has joined a nationwide effort during September to promote National Preparedness Month.

    Don’t wait. Order your kits today.

    Basic products needed at a moment’s notice:

    Basic First Aid Kit

    Rescue Blanket

    Waterwise Distiller

    Guardian Medical Alert System

    Handybar 3in 1 Car Aid

    Consider these products. They save lives:

    Rescue Response Bag

    Phillips HeartStart AED Defibrillator

    Fire Blanket

    First Responder Kit

    Make A Plan. Be Informed.

    1) Understand the storm-related hazards that could affect your family. Storm surges, flooding and high wind affect homes differently.
    2) Know the safest locations in your home for each hurricane hazard and remember that the safest location to wait out a storm may not be your home but somewhere else in your community.
    3) Plan escape routs from your house and choose predetermined meeting places. Look for a regrouping point within 10-20 miles from your home.
    4) Choose a friend or family member outside your state as a central point of contact. Use email, blogs, mySpace and voice mail as a way of updating friends and family as storms approach and your safety/evacuation plans.
    5) Decide now how you are going to evacuate pets if the situation worsens.
    6) Post emergency phone numbers for police, fire and paramedics near your telephone. Ensure that children know when to call 911.
    7) Evaluate your home owner’s insurance for flood damage. Most policies do not include flood damage coverage.
    8) Stock non-perishable food, canned goods and store plenty of water.
    9) Learn First Aid and CPR and take disaster preparedness classes.
    10) Keep a NOAA weather radio and emergency preparation products in your home and car.

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    Each year Allegro Medical sends a team of product specialists to the medical equipment trade show, or Medtrade as it is known in the medical equipment and medical supply industry. We sift through thousands of new products making their way to market and meet with hundreds of manufacturers in order to be the first to bring our customers new and innovative products. This year, our team uncovered the best-of-the-best. We found items and devices that aim to make life easier, help with a disability or provide greater independence, mobility and quality of life. These nifty items are briefly described below but more information can be found by following the product links back to the www.AllegroMedical.com website.

    Of the various products we reviewed, these caught the attention of our experts and have just been added to our product lineup at www.AllegroMedical.com.

    The FootFlush
    A great new device that adapts to any household toilet, providing a foot operated way to flush. For anyone with limited mobility due to disability or injury, the FootFlush makes life easier. In addition to the general functionality of the FootFlush, the product promotes a more sanitary bathroom and better hygiene as hand contact with ones toilet is no longer necessary.

    The BigJohn
    The BigJohn is an innovative product to assist in one of the most fundamental of daily living functions. The BigJohn toilet seat adapter fits over most toilets to add a comfortable and supportive seat for plus size patients, seniors or anyone looking for the most comfortable toilet seat. Unlike other adaptive toilet products like safety frames and seat elevators, the BigJohn was developed to meet the needs of the big-and-tall and heavy individual. It is built to last and boasts enough strength to support up to 1,200 pounds.

    Nimbo Walker

    This pediatric posterior walker design by Wenzelite is favored by physical therapist. The posterior walker supports the child from behind, promoting a more upright posture and better trunk extension. For kids with Cerebral Palsy and other neurological, orthopedic and developmental disorders the posterior or reverse roller is a safer better alternative to traditional rollers.

    EZ In and OutTM Wheelchair Loader
    Anyone who has ever had to load a wheelchair into a car trunk or remove the same will appreciate this new back-saving product. The EZ in and OutTM addresses the challenges of loading and unloading a wheelchair from your boot as they say across the pond. Using a clever track system that rests inside the car trunk, a metal frame glides outward and then pivots down to accept the wheelchair. The wheelchair is simply leaned against the track and pivoted horizontal. Finally, and almost effortlessly the chair glides into the trunk, secured for travel. The loader works with most standard, folding wheelchairs and most full-size autos.

    AIRGO Navigator
    The famous 20th century architect Le Corbusier made the insightful statement, a house is a machine for living. If the house is a machine for living, the AIRGO Navigator is a machine for moving. Combining the functionality of a rolling walker and a transport wheelchair, the AIRGO Navigator is a multifunction transport device that eliminates the need for purchasing two separate mobility products. The rolling walker or rollator as they are known has improved the function and aesthetics of previous generations of traditional walkers. At the same time, wheelchair designers found that removing the large wheels from the back of a wheelchair in favor of smaller wheels made for a much lighter and compact transport device. Together these concepts have been skillfully married together to produce one of the most innovative and useful products we have seen this year.

    OSI Mobility Sun Shade and Cart
    Tens of thousands of Americans use power scooters to maintain daily independence. A power scooter enables one to independently travel to the grocery store, the doctors office, the hair salon or visit friends or family. A power scooter is more then just transportation for someone with limited mobility, it is a life enabler. In thinking beyond the power scooters functionality, OSI Mobility has developed a suite of accessory products including a sun shade and utility carts making the power scooter even more functional. Check out the tow-behind carts, shades, and holders here: OSI Mobility Products